REVIEW: Haunted Mansion Holiday Wreath Bundt Cake, Dessert Trio & Candy Cane Beignets at Disneyland

Wreath Bundt Cake at Disneyland
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New Orleans Square is full of new sweet treats for the Holidays at Disneyland, and back with a few classics that everybody loves as well.

Wreath Bundt Cake – $5.99

Wreath Bundt Cake at Disneyland

To start, the Wreath Bundt Cake was fairly large, which we felt was a good value for a $5.99 dessert. The spiced cake base was moist and delicious, it just tasted festive. The frosting and crispy candies on top were sweet which went well with the spiced cake bottom. The best part of this dessert though was the Creme Brûlée center. Finally the Haunted Mansion Holiday candy top was a nice touch we thought. This is one we highly recommend. This treat is available at the French Market Restaurant in New Orleans Square.

Dessert Trio – $7.99

Dessert Trio at Disneyland

The Dessert Trio consists of a chocolate cupcake, mini coffee eclair and sugar pie. The sugar pie was probably the best of the three. It was crunchy and tasted like gingerbread which was delicious. The chocolate cupcake was nothing special, just a cake with frosting and a cute Jack Skellington candy on top. The coffee eclair was not so great. The inside coffee filling was bitter and clashed with the sweet outside of frosting and sprinkles. Overall we would skip this one, especially for the price. This dessert is also available at the French Market Restaurant in New Orleans Square.

Candy Cane Beignets – $5.49, $8.99

Candy Cane Beignets at Disneyland

Candy Cane Beignets are back as well. Beignets are always a popular item and the seasonal ones are even more popular.

Candy Cane Beignets at Disneyland

These Mickey Mouse shaped beignets are served hot and are best eaten right away, make sure to shake up the bag they come in too for maximum coating.

Candy Cane Beignets at Disneyland

If peppermint is a flavor you enjoy then these are a must, especially if you enjoy the classic beignets served at the Mint Julep Bar. These beignets are a little on the strong side as far as mint flavor goes though. Try these in a three or six pack at the Mint Julep Bar, next to the French Market Restaurant in New Orleans Square.

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