REVIEW: Pepe by José Andrés Brings Spanish Street Food to Disney Springs

As bloggers, it is our duty to anxiously await the opening of every Disney restaurant, and Pepe by José Andrés is no exception. The restaurant is located on the front corner adjacent to the Jaleo entrance, and it’s the first brick and mortar location of the chef’s wildly popular Spanish food truck, which has been a D.C. fixture for more than six years.

Pepe by José Andrés will offers a diverse menu of Spanish sandwiches, or bocatas, both hot and cold, as well as gazpacho and salads to goWe braved the crowds (okay, more like the 5 other bloggers that were there,) for a first taste of the new food-truck-turned-quick-service. Scroll through for a look inside, food pics, and our thoughts!

Pepe by José Andrés – Restaurant Exterior/Interior Seating

It’s worth noting that Pepe probably has some of the thinnest counters at Walt Disney World. Keep that in mind if you’re ordering a lot of items, or looking to photograph them. Seating-wise, there are only 21 chairs available, so needless to say, seating is limited.

Pepe by José Andrés – Full Menu

There is a Cast Member roaming about with an iPad if you’d like to “mobile order” that way, or you can place your order traditionally at the register. Once your order is ready, they call your name for you to pick up your sandwiches and goods.

Pepe by José Andrés – Food Review

Pepito Ternera Sandwich- $14.00

Flat Iron Steak, Caramelized Onion, Cheese, Mayonnaise

This steak sandwich comes on pan de cristal, a very crunchy bread specially imported from Spain, and it’s loaded with steak and cheese. It’s rather good, given how much steak and cheese you get embedded within the thin bread.

Pollo Frito Sandwich on a Roll – $12.00

Breaded Chicken, Piparra Peppers, Gem Lettuce, Aioli, Brava Sauce, Sherry Dressing

The Pollo Frito sandwich included a thick piece of fried chicken and with juicy, crunchy peppers tucked away inside of a bed of gem lettuce. The Brava sauce it’s topped with tastes like a spicy marinara.

Bikini de Jamón y Queso – $10.00

Ham, Cheese, Mustard

The Bikini de Jamón y Queso is basically a pressed hot ham and cheese, and it’s actually really good! This sandwich really grew on us, and since it’s hot, it’s especially comforting on cold, overcast, or rainy days at the Springs. Don’t let the Spanish names deter you, this is a pretty basic dish and perfect for even the pickiest of eaters.

Gazpacho – $4.00

Classic Chilled Spanish Soup with Tomato, Cucumbers, and Peppers

While we aren’t fans of cold soup to begin with, this gazpacho is just plain gross. It comes in a plastic bottle, for starters, and the taste is just overall off-putting. Please don’t get this. (Unless you absolutely love cold soup, and even then… proceed with caution.)

Patatas Bravas – $6.00

These chips definitely win on presentation. The spiciness of the red sauce comes through on the chips, and it tastes like a different sauce than the one on the chicken sandwich (even though it’s still labeled as Brava Sauce.) At $6.00, these would make a rather pricey chip snack.

Sangria Roja – $10 by the glass

The sangria is subdued, much like a light fruit punch. You could even say it’s watery. Not exactly a must-have for us. 

Clara (Spanish-style Shandy) – $9 by the glass

The shandy is pretty standard. There’s nothing really special about this, because it tastes like every other beer.

Leche Merengada Soft Serve – $5.00

The classic Spanish drink of sweetened milk, cinnamon, and lemon

The soft serve is perfect here. The cinnamon counters the lemon and sweetness from the cream, and yes, this is more akin to sweet milk as opposed to ice cream ladened with flavorings. It tastes less artificial, but in a very welcome way. We would get this over any Disney ice cream. It’s easily our favorite thing here.

While we would still pick D-Luxe, Blaze Pizza, or even Chicken Guy over Pepe, we’d still come here for the soft serve ice cream. (Yes, it was that good.) Even then, if you’re in the mood for sandwiches trying out Pepe wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.

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