REVIEW: Aladdin-Inspired Flatbreads Take Flight at Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar for a Limited Time at Disney Springs

Since its inception, Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar at Disney Springs has become pretty well-known for adding seasonal and limited-time food items to the menu. The latest limited-time food offerings are here to promote Disney’s new live-action Aladdin movie, set to debut later this month. Two new “Flying Carpet Flatbreads” have been added to the menu, so we decided to give them both a try!

The two new items are listed at the bottom of the second menu page, and they offer a pretty good “two for $16 or one for $9” deal. A great way to try both.

The Stolen Apple and Sticky Date flatbread. Both were served together on a “Flying Carpet” board.

Sticky Date Flatbread – $9.00 (or two for $16.00)

While both flatbreads were solid, the Sticky Date one was the winner of the two. It really brought us back to the days of the Good Dates dish at Jock Lindsey’s.

Just as the name implies, the dates really dominate the flavor profile of the flatbread, yet add a pleasant sweetness to the dish. The caramelized onions also add some pungent sweetness. The Manchego cheese, balsamic glaze, and fresh rosemary added pops of salty, tangy, and herbal goodness to the flatbread, which really helped round out all the flavors present.

Stolen Apple Flatbread – $9.00 (or two for $16.00)

The Stolen Apple was also a solid flatbread, but there were a couple of issues. The Fuji apple arugula salad, which is one of the two main ingredients of the dish, fell off almost entirely when pulling the flatbread apart. It was very difficult to keep the ingredients on, which made for a messy attempt at keeping everything situated. The apples were cut extremely thin and were pretty abundant. The arugula pesto, goat cheese, and lamb sausage all paired together well. There’s plenty of lamb sausage piled onto this flatbread, but the tangy goat cheese helps round everything out.

This flatbread could have been a contender if it wasn’t so difficult to eat, given that the apples ended up almost entirely on the board.

Overall, this is a cute new way to promote the movie, albeit at a completely random restaurant. Both dishes were good, but neither were near perfect. It’s certainly a good option to go with if you’re doing drinks at Jock’s and want a unique, affordable snack to pair them with, however, I wouldn’t recommend going out of your way to give these a try. In case you’re still interested in trying these, they’re available only for a limited time, until June 21st.

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