REVIEW: New Handmade Thin Crust Pies Replace Old Flatbreads at The Artist’s Palette, Disney’s Saratoga Springs

The Artist’s Palette is a quick service food and beverage location located at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa. This location is easily missed by the average guest. With Disney Springs being so close we really can’t blame anyone for not stopping by. You may remember we checked out their amazing birthday cake bread pudding a while ago (which is sadly gone now). We stopped by recently and found a brand new thin crust pizza pies are available.

Thin Crust Pie of the Day – $10.99


The chefs were very eager to talk about this new offering, making sure we were aware that this was not the formerly-frozen crust of old. They’re making the dough daily by hand, including the hand-tossing and assembling of the pies. These are pretty special and the little extra bit of time and care makes the difference. This pie was crispy chicken and pepperoni with mushrooms and spicy buffalo chicken jus. It ended up more of a buffalo sauce but that’s perfectly fine with us! This pie hits all the right notes of being perfectly baked to give a good crisp to the crust without being overdone as to burn itself. The chicken was crispy and even the pepperoni had a bit of a crisp to the edges, the mushrooms adding the vegetable edge to the pizza. We loved this and hope they continue to do different pies all the time.

Of course, all of the regularly available pies are offered with this new crust, including the cheeseburger variety that this location is famous for.Judging by how the chefs were talking it feels like this change is a move in the right direction for the quick service, hopefully one coming to more pizza establishments around the Vacation Kingdom of the World.