PHOTOS: Special PhotoPass Opportunities, Treats and More Celebrate The Haunted Mansion Today-Only at the Magic Kingdom

For fans of the 999 Happy Haunts that inhabit Gracey Manor, 13 is your lucky number. To celebrate the debut of the Disney PhotoPass capture at The Haunted Mansion, a day-long celebration of the iconic attraction is taking place at the Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square. Now, as they say, “look alive,” as we take a tour of the day’s offerings.

For those that want more photo opportunities beyond the ride, a special “Tomb Sweet Tomb” prop is available to show your love for the delightfully unlivable mansion.


But if you want a super(natural) picture, guests can take Magic Shot photos with some of Gracey Manor’s most beloved residents: the Hatbox Ghost and the Hitchhiking Ghosts.

The setup for the Hatbox Ghost photo opportunity.

Here’s what the final photo should look like, along with special Magic Shots available in the still of the evening.

“Beware of hitchhiking bloggers…”

Memento Mori is offering “Spirit Photography,” their special 8 inch by 10-inch lenticular photo, for $13.13 plus tax.

And of course, with any special event in the parks, there’s a specialty food item. The Midnight Fright Delight “browkie” themed to the mansion’s clock striking 13. The dessert is a mix of a cookie and brownie, with the grandfather clock printed onto a dark chocolate piece and an almond macaroon. The brownie and cookie are easily distinguishable as the brownie is extremely rich and the cookie has more of a crunch to it. The whole dessert tasted very fresh and the macaroon was melt-in-your-mouth.

For those looking to wait for the cover of night to head to this swingin’ wake, guests can enjoy the haunting melodies of the Cadaver Dans starting at 7:30 PM tonight, as well as some additional photo-ops.

While the celebration might not be too long for this world, the PhotoPass capture at The Haunted Mansion will be around long after the day has passed away.


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