Frontierland building detail

Uniquely Disney – Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney World is full of adventure and magic (not that I need to tell a Disney fan that!), which is carefully created through many avenues; but most of the magic comes down to the thing that Disney does best- attention to detail. Whether it be in the customer service, the finishing touch on a beautiful dessert, or in the multi-layered theming in each area of the parks, it is Disney’s attention to detail that really makes the magic happen. In this installment of Uniquely Disney, let’s venture into the Magic Kingdom and to one of my favorite lands: Frontierland! Between runaway trains, briar patches, and shooting arcades, there are so many amazing details that bring everything together and take you back to the wild West. Here are my Top 3 Disney details in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom!

Balcony Props

The design of the parks goes above and beyond the architecture, flow, and landscaping; the little finishing touches are just as important in creating the illusion that you are in another place and/or time entirely. No matter where you look, nothing breaks the illusion- not even the absence of theming! As you stroll through Frontierland, you are transported to the dusty street of an old West town, complete with saloon, general store, and of course some cactus landscaping. To complete the feel of a lived-in town, there are ‘day-to-day’ items such as saddles, chairs, and lanterns around the area, including up on the balconies, as though residents dwell within, going about their business. I love the touches like these that add that extra layer to the theming of the lands.

Frontierland building detail

Advertising Signage

There are many props around Frontierland to pull together the story of the area; I love that no matter where you look, if you ask the question “What would be here if this were a real place?”, there is a prop or detail that can answer! My next top detail in Frontierland are the framed advertisements and posters you can find outside the buildings, declaring period items or current issues, such as saddles for sale or ‘Outrage..Bohemian Actors & Flamboyant Actresses Performing Uninhibited Theatricals in Audience’s Midst!’. They are little things that can be easily walked by and missed, but so important to the overall look and feel of the land.

Frontierland advertisement
Frontierland poster

Big Thunder Mountain Bathtub

If there is one thing that screams ‘Frontierland’, it’s the far-reaching sound of that steam train whistle, and the roar and rumble of the Wildest Ride in the Wilderness! Big Thunder Mountain is one of my absolute favorite attractions in Walt Disney World! It’s so fun, and the theming is so amazing, right from the queue all the way through to the end of the ride- you’ll see something new every time! This runaway train winds its way through a crumbling mine and flooded town, and is just filled with details galore to build the story. I love just how many little things there are to look at outside- from floating carts and items, saloon window silhouettes, and goats on roofs, it’s incredible. Glenn Durflinger Jr. and the other Imagineers who designed this ride truly made sure every detail was perfect. One of my favorites (and my last of the top 3!) is the floating bathtub! Many items, buildings, and animals bob through the flooded mining town, but one resident is going with the flow. Next time you are speeding by, try to catch a glimpse of a man in long john’s floating along in a bathtub! Disney is about the details, but they’re no stranger to a touch of humor too! 

Big Thunder Mountain details

There you have it- my top 3 favorite Disney details in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom! Next time you venture back to the Wild West of Walt Disney World, keep an eye out for all the amazing touches and theming! What are your favorite Frontierland details?

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