The Aqualagon

Les Villages Nature: A Different Kind of Disney Hotel

Presenting Les Villages Nature…

Les Villages Nature: a complete oasis of well-being, imagined and created by a revolutionary partnership between Euro Disney SCA and Pierre & Vacances – Center Parcs. What is it, and is it your average Disney hotel? Read on…

Les Villages Nature Community
The Village around the lake

Is it actually a Disney hotel?

As we’ve said before, the resort now holds official Disney hotel status. Packages booked through Disney each include two-day park hopper tickets, and resort guests do benefit from extra magic hours.

But then it gets interesting. Because even compared to Davy Crockett, LVN is next-level Disney accommodation. The concept here is about getting back to nature and enjoying an immersive getaway for all the family. Nevertheless, this resort is so jam-packed with recreation that anyone who prefers their Disney hotel to be “just a base” should probably look away now.

So what’s on offer?

The resort promises ‘harmony with nature’, right down to offering workshops on how to build shelters from branches and leaves. Bikes, Segways, mini Jeeps as well as actual ponies are available to get you around admiring the scenery*. There’s a bowling alley, escape room, petting zoo, aerial obstacle course, waterslides, spa*…the list goes on. Their goal of introducing guests to new experiences even includes the opportunity to take classes in-resort. Exercise classes, breadmaking, gardening, animal care, wine tasting (not for kiddos) and chocolate making are all on offer*.

As a matter of fact, all this is spread throughout five different WORLDS for guests to explore: The Aqualagon, BelleVie Farm, Extraordinary Gardens, Forest of Legends and Lakeside Promenade. Five distinct lands you say? Almost sounds like the Disneyland park itself.

The Aqualagon
BelleVie Farm

Now, considering the average stay is between 2 and 4 nights, that’s a LOT to cram in. And that’s alongside the Disney parks. Whether you’re reading this with excitement at the endless possibilities, or dread at the thought of trying to schedule activities for everyone without missing your Fastpass window, you’ll have to let us know!

What’s the accommodation situation?

The accommodation aesthetic at LVN is very much your charming rural retreat, echoing other Center Parcs villages around Europe. Guests can stay in ‘Cocoon’, ‘Clan Comfort’ or ‘Country Premium’ cottages and apartments, which vary in size to sleep up to six people. All the accommodation options come with a full kitchen, opening up the Self-Catering option for guests. Since the resort opened in September 2017, guests can choose from specific packages, offering select arrival days dependent on duration of stay. However, this will be changing from November 7th 2018 where guests will be able to pick their own arrival days, making planning easier.


It’s actually debatable whether the resort is more of a self-standing resort. There is a chance that Center Parc’s established clientele base may not even choose to venture into Disneyland, with Center Parcs not including park admission in their packages. That being said, the partnership is bringing is a new demographic to the DLP resort area, opening the destination up to families who may not have considered it before.

So you tell us! Do you visit Disney hotels to be swept away in the countless activities on offer? Or are you more of a go-go-go park hopper whose only requirement is a comfy bed to collapse on at the end of a packed day? It’s an interesting spin on what we consider DLP vacations to be, so definitely let us know what you think!

*Extra charges apply!

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