REVIEW: Seasonal Earl Grey Honey Cupcake Buzzes Into Sunshine Seasons at Epcot

Spring is finally here and Sunshine Seasons is flaunting a new seasonal cupcake to celebrate the arrival of the Flower & Garden Festival. Enter the Earl Grey Honey Cupcake, which is an adorable, bee-topped masterpiece speckled with tea bits. Read on to find out what we thought about this new Epcot treat.

The cupcake comes “naked”. (That is, without a cupcake liner.) It’s actually pretty nice, because it means less precious cupcake loss. You can see the bits of earl grey tea through the moist cake. It’s topped with a thick swirl of tangelo honey buttercream, and drizzled with honey and bee pollen clusters, or propolis, and a tiny piece of honeycomb on top. Oh! And we almost forgot. There’s a little tiny fondant bee with almond slivers for wings. How adorable is that?

The frosting isn’t cloyingly sweet. It’s creamy, and feels like it’s been whipped or aerated a bit. Occasionally, you get salty notes from the honey, which compliments the sweetness of the cake and frosting.

Once you cut inside, there’s some orange curd filling tucked away in the center. The orange curd has a nice scent and flavor. You can even smell it when you cut into the cupcake!

The cake was dense and moist, and more akin to a muffin in texture than a cupcake (but in a good way.)

All in all, we highly recommend this cupcake. Sunshine Seasons is the unsung hero of Epcot cupcakes and there really isn’t a cupcake we haven’t thoroughly enjoyed from this spot. For about $6.00 with tax, you can get a giant, shareable cupcake that’s piled high with natural, non-food-coloring-laden toppings. (Bee pollen and honey comb aren’t exactly cheap, either, so you’re getting quality ingredients here!) Don’t let the tea aspect of it scare you, either. We assure you, this is still a delicious treat!

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