Disney Patched Patches
So many choices!

PHOTOS: “PatcheD” Prices Increase As New Styles Hit Shelves

Popular “PatcheD” Series Prices Increase

Disney recently debuted their new “PatcheD” series and continues to add more to the collection. These new patches are a fun way to add some DIY Disney style to your clothes and accessories. Unfortunately, the prices have increased right before our eyes.

Disney Patched Patches
So many choices!

If you’re lucky, you can still find patches with the old price tags on them.

Disney parks patched series
Same Set, Different Prices

The patches are labeled as “removable” and come with adhesive on them. According to the package, this should allow easy application and removal. (Sewing the patch on is probably a better option). With popular themes like Disney snack foods and the Official Mouseketeer patches, we’ve enjoyed seeing the variety.

Official Mouseketeer Patched
Official Mouseketeer

Last week, you could be an “Official Mouseketeer” for just $7.99. Now, it’ll cost you $9.99.

Disney parks PatcheD Mickey Mouse Club
Mickey Mouse Club PatcheD $19.99

A giant Mickey Mouse Club patch retails for $19.99, and a smaller “Official Mouseketeer” patch now retails for $9.99. They looked really good on the display jackets and backpacks. If Mickey isn’t your thing, we also found the rainbow unicorn from Disney Pixar’s Inside Out with sequins and the word “Famous” for $9.99.

Disney Pixar Inside Out Rainbow Unicorn Patched
Rainbow Unicorn

The “Best Day Ever” castle patch has a purple border and banner. In the light, the colors on the holographic background look amazing.

Disney parks PatcheD best day ever
Best Day Ever!

For $9.99, students and alumni of Monsters University can show off their school pride with a new blue “MU” patch.

Disney Monster’s University Patched
Monster’s University

The adorable Stitch with pastel “Ohana” retails for $9.99.

Ohana Stitch Patched
Ohana means family

The “PatcheD” set of four used to retail for $16.99 each. Now, you’ll find them priced at $19.99. The large castle and Mickey Mouse Club patches remain the same price, $19.99, but there is always a possibility these will see a price increase as well. Only time will tell.

These new patches and others can be found at various locations throughout the parks. Looking at an old preview, I’m guessing we will be seeing more patches in the near future. Now that the price has increased, would you still consider buying them?