Rice Krispy Minnie Donut
Minnie Donut Rice Krispy - $5.49

PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 2/12/19 (Mystery Structure, Tomorrowland Construction, Even More Snacks, ETC.)

It was a busy day at the Magic Kingdom, so we decided to avoid the crowds and check out the construction around Tomorrowland. The changes we’ve seen over the last few days are pretty impressive. There seems to be a lot of development, and we’re excited to be able to document the progress.

Tomorrowland construction
Mystery structure? It was until we saw the crane rise the next day.

Over the construction walls, we are able to see the beginnings of a structure going up. We’ve noticed the framework for something has started to rise up out of the ground. It turns out it’s a crane that will help the TRON ride grow vertically.

From another angle, we can see the last of tree removal has taken place. There are a few uprooted stumps visible, but that’s all that remains. We have a completely different point of view now. The Monorail line to the maintenance bay is clearly visible. It’s amazing how different this whole area looks now.

Tree removal is almost complete.

Tomorrowland Construction

We stopped to admire the “it’s a small world” tote bag. It’s adorable, but a little pricey at $44.99. There’s an overwhelming amount of new “it’s a small world” themed merchandise lately, but we aren’t complaining.

It’s a small world tote

Speaking of overly abundant merchandise… We spotted the light-up snack necklace at a few locations around the parks. It has multiple light patterns and features all of our favorite Mickey-shaped foods. You can now proudly show off your love of Mickey waffles, donuts, and other snacks in the dark for just $17.00.

If wearing Disney snacks isn’t your thing, you can always head over to the Confectionery for the real thing.

Rice krispy Mickey ice cream
Crisped Rice Mickey Ice Cream Bar – $5.49

We even spotted Mickey ice cream and Minnie donut crisped rice treats for $5.49. Yum!

Rice Krispy Minnie Donut
Minnie Donut Crisped Rice Treat – $5.49

We hoped you enjoyed a look around the Magic Kingdom. Are you excited for the Tron Coaster?