REVIEW: Piranha Lemonade Slushy and Roasted Vegetable Spring Roll at Bengal Barbecue – Valentine’s Month at Disneyland Park

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Disneyland kicked off the Get Your Ears On – A Mickey and Minnie Celebration recently and started their Valentine’s Month celebration on January 22. Two items advertised at Bengal Barbecue for the celebration weren’t available last week. They were, however, released for the Valentine’s Month celebration. The two items are the Piranha Lemonade Slushy and the Roasted Vegetable Spring Roll.

Piranha Lemonade Slushy – $5.99

Piranha Lemonade Slushy and Roasted Vegetable Spring Roll Bengal Barbecue Valentine's Month Disneyland Park
Piranha Lemonade Slushy – $5.99

The Piranha Lemonade Slushy is mango and pineapple lemonade with lychee and pomegranate popping pearls. I absolutely loved this drink. It had a great slush consistency. The mango and pineapple lemonade was a unique lemonade flavor – in a good way. The popping pearls gave it a really great burst of flavor when you got them. Pineapple on top was like icing on the cake. I truly hope they keep this drink around longer than these celebrations. This drink would be perfect during the hot spring and summer days, which are just around the corner.

Roasted Vegetable Spring Roll – $6.99

Piranha Lemonade Slushy and Roasted Vegetable Spring Roll Bengal Barbecue Valentine's Month Disneyland Park
Roasted Vegetable Spring Roll – $6.99

The Roasted Vegetable Spring Roll was not what I was anticipating. When the word “roasted” is in the name, and you’re at the Bengal Barbecue, you might not be expecting a chilled item. I know I wasn’t, but this item is served chilled. The spring roll comes with roasted portobello mushrooms, red peppers, pickled cucumbers, baba ghanoush spread, zucchini noodles, fresh mint, fresh basil, and toasted sesame seeds served with harissa sauce. I don’t have much experience with cold vegetable spring rolls, but this one tasted okay. I wouldn’t say that I loved it, but I didn’t hate it either. The harissa dipping sauce definitely improved the flavor of the item. If you are vegan or looking for a healthy option, then this would probably be something you’d want to check out. This definitely isn’t a boring flavor palate.

If you are able to make it over to Bengal Barbecue to try either of these items, let us know what you thought about them in the comments.

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