REVIEW: Off The Cob – Food & Wine Festival 2019 at Disney California Adventure

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It’s that magical time of year once again when the Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival returns. Off the Cob is back again, but this year the menu is more condensed than before.

Off the Cob

Off the Cob DCA Food and Wine Festival 2019

Off the Cob DCA Food and Wine Festival 2019

Shrimp Boil Tacos with Andouille Sausage and Fresh Corn – $7.50

This dish is back, yet once again we are a little off put by the decision. It’s a good example of a dish that would be much better suited to a seafood-themed booth, but instead, it is shoehorned into the corn booth. However, this was still as tasty as last year. The combination of the shrimp and the sausage created a great-tasting dish, and we’d recommend trying it.

Esquites Sweet Corn Nuggets with Bacon Lardons – $6.25

off the cob dca food and wine festival 2019

This dish continues to be a favorite of ours. The corn flavor paired well with the chili, and the whole thing was just prepared perfectly. We love how tasty the chili is, especially on the huge chunks of meat.

Peach Tea with Peach Garnish (non-alcoholic) – $5.00

We appreciate the effort they’ve made this year to bring more non-alcoholic beverages to the Festival. This peach tea is sure to be a nice break from all of the beer and wine, especially when you want to sip on something as you stroll along Pixar Pier.

Citrus Radler Beer Cocktail, Lager with Grapefruit & Blood Orange Juices (5.1% ABV) – $11.75

But if you’re not tired of beer yet, this is a good option to try. It’s a little on the fruity side, but very enjoyable.


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