PHOTOS: New Women’s “The Little Mermaid” Apparel At Disney’s Hollywood Studios

You can make “The Little Mermaid” part of your world and your closet with some new apparel spotted at Sunset Club Couture in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Little Mermaid Sweatshirt – $49.99

The new “Little Mermaid” sweatshirt features Ariel under the sea. – $49.99

A close-up look at the shell detail and lace-up top on the new “Little Mermaid” sweatshirt. – $49.99
A look at the hooded back of the new “Little Mermaid” sweatshirt. – $49.99

“Kiss the Girl” Long-Sleeve Shirt – $44.99

This new “Little Mermaid” shirt will have you singing, “Sha la la la la la, my, oh my!”

Sebastian conducts the song as the lyrics sparkle on this new “Little Mermaid” shirt. – $44.99

The sleeves of this shirt feature shells, flowers and King Triton’s castle.

“Under the Sea” Long-Sleeve Shirt – $44.99

Darling, it’s better with this new “Under the Sea” lyric shirt.

The “Under the Sea” lyric starts on the front of the shirt and finishes on the sleeves. – $44.99

The new merchandise comes during a big year for “The Little Mermaid,” as the film celebrates its 30th anniversary.

If you want to channel your inner Ariel, you could also rock one of the latest shirts with a “dinglehopper” light-up hair bow.