VIDEO: Phantom Manor at Disneyland Paris Reopens After 16 Months of Refurbishment

After a REALLY LONG refurbishment, Phantom Manor at Disneyland Paris has finally reopened with a variety of changes and we have a first look with a video from our friend, Curious Axel. Besides a general refurb, the Manor got a few new effects and changes including:

  • Refurbishment foyer/entrance with new lighting and audio effects.
  • Stretching Room now features Melanie’s 4 suitors and their tragic fate.
  • New artwork with fantastic lighting features in the hallway after the Stretching Room.
  • Melanie is now on the stairs looking out the window in the loading area.
  • Small changes to lighting and audio during the ride.
  • New tombstones at the end of the ride.
  • At the end, Melanie appears in the Doombuggy as an effect asking her to “marry her”.

Check out the video and a few photos below!

IMG 2131

IMG 2132

IMG 2134