REVIEW: Troll Kreme Spiked Slush in Souvenir Cup Arrives in Norway Pavilion at Epcot

Hallo! During our recent trip around The World Showcase at Epcot, we spotted this new Troll Kreme spiked slushy at the Norway beer cart! The drink comes in a souvenir plastic cup which features the Epcot logo, Norway, as well as Akershus all printed on the cup. It costs $17.00 and includes said cup, but you can also buy the souvenir cup individually for $5.25.

Troll Kreme Slush – $17.00

The drink contains cranberry slush with Bacardi Dragon Berry rum, and a vanilla whipped cream topping. If we’re being honest, it tastes like the Pink Starburst Freeze that was sold at Taco Bell a few years ago, but with alcohol. So, if you like Starburst, you are in for a treat. If not, at least you got a cup.

Here is a look at the drink without the art in the way. As you can see, it is super bright in color. So bright that groups of random women will come from the World Showcase promenade to ask what you are drinking and then you embarrassingly have to tell them the name of this. The drink was very sweet and you could hardly taste the alcohol. If mixed with the whipped cream, it works really well and helps to cut the sweetness.

I’d definitely recommend giving it a try next time you’re drinking around the world! It’s a good frozen drink for a warm summer day that’ll hit the spot and give you a souvenir to remember it.

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