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REVIEW: L’Hiver Gourmand at Walt Disney Studios Park

Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris is hosting “L’Hiver Gourmand” for the very first time as part of Disneyland Paris’ Christmas offerings throughout the resort. This new offering comes on the heels of two successful renditions of “Rondez-vous Gourmand” also at Walt Disney Studios Park.
The L’Hiver Gourmand gives a winter market spin in the beautiful La Place de Rémy, with five chalets offering a diverse range of food and drink choices to fill you (and your stomach) with holiday cheer from now until March 17, 2019.

La Bigoudène Gourmande – Galettes et Crêpes

Nutella Crêpe (5€) Traditional Hot Chocolate (9€) Rosè Cidre Le Brun (4€)
This trio was the perfect introduction to this French spin on the Holidays. The crêpe was light and thin with a drizzle of creamy Nutella on the inside. While the hot chocolate didn’t last long enough for a picture, its soothing swirl of hot milk, cream, and cocoa was absolutely delightful. This was a perfect pair on a chilly Paris day. One can not go wrong with a gooey piece of heavenly hazelnut and Santa’s most beloved drink. The only thing missing was some floating Mickey-shaped marshmallows.

Les Douceurs d’Hiver

Glazed Chestnuts (6€) and Mulled Wine with Spices (5€)
With the chilly Paris winters, you would look to the glazed chestnuts to be warm and soft – much like glazed donut holes. To our surprise, they were hard and cool, with a slight hint of sweetness. However, looking no further, the mulled wine was warm to the touch and gave off a beautiful spiced aroma as its steam rose through the air.
If you have never had mulled wine before, this might seem to have a rather overwhelming taste. The spices were a beautiful holiday blend, but very powerful. A large portion size of the mulled wine was a bit much while paired with the rather small portion size of the glazed chestnuts, but I suppose that isn’t the worst problem to have.

Les recettes de la Cigogne

Pretzel (4€) Christmas Beer – Licorne (5€)
It’s always hard to pass up a pretzel and beer offering even during the holiday season. As simple as it may be, the Christmas beer has delightful notes of caramel to differentiate it from your standard ale or lager. For the price, the portions are also a decent size, which made for a great mid-afternoon snack.

Goûts & Saveurs des Montagnes

Raclette Cheese & Cured Ham Sandwich (4€) Cornet of dried sausage from Savoie (4€) White Wine (Roussette de Savoie-domaine Eric Carrel) (5€)
The classic gourmet Paris trio of cheese, meat, and wine was hands down the best pairing of the night. Imagine seeing a giant wheel of cheese, being melted and scooped onto your ham sandwich in heaps. The cheese was not only an elastic mound of gold, but once put onto the bread, it was toasted to create the perfect crunch. Next, the generous cornet of perfectly dried sausage was added, with speckles of peppercorns throughout to add some “zing”.  Washing it all down with a nice crisp white wine was easily our favorite decision of the day.

Les Papilles en Fête

Yule Log (Red Berries) (6€) Champagne Brut, Cuvée Disneyland Paris (10€)
To finish off the last chalet of the L’Hiver Gourmand, dessert was on the mind, and what could be a better holiday send off than with a yule log and champagne? The berry flavoring in this yule log was light and sweet, while the cake itself was not too overwhelmingly rich.
Paired with a wonderful champagne specifically imagined and tailored by Maison Lanson for Disneyland Paris, it was a pleasant way to finish off a wonderful row of winter market chalets.
While L’Hiver Gourmand is certainly not the most cost effective way of piecing together a meal, the vast offerings and beautiful atmosphere of the winter market in La Place de Rémy make for a wonderful holiday experience at the Disneyland Paris Resort.

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