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PHOTOS: New “Mermaid at Heart” Resort Merchandise Arrives at Disney’s Beach Club

Disney is taking the time to update all of their resort merchandise this year, a process that began with most of the deluxe resorts and is now spreading everywhere. We recently brought you a look at numerous new lines (including the Polynesian, Contemporary, Boardwalk, and Art of Animation Resorts) and now it’s time to take a look at more from the Crescent Lake area. Disney’s Beach Club now has a fantastic new line featuring The Little Mermaid!

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Mermaid at Heart tee, $34.99
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Disney Beach Club water bottle, $17.99
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Disney’s Beach Club hoodie, $46.99
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Mermaid at Heart mug, $13.99
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Nike Beach Club Polo, $65.00
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Beach Club Resort tee, $24.99
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Ladies Beach Club top, $39.99
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Mermaid at Heart hat, $29.99
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Disney’s Beach Club pin, $12.99
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Disney’s Beach Club keychain, $9.99
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Disney’s Beach Club magnet, $9.99