PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 4/5/19 (New Norway Treats, Almost Empty World Showcase, Construction Updates, ETC.)

epcot china pavilion
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April showers are proving to be a real thing in Orlando this year, but that didn’t stop me from hitting Epcot. I grabbed my umbrella and my boots and I was rainy day ready for the park! (I still went home with wet socks, though, so I’m jealous of all of you reading this with dry ones right now.)

epcot spaceship earth

Over in Mouse Gear, the Spaceship Earth dress that was spotted at Disney Springs at The Dress Shop last week has made its way to its rightful home in Epcot.

spaceship earth dress

In The Land pavilion, curtains have been put up at the entrance to the theater that will soon host the new Awesome Planet film. After the poster showed up a couple weeks ago, its good to see that it looks like there is actually some work getting done to get this new experience ready.

the land pavilion awesome planet

In the Butterfly Garden, the butterflies were once again in short supply, but I did spot a large amount of caterpillars chilling on this Passion flower plant, so hopefully that means that we’ll be getting more butterflies again soon. (Crossing my fingers that the other ones that were in here just… escaped.)

I see at least 6 caterpillars in this photo alone, how many do you spot?

A couple new treats arrived at the Kringla Bakeri in the Norway Pavilion, so I had to have a cupcake and a giant cookie for breakfast. It’s a hard life, I know. (Review coming soon!)

kringla orange berry cupcake

Norway kringla kafe

A (Nearly) Empty Epcot

Rainy days in the parks are often less crowded than clear days, but today felt exceptionally empty in the World Showcase. I was there right when they rope dropped World Showcase right past the China Pavilion, so granted, most people hadn’t wandered over there yet from the big attractions in Future World, but still, seeing it this empty felt like a rare occasion.

epcot china pavilion

epcot germany pavilion

epcot Italy Pavilion

There was some paint work being done at the base of the Columns of San Marco and San Teodoro in the Italy Pavilion.

epcot Italy Pavilion
I think its gonna be “wet” for a while in this weather…

epcot Italy Pavilion

I actually prefer the weathered look of the unpainted bricks on the other column.

epcot American adventure

epcot Japan pavilion

epcot Japan pavilion

epcot morocco pavilion

Epcot France Pavilion

epcot Canada Pavilion

Construction Updates

Brick work is still being done around the American Adventure.

epcot American adventure

epcot American adventure
New concrete poured, just waiting for new bricks to be laid on top.

With all of the rain happening, there understandably wasn’t a lot of active construction happening anywhere in the park. The new Japan restaurant site was quiet today.

epcot Japan restaurant construction

epcot Japan restaurant construction

Over by International Gateway and the Ratatouille construction site, new hedges have cropped up around the Friendship Boat dock, blocking most of the good, up-close views of construction. I couldn’t tell if there was actually anything happening behind those hedges yet, though.

international gateway

international gateway

epcot ratatouille ride

On my way out of the park, I went to the top of the Epcot monorail station to get a look at how the Guardians of the Galaxy Coaster is coming along. It’s really exciting to get a good look at that launch tunnel.

epcot guardians of the galaxy coaster

That’s it for another day at Epcot! Thanks for coming along with me, see you next time!

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