New Chinese Chili Popcorn at Tokyo DisneySea

Chinese Chili Popcorn - Disneycolors
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Tokyo Disney Resort has unveiled another new flavor of popcorn!

Chinese Chili Popcorn
Photo Credit: Disney Colors 

Chinese Chili is a brand-new flavor available at Tokyo’s DisneySea right now. It’s joining the epic menu of already available sweet and savory flavors. These include black pepper, honey, garlic shrimp, strawberry, and soy sauce & butter. Yummy!

Chinese Chili Popcorn
Photo Credit: Disney Colors

A regular box of popcorn costs ¥350 (about $3), and is available at the popcorn cart in Mediterranean Harbor, near the Zambini Brothers counter service.

Are you a popcorn fan yourself? Don’t forget to check out one of Tokyo Disneyland’s newest popcorn buckets, inspired by Steamboat Willie! I can’t wait to see what they bring out next!

Photo and info credit to Disney Colors Blog .

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