PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 3/10/19 (Shops Closed for Refurbishment, Bus Loop Construction, Cruz Ramirez Progress, ETC.)


PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 3/10/19 (Shops Closed for Refurbishment, Bus Loop Construction, Cruz Ramirez Progress, ETC.)


PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 3/10/19 (Shops Closed for Refurbishment, Bus Loop Construction, Cruz Ramirez Progress, ETC.)

It’s a gorgeous day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. There are a few things new around here today, so let’s take a look around.


HS3 4 19 26

Keystone Clothiers on Hollywood Blvd is closed for a substantial refurbishment. It and Legends of Hollywood, on Sunset Blvd, closed at the start of the month. They are both slated to reopen by Summer.

HS3 4 19 4

The majority of the windows for Keystone Clothiers have been blacked out for the refurbishment.

HS3 4 19 2

Our sources are saying this ATM nook on the backside of the building will once again be an entrance to the store, as it was when the park opened.

HS3 4 19 6

The Planet Hollywood Super Store closed at the beginning of the year, and now its neighbor, Legends of Hollywood, is closed as well. They’re in the process of expanding Legends of Hollywood into the rest of the building.

HS3 4 19 7

All of the windows here are blacked out as well.

HS3 4 19 5

This spot has seen several light theme changes over the last few years. It was Frozen merchandise for a long time, and then it was Star Wars, and most recently, it was toys. I’m curious to see what it will house when it reopens this summer.

HS3 4 19 8

Beauty and the Beast: Live On Stage is still closed for refurbishment. It should reopen soon, however.

HS3 4 19 9

HS3 4 19 10

The stoplight on Sunset Blvd is back! It’s been missing for a couple months now. It’s returned to its rightful spot, and looking quite fresh.

HS3 4 19 11

Over near Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster, you can see that the Cruz Ramirez meet and greet tent has finally moved from its former spot in Pixar Place. It will be just outside the new Lightning McQueen Racing Academy when it opens later this month.


HS3 4 19 29

Outside the park, the new bus loop looks pretty much finished.

HS3 4 19 28

A security Cast Member told me it wouldn’t open until “this fall”, but I have my doubts on that. It’s basically ready to go.

HS3 4 19 4

The new security bag check structure is making good progress as well.

HS3 4 19 27

Workers were adding plywood panels to the roof today.

HS3 4 19 25

HS3 4 19 2

There’s also some fresh concrete close to the guest relations window, and new poles for some future structure.

HS3 4 19 3

The tram loop is looking nice as well. You can start to see what it will look like when it’s finished.

HS3 4 19 13

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is looking about the same. Some scaffolding came down, and new scaffolding went up.

HS3 4 19 14

They’re hard at work on the rock work just behind the space ship there.

HS3 4 19 15

I’m really excited to see this new land finished, especially after all the new details Disney released recently.

Et Cetera

HS3 4 19 16

Prices went up on the tarts at Woody’s Lunch Box. They’re now $4.29.

HS3 4 19 17

The Joffrey’s locations around the parks tout the “Frozen Flame” as a seasonal beverage, but fun fact: as long as they have both flavors of slushy, you can get it year-round. Especially at Epcot, they never seem to discontinue it.

HS3 4 19 12
“Please buy me, we made too many!”

They’re getting really aggressive with the Pop! Vinyl figures. This shop had them literally taking up the counter space.

HS3 4 19 22

If you want to find collectibles that are older than most of the children in the park, head on over to the Stage 1 Company Store near Muppetvision 3D.

HS3 4 19 23

The Cast Member at the register was amazed when I pointed out how old this cel is. She said they have shelves and shelves of framed artwork in storage.

HS3 4 19 24

Who knows what they’ll dig up next.

HS3 4 19 21

They did have this really cute Kermit sketch, though, so I can’t judge them too harshly.

That’s it from Hollywood Studios for today. Check back for more soon!

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