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REVIEW: New Halloween Time Spicy Meatball Hot Dog Brings the Fire to Disneyland Park

Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort has become a celebration of food, and we are here for it! The Halloween Hot Dog is one of those new and limited-time options available at Refreshment Corner at Disneyland Park, and it’s fire.

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Halloween Hot Dog – $8.99

The Halloween Hot Dog is topped with spicy meatballs, cheese sauce, and oven-roasted tomatoes. Overall the taste definitely gave off strong pizza vibes, and the spicy meatballs were an excellent and surprising addition that really tied in the whole piece. In general the spicy flavor of the hot dog had a very “Californian” feel, and will likely be extremely popular amongst the legions of Annual Passholders and locals at the Disneyland Resort.

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The bun tasted good as well, but was not anything more than a larger more premium roll than you would typically see from your standard fare hot dog bun. I feel like this was a missed opportunity, and could have benefited from say like a jalapeño bread roll or maybe even a sun dried tomato cheese bread.

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Overall we were collectively very pleased with the new Halloween Hot Dog, and would definitely recommend you give it a try during this Halloween Time limited run. At only $8.99 (including a bag of potato chips), this is an excellent option for a quick bite eat especially those looking to stay within their budget.

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Stay tuned because we have many more reviews to come for all the new treats and eats available during Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort.