PHOTOS: Bay 2 Floor Completed, Sonny Eclipse Remains MIA at the Magic Kingdom During Cosmic Ray’s Refurbishment

A few days ago, we told you about a floor replacement project happening at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café at the Magic Kingdom. Sonny Eclipse has taken a well-deserved vacation after the holidays and while he’s temporarily out of this world, the main dining room will be getting a much-needed refurbishment.

Work on Bay 2 is already done, with a new black/white/grey floor installed. I’ll miss the bright and glittery blues, purples, etc.

You can see the old floor next to the new above.

It’s pretty subdued, but it’s often hard to see the floor in here since it’s always so crowded.

The main dining room remains closed.

We assume that one bay at a time will be closed on a regular basis over the next few days.






Cast members are standing outside, breaking hearts with the news that Sonny Eclipse won’t be giving any concerts until the dining room area has reopened. We do not know when the project will be completed.