REVIEW: Strawberry Chicken Biscuits, Cuban Sandwich, Key Lime Verrine and More from New Menu at Backlot Express, Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The Backlot Express quick service restaurant at Disney’s Hollywood Studios debuted a brand new menu today. This new menu replaces the old Star Wars themed offerings that had been there for quite a long time.

The menu now features a “Backlot Burger” which is just a name change from the Royal Guard Burger, topped with pulled pork and pepper jack cheese. And Southwest Salad with chicken, which was previously the Galactic Salad. Some all new offerings include a Cuban Sandwich, Chicken Brest Strips with Biscuits, and a regular Chicken Brest Strips platter. There are also two new desserts on the menu: The Key Lime Verrine and a Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownie. Finally, you can also get the new Chicken Breast Strips as a kids meal. Let’s take a closer look at some of the highlights!

Here’s a look at some of the new items. Presentation looks nice, especially with the Chicken and Biscuits and the Key Lime Verrine.

Chicken Breast Strip with Biscuits ($11.49)

The Chicken and Biscuits were the clear winner for both of us. It is served with bacon bits, country gravy, and a strawberry glaze. The chicken also has a spice to it, likely located inside of the strawberry glaze. The biscuits were fresh and warm, the chicken was tender and flavorful, and the gravy added a great texture to finish it off. The strawberry glaze was a little overpowering and might be off-putting to some who don’t care for fruit flavor on their chicken, but you can always ask for no glaze.

Backlot Burger ($13.99)

Next up was the Backlot Burger. This seems to be the Backlot Express signature item. While the pulled pork was fresh and the sauce was good, this is still your standard Disney counter service burger that you can find at most quick service locations around the resort. The cheese was mostly un-melted and stuck to the top of the bun. Overall this burger is not very adventurous, but it’s a safe bet if you’re looking for a decent tasting burger.

We got the toppings on the side (not by request).

Cuban Sandwich ($11.99)

Next up is the Cuban Sandwich. While presentation was a little off with this one, it still came out as a highlight for taste. Neither of us are big pickle or mustard fans, but we both agreed that the sandwich was delicious and the flavors balanced out very nicely. The pulled pork was a little clumped and undistributed, but beyond that this is sure to please a Cuban sandwich fan.

Presentation lacks, but taste makes up for it.

Key Lime Pie Verrine ($4.99)

Moving to the new desserts, both options are very good. The Key Lime Pie Verrine was a mouse-like dessert that was topped with a white chocolate ring, whipped cream on top, and layered with the cream and cake crumbles. It tasted very much like a deconstructed key lime pie and was a nice light choice for a dessert.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Brownie ($4.49)

The Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownie was also excellent. The brownie was fresh and gooey in the middle, and the peanut butter pieces (Reese’s Pieces) that were sprinkled on top added a great flavor. You could probably easily make this at home, but I can’t imagine someone ordering this and being unhappy with it. While this is a heavier option for dessert, it will satisfy peanut butter dessert fans.

The Backlot Express is definitely in better shape than it was with this revamped menu and we were pretty impressed with the new items.

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