REVIEW: Limited-Time Asante Slush at Harambe’s Shave Ice Cart in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

A jungle of eats and treats celebrating “The Lion King” are now available at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and we took to one of the carts in Harambe Market to find the latest new slush to hit the thirsty summer scene.

Asante Slush – Available at the Shave Ice Cart Near Harambe Market

You have the option of getting the regular Asante Slush for $4.99 or an alcoholic version with Snow Leopard Vodka for $10.50.

You are most beautiful. The Asante Slush is comprised of shaved ice topped with watermelon and passion fruit-mango syrup.

The slush started melting rapidly, and the remaining ice quickly formed into a big chunk of ice, which made it extremely difficult to break and eat.

We basically just drank the syrup at this point.

The Asante Slush, while perfectly refreshing in its own right, would’ve been much better as a Hawaiian-style shaved ice treat. The flavors of the passion fruit syrup were really good, which is a shame, because as hard as we wanted to incorporate it into spoonfuls with the ice, there was no breaking into that iceberg once it formed.

If you’re looking for a refreshing treat to grab that’s just under $5.00, this is a good option, but due to technical difficulties, we don’t feel too hard-pressed to recommend this Lion King treat.

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