Disney Vacation Club Inventory and Point Averages Announced for New Riviera Resort

We got a first look at Disney’s Riviera Resort rooms concept art and floor plans in late January, but with the DVC resort’s grand opening nearing, Disney Vacation Club has filed a series of documents with the Orange County Comptroller. According to DVCNews.com, timeshare declarations filed include all villas on the 5th floor along with the westernmost wing of both the 6th and 7th floors.

Here’s a breakdown of what Villa types are available:

  • 9 Two-Person Tower Studio villas
  • 8 Dedicated Deluxe Studio villas
  • 7 Dedicated One Bedroom villas
  • 18 Dedicated Two Bedroom villas
  • 23 Lockoff Two Bedroom villas
  • 4 Three Bedroom Grand Villas

This is what will be available when DVC begins accepting reservations for Riviera Resort, with the remaining 300 rooms available to the public (and eventually gradually added to DVC inventory with increased point sales.)

Screen Shot 2019 02 25 at 3.29.36 PM
Disney’s Riviera Resort – Fifth Floor DVC Units
Screen Shot 2019 02 25 at 3.33.42 PM
Disney’s Riviera Resort – Sixth Floor DVC Units

Here you can see the Grand Villas, Two-Bedroom Villas (including lockoffs), One-Bedroom Villas (including lockoffs), Studios, and Tower Studios.

Screen Shot 2019 02 25 at 3.40.33 PM

Screen Shot 2019 02 25 at 3.29.57 PM

Owners booking with their points aren’t limited to just those villas. Cast Members can place DVC members in any available villa throughout the resort, as long as it matches their original reservation type.

“Standard” and “Preferred” categories will apply for the Studio, One-Bedroom, and Two-Bedroom villas. Tower Studios and Grand Villas do not appear to have any point differential for different views.

Tower Studios are located in the circular portion of the building and most rooms should either face Epcot or Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Grand Villas face Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. (Although some units may have a side view of Disney’s Hollywood Studios.)

Here’s an approximation of points per night for each Villa and category:

  • Tower Studio: 15 points
  • Deluxe Studio, Standard View: 20 points
  • Deluxe Studio, Preferred View: 24 points
  • One-Bedroom, Standard View: 40 points
  • One-Bedroom, Preferred View: 47 points
  • Two-Bedroom, Standard View: 54 points
  • Two-Bedroom, Preferred View: 65 points
  • Grand Villa: 134 points

Those looking to buy into Disney’s Riviera Resort will also have the option to purchase Guaranteed Week contracts. For additional points at the initial buy-in, the Guaranteed Week option allows buyers to lock in a specific week for their vacation annually.