REVIEW: New Cupcake Welcomes Baby Giraffe Jabari to Kilimanjaro Safaris at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Jabari giraffe cupcake
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Back in January, Disney’s Animal Kingdom welcomed its newest baby to the herd. After spending some time bonding with his mom backstage, he has officially made his debut on Kilimanjaro Safaris. And to welcome him, Tamu Tamu Refreshments is offering a Baby Giraffe Cupcake!

Jabari Cupcake

Jabari giraffe cupcake

The Baby Giraffe Cupcake is a chocolate cupcake decorated with pink and blue crispy pearls, yellow and white frosting, a fondant leaf, and an edible image of mommy and baby. The new baby has been named Jabari, which means “brave one” in Swahili. Jabari and his mom, Mara, look adorable on this cupcake.

The cupcake is topped with yellow and white frosting and sprinkles with pink and blue chocolate crispy pearls. It honestly looks like a gender reveal cupcake… although we already kind of knew that it was a boy.

Jabari giraffe cupcake

That being said, it’s only fitting this cake is packed with more blue crispy pearls.

Jabari giraffe cupcake

This cupcake has the perfect amount of buttercream, which tastes surprisingly light here. It’s not overpoweringly sweet. I’m not sure if anyone really enjoys fondant, but the leaf wasn’t terrible. The texture of the fondant was a little off, but it was a very hot day, which probably contributed to that. Crispy pearls can sometimes get a little soggy, but these were nice and crunchy. The cake is fresh and decadent, and we all agreed this was one of the best chocolate cupcakes we’ve had in the parks. It didn’t need all the extra flavors to be memorable.

Giraffe Jabari cupcake

This cupcake is simple, but delicious, and totally worth the $5.99. I’d put this one on my list of top cupcakes (which is really saying something considering how many of these things I have to eat). You may want to stampede over to Tamu Tamu Refreshments and get your Jabari cupcake before it’s gone!