PHOTOS: New Dumbo D-Tech iPhone Case Makes a Big Landing in Disneyland Park

Dumbo D Tech iPhone Case Disneyland
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Have you ever seen an iPhone fly? Well, you just might with this new Dumbo D-Tech iPhone Case we spotted in Emporium at Disneyland Park. And the size of this phone case will have you saying “I be done seen ’bout ev’rything,” because it really is just a giant phone case.

Dumbo D Tech iPhone Case Disneyland

Dumbo D Tech iPhone Case Disneyland

Timothy Q. Mouse sits atop Dumbo on the back of this iPhone Case. But the real scene-stealers are the two large rubber ears that expand from either side of the phone case. We’re not exactly sure how these ears make this phone case a practical one, but they sure are cute. Because they are rubber and not hard plastic, we imagine they should be able to fold a bit. I’d imagine these would also be handy for someone who’s clumsy, as the ears provide lots of grip.

Dumbo D Tech iPhone Case Disneyland

And just in case you can’t quite grasp just how large this iPhone case is, we snapped this photo of it next to a tumbler for reference. Yep, it’s just as long as that tumbler and straw.

Dumbo D Tech iPhone Case Disneyland

Of all the phone cases we’ve seen lately at the Disneyland Resort, this one has left the biggest impression on us. Will you be buying this Dumbo D-Tech iPhone Case? We’d love to hear about your experience using it.

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