Kylo Ren Joke Gets Deleted From ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’

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As you’ll have seen in the trailer for upcoming sequel ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ (which, ironically, broke the internet), there are countless references to other Disney movies, including those of the ‘Star Wars’ saga. However, while the film looks to poke harmless fun at everything from Disney Princesses to Storm Troopers, there’s one joke that has been cast to the dark side of the cutting room floor.

From IGN:

As directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston and head of story Josie Trinidad explain it, Disney declined to run with a certain Kylo Ren gag.

“At one point we had a joke about Kylo Ren being kind of a spoiled child,” laughs Moore. “We went to Lucasfilm and said, here’s what we’re doing. And they said, well, we’d prefer that you don’t show him as a spoiled child. You know, he is our villain, and we’d prefer you don’t do that. So we were respectful of that.”

It’s just part of the process, the filmmakers explain, but also the whole point of including beloved and familiar Disney characters in Ralph Breaks the Internet is to “honor who these characters are” and be appropriate to their history while taking “playful jabs.” Like C-3PO being the butler to the princesses, for example. That “felt like that’s of his character,” says Johnston. “It’s really loving satire that we’re doing.”

In the IGN article the filmmakers also lend some insight into the film’s story and its two lead characters. The ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ sequel sees the lovable Ralph (John C. Reilly) and the adorable Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) switch Litwak’s Arcade for the vast world of the Internet in an attempt to save racing game Sugar Rush. So while the gag aimed at Kylo Ren has been removed, you can still expect the Force to be strong where ‘Star Wars’ cameos are concerned.

‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ will be plugged into theaters on November 21 2018.


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