Disney for Grown Ups

REVIEW: Halloween Time Oktoberfest Lager at Disney California Adventure

Disney is all about family. You and your children are meant to visit Disney Parks, see Disney movies, and, yes, of course, buy Disney merchandise. Not interested in alienating consumers that have small, impressionable children, Disney does not enthusiastically promote drinking. Oh, they sell alcohol, absolutely. They just don’t put a great deal of PR behind an activity that, by law, excludes kids.

Disney for Grown Ups

To then see an actual sign announcing the presence of a new craft beer, from the much loved Anaheim Brewery, as part of Disneyland Resort Halloween Time specialty offerings is a delightful, if unexpected surprise. Now, Disneyland Resort openly sells beer, wine, and booze, there’s just very little fanfare surrounding it. Outside of the Germany Pavilion at Epcot, I can’t remember another single nod to the existence of Oktoberfest. Could this be the beginning of a more accepting trend?

Oktoberfest beer is not for everyone. Honestly, all craft brew is an arguably acquired taste. If you are able embrace the refinement of a lovingly crafted ale or lager, your world and taste buds–perhaps your waistline–will never be the same.

Anaheim Brewery’s Oktoberfest, available at select locations inside Disney California Adventure, is a fine, yet seemingly atypical representation of its class. It’s dark for what many consider lager, and a bit heavier than what one may be used to in a Bavarian brew. Do not be fooled. This Anaheim lager is far more of a traditional Märzen than the German impostor most festivals push on their guests. Just because it’s yellow and comes in a glass the size of a bucket doesn’t make it authentic.

Yes, it would be nice to receive it in a stein, delivered by a server to whom you are too intimidated to speak, but Oktoberfest Lager is a fitting addition to the Halloween Time fare. We found this one at Award Wieners in Hollywood Land, and credit Anaheim Brewery with another delicious creation. It is full flavored, and, again, may not be what you expect. If you know you like Bavarian lagerbier, jump right in. This one is a delight. Otherwise, see if you can sample that of a friend, family member, or well-meaning stranger. Ten dollars is a bit much to sink into a plastic cup of something you can’t stomach.

For the truly trepidatious, Award Wieners also sells Michelob Ultra. Perhaps try that to be safe, and shame on you.