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PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 6/22/19 (Pathway Widening Update, New Tiki Room Backpack, Toy Story Treats, ETC.)

It’s another beautiful day in Central Florida (re: it didn’t rain, the sun is shining, the tank is clean––THE TANK IS CLEAN) and we are here for another day in the Magic Kingdom!

Main Street train station

magic kingdom

magic kingdom cinderella castle

I have a pretty set routine in my loop around Magic Kingdom at this point. I always come in through the touch points and the train station entry tunnel on the right hand side, and one of my first stops after I pick up my Fuel Rods from Town Square Theater is always the Main Street Confectionery. I love how quiet it is at park open, because everyone is heading to Starbucks for coffee, and no one is ready for candy and sweets and dessert yet (Which, like, honestly, most of you are on vacation, if that’s not a time to eat a cake pop for breakfast, when can you?!). This morning, I spotted these new Buzz Lightyear cake pops, in celebration of the release of Toy Story 4.

the confectionary toy story 4

Moving on into the Emporium, these backpacks that were spotted at Disneyland earlier this week have made their way to the east coast, but with this cute new Tiki Room inspired print added to the collection.

emporium printed backpacks

tiki room backpack

Moving on into Tomorrowland, I checked in on the TRON construction from the PeopleMover. It’s still slowly but surely moving along, and I’m anxiously waiting for more track to be added to that portion on the right side of the pictures.

tron lightcycle power run construction

tron lightcycle power run construction

In Fantasyland, there was no surprise that the scrim around Castle Couture was still holding strong.

castle couture

In Frontierland, I made a stop by the Country Bear Jamboree. If you somehow missed the news, WDWNT broke the story earlier this week that the Bears are anticipated to close before Magic Kingdom’s 50th Anniversary. Most of us here at WDWNT are pretty distraught at the news, and if you’re in that club, be sure you check out and share what the Jamboree means to you and why it should stay.

country bear jamboree

The pathway widening project by Cinderella Castle is moving along, and you can really see the wall of the widened pathway starting to take shape. I’m still excited for this improvement upon this formerly very narrow pathway, as long as they give me back my wrought iron benches.

cinderella castle pathway widening

Cinderella Castle pathway widening

Cinderella Castle pathway widening

That’s it for my day around Magic Kingdom today! As usual, stay tuned to WDWNT for all the latest updates!

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