REVIEW: New Chocolate Chip Cookie Seasonal Shake at Dockside Diner, Disney’s Hollywood Studios

This week, Dockside Diner at Disney’s Hollywood Studios debuted an all-new seasonal milkshake! The latest shake is chocolate chip cookie-inspired and literally has chocolate chip cookie crumbles throughout the vanilla shake!

Cookie Inspired Seasonal Shake – $5.49

The shake consists of a vanilla base with chocolate chip cookie crumbles and whipped cream (topped with more cookie crumbles.)

While the shake seems like a fairly basic combination, I’ve never had a chocolate chip cookie shake before, and I though it was a unique and creative change from the traditional, Oreo-dominated cookies and cream shake.

The cookie crumbles were distributed throughout. They clumped together a lot at the bottom which ironically formed a sort of cookie in itself at the bottom of the shake. Apart from that, the crumbs were always present in the shake and every sip had a little something in it.

Another thing to note is that they only had traditional soda straws available. Because of this, the cookie crumbs were extremely hard to suck through the straw and I literally had to wait till my shake melted a little bit, making it a lighter consistency that was easier to drink.

The whipped cream on top didn’t really add much extra as far as taste goes, but it did make for a nice presentation, especially when topped with the crumbles and chocolate chips.

I’m not typically a fan of over-the-top-shakes, but I though this one was extremely creative without being so extravagant that it degrades the taste of the shake. It was refreshing and something I had never tried before. I’d highly recommend this shake instead of the classic vanilla or chocolate options also available at Dockside Diner, however with the Tune-In Lounge just a short walk away, I’d probably stick with the PB&J shake.

I’m really excited to see what fun new flavors of seasonal offerings they come up with next. What other shake flavors would you like to see featured at Dockside Diner?

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