REVIEW: Thirsty River Bar’s NEW Dragon’s Breath and Singapore Sling at Animal Kingdom

Thirsty River Bar is a snack stand and bar located outside off Expedition Everest in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park. The location used to be the old FastPass distribution point for Expedition Everest but in more recent times was transformed into a bar to accommodate the need for snacks and drinks around Rivers of Light. Their menu recently added two alcoholic drinks onto their menu: Dragon’s Breath and Singapore Sling. We stopped by to indulge a bit and check out the drinks.


Dragon’s Breath – ByeJoe Dragon Fire Spirit Liquor, Mango Puree, and Pineapple Juice – $9.50

ByeJoe Dragon Fire Spirit liquor is spicy, hence the name. This is the same liquor used in the Tahitian Torch at Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto. While the shot of liquor is added in after and then stirred-in, you wouldn’t be able to tell. The heat from the ByeJoe Dragon Fire and the coolness of the frozen drink mix together amazingly making for a really unique cocktail. It’s rather potent and goes down quick. Recommended, especially if you enjoy something a bit spicy and different.


Singapore Sling – New Amsterdam Gin, Bols Cherry Brandy, Sweet-and-Sour, Grenadine, and Sprite – $9.50

This one is more of a traditional cocktail taking tastes notes from the gin and cherry mixture. What’s interesting is that the sprite and sweet-and-sour mix combined with the cherry makes this taste more like an alcoholic cherry lemonade more than a Singapore Sling. Not necessarily a bad thing, it’s very refreshing and feels boozy in the hot Florida sun. Also recommended, both of these drinks are great. But if you want the more unique Animal Kingdom experience we say go with the Dragon’s Breath.

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