RUMOR: Disney World to Replace Country Bear Jamboree with Toy Story Marionette Show for Magic Kingdom’s 50th Anniversary

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RUMOR: Disney World to Replace Country Bear Jamboree with Toy Story Marionette Show for Magic Kingdom’s 50th Anniversary

I honestly wish I was making this up or was publishing this article about a far-off, distant rumor, but the Bob Chapek mandate that the Disney Parks be used to “leverage intellectual properties” will likely claim the existence of a beloved, original attraction that is the definition of a Magic Kingdom classic—and do it just before its 50th birthday in 2021.

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According to sources, the closure of the Country Bear Jamboree in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom is imminent. As has many reported a number of times, Walt Disney World is expected to promise guests 50 new or special offerings for its 50th anniversary celebration in two years time and a whole new attraction will very likely come to Frontierland to replace the 1971 audio-animatronic spectacle. And no, it will not be the Vacation Jamboree or Christmas overlays that many thought would be introduced in honor of the five-decade milestone.

Strangely enough, the replacement is a Toy Story audio-animatronic marionette show. This would incorporate elements of the Woody’s Roundup television show featured heavily in Toy Story 2, a faux program that starred puppet versions of Woody, Jessie, Bullseye, and Stinky Pete the Prospector.

A screenshot from the Woody’s Round-Up, a faux television show that appears in the Toy Story 2 film. This appears to be the basis for the new attraction ind development for the Magic Kingdom.

I try hard to report news and rumors without editorial asides, but why Walt Disney World would possibly need more Toy Story attractions is beyond me, especially ones located outside of the Toy Story Land that just opened at Disney’s Hollywood Studios last year. Moreover, there is also already another Toy Story attraction in the Magic Kingdom: Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin in Tomorrowland. Even if another western-themed Toy Story attraction was a franchise necessity, why the oft-lauded “blessing of size” that Walt Disney World has over the other Disney Parks and Resorts worldwide does not mean that a new attraction can be built without permanently removing a classic attraction is truly beyond my understanding. Besides that, how many more Toy Story attractions do we need and how much more of the same Toy Story merchandise do they think they can sell by making this change?

Why do I bring this rumor to the forefront now? Well, while the closure window for the Country Bear Jamboree is presently unannounced and unknown, the logic that Disney wants to open this Toy Story show open by October 1, 2021 means it might be sooner than you would expect. The 2019 D23 Expo is approaching fast, and let us not forget that the demise of both The Great Movie Ride and the Universe of Energy was confirmed at the 2017 edition, neither actually mentioned on stage by Mr. Chapek as he announced their replacements. Both attractions also closed less than 30 days after said announcement, not giving many fans a chance to say their goodbyes to either long-standing classic and certainly not giving the broader community of park goers the chance to make it clear that the closure might be a mistake. While such efforts have made little headway in the past, it has been a long time since the Walt Disney Company chose to close the last domestic version of an attraction so iconic as the Country Bear Jamboree.

By way of a historical aside, and with the storytelling narrative oft-repeated by Disney, the Country Bear Jamboree was originally intended by Walt to be placed at Disney’s Mineral King Ski Resort in California which he was trying to build in the 1960’s. Walt knew he wanted a show to provide entertainment to the guests at the resort, and the project was assigned to legendary Imagineer Marc Davis. Sometime in late 1966, Walt stopped by Imagineering and Marc showed the drawings he was working on for the Bear Band show. As Marc shared years later, Walt had a good laugh at many of the humorous characters and scenes in the show that would later become the Country Bear Jamboree. On Walt’s way out he turned to Marc and said good-bye, a phrase that Marc recalled Walt was known never to say. That was the last time Davis saw Disney, who died days later on December 15, 1966, and the Country Bear Jamboree came to be referred to as “Walt’s last laugh”.

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While the Mineral King Ski Resort never made it off the drawing board, the Country Bear Jamboree was in place as an opening day attraction in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom on October 1, 1971. The popularity of the show led to a version in Disneyland on March 4, 1972 (since removed) and a third version at Tokyo Disneyland on April, 15, 1983.  The ubiquitous bears have become an oft-repeated reference in popular culture and have been featured in The Simpsons, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, The Critic, Futurama, A Goofy Movie, The Big Bang Theory, and Last Man Standing, to name just a few.

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Disneyland closed the attraction in 2001, but it has been a sore point with many over the years. This is probably because it was replaced with a quickly devised, budget-conscious version of the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh ride that occupied the same footprint as the Country Bear Playhouse – all in an effort to buoy Pooh merchandise sales. A similar scenario seems to be playing out now.

Funny enough, Country Bear merchandise is still even sold at Disneyland and enough so that it continues to be produced. Meanwhile, at Tokyo Disneyland, a plush line of the Bear characters has proven so popular that new versions are released on a regular basis almost every season.

We know that “rumors” of this sort are never popular, but I believe that our sources, our track record, and the nature of this not-yet-announced closure warrant that we share this information with our readers now. And to those detractors, our intent is not to gain publicity, financial gain, or some of the more ludicrous reasoning that could be attributed to our actions. More than anything, I love Walt Disney World and I hope you do too. WDWNT began as a passion project 12 years ago. That the site and its readership have grown does not alter our mission nor our passion—a passion I wouldn’t imagine throwing away by “making things up.”  Rather, our goal is to inform and educate passionate fans. For years, we have provided frank, un-slanted, un-influenced information from sources that share the same love for Walt Disney World as a place, an idea, and an achievement. We believe our readership agrees with the basic premise that Walt Disney, Marc Davis, and the many Imagineers who created this three dimensional canvas are undoubtedly artists. While a great many things have come and gone, there are those things that transcend time and place to being far more than just rides, shows, or means of increasing guest counts. Attractions like Pirates of the Caribbean, The Haunted Mansion, and, yes, the Country Bear Jamboree are the very essence of Disney, are the things that inspired countless members of this generation at Walt Disney Imagineering, and are the things that are so essential to the Disney theme park experience that their enjoyment is passed down from generation to generation.

To say what will have undoubtedly become clear, I am disheartened by this news and by the trend of news that has gathered on the horizon. Disney Parks possess characters, environments, and experiences that are, themselves, unique.  As much as Disney Parks are places where characters from film and television come to life, they are also places inhabited by grim-grinning ghosts, by plundering pirates, by Figments of imagination, by singing tiki birds, and by country bears. Removing classic attractions that are the essence of the Disney experience for the sake of cheaply and easily bringing something new is fundamentally misguided and frightening. And that is the path that Mr. Chapek has forged through recent actions, namely the decal-laden Pixar Pier or the shadeless Toy Story Land in the heat of Central Florida. Our mission and purpose is to share news and information that maintain the quality of customer service, experience, and legacy that guests have come to expect from Disney Parks. Fundamental to that is a belief that some attractions are so tethered to the identity of a Disney Park as to become essential. To the Magic Kingdom, the Country Bear Jamboree is just such an experience.

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I am the first to admit that grass roots movements to influence the Walt Disney Company do not have a particular track record of success. Equally true, though, is that once something is gone, it is unlikely to return.  And, as is clear above, I cannot help but have my feelings and beliefs come through in this posting. Our sources have been clear that this plan to close the Jamboree is very real, and the timeline for it doesn’t leave much time to wait. I assure you that the Walt Disney Company reads this website, and that they look at the comment section below, and on all forms of social media. You know the rumor, you have a good sense of my opinion, but I am not here to tell you your opinion about the Country Bear Jamboree. I am here to tell you that whatever your opinion is on this matter, it will be heard in these venues, so voice it.

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  1. I do not feel that same about the loss of Country Bear Jamboree. Prices to enter the Magic Kingdom keep on rising and that ride, and many others, are stale. Just look at the number people visiting the attraction (very low), and this as park attendance is at an all-time high. Disney has to produce more popular rides in order to redistribute crowds. Sorry, but this loss needs to happen.

    • What do you define as stale, something that is 10 years old? 5 years old?
      For many people, a trip to Walt Disney World is a once in a lifetime experience, so it is all new to them. For others, revisiting beloved old favorites is it tradition, evoking nostalgia and joy.
      What would you suggest they remove next, Pirates of the Caribbean? The Haunted Mansion? The Jungle Cruise?
      I would not want to see Disney parks tearing out attractions every few years to replace them with the flavor of the month.
      I am not opposed to change or new things, but I feel it have to be done with thought and care.

      • Pirates and haunted mansion BOTH received updating. From what I’ve heard, jungle cruise is ALSO slated for updates. Epcot recieving updates. If things remain the same, crowds will taper off. Crowds gather for the new rides. New lands. We await eagerly for the new additions. Updates. It’s gotta happen.

          • Right!? Us Disney people go for the Nostalgia and memories. Most of us Disney people are also AP & DVC members who travel to Disney multiple times a year and spend loads of money. The people who only plan trips for new attractions/lands are the ones that go to Disney once every few years. Disney makes their money from AP & DVC so why they would get rid of timeless and beloved attractions is beyond me :(

      • I wholeheartedly agree with the author’s comments and thoughtfulness. Our family of 8, Which spans from a 60 year old to a 2 year old and the family in between who has grown up on Disney, just had the best vacation day yet at Magic Kingdom. And do you know what we did….nothing new!!! Our best family day consisted of Tiki Room, Liberty Belle, Country Bears, and lunch at Cosmic Rays (why on Earth Sonny Eclipse was removed for a nighttime DJ is beyond me). Disney will learn soon enough that this path they are on is going to be a mistake: just look at MGM Studios (sorry, I mean Magic Kingdom 2.0, wait that’s wrong too). They are taking away everything that made that place unique and different. Now it’s just more themed lands based on IP. Maybe it’s fine for now but it will not being the same long term wonder and joy and nostalgia WDW has always been known for. People want pictures (in this instagram world) with icons and imagery we all know and uniqueness. Well another Woody or Jessie is not unique. They are everywhere. But just today I caught liver lips and big al in the streets of Frontierland. That was an experience! Simple and surprising and fun. If Disney wants new they should focus on the limited time surprises, engagements and magic….

        • Wait, WHAT happened to Sonny Eclipse?! Was he REMOVED removed, or is he being worked on as part of the refurbishment?

          There were reports in January that he was missing, but the guests were told it was part of the refurbishment, and the cast members were adamant he would be back.

          I was there in March, and thoroughly enjoyed watching him during dinner — as I do every time I go.

          I’ve never seen it, but he can be raised into the ceiling when work needs to be done.

          So, is Sonny GONE forever, or just on vacation?

        • Totally agree! If visitors like Keith Connolly don’t appreciate the classics, then don’t go to Disney. The Classics are true originals from Walt Disney himself, and should be “refreshed” but NOT removed!

        • I’m afraid Disney doesn’t care about us old timers……… the Board……and CEO…..its all about the ionacatbottom line ! The more profit on the bottom line… enriches stock holders and the CEO’s salary and bonus………they only want new visitors who will come every 3 or 4 years…….its so sad………….2 years ago we stayed in a newly renovated section of a property that hadn’t been in the vacation club yet…….the rate was around 500.00 a night…………one year later its 2200.00 per night………….that’s what the Board wants .

      • Stale is when we watched the Little Mermaid live show in Hollywood Studios and her tail was broken. The costumes looked ratty and dirty. Sitting in the front row of the Beauty and the Beast Live show the wigs looked atrocious! I could see thick seams (at the “part”) and have seen better wigs in Halloween costumes that kids wore to our front door.

    • Even if you agree with the premise that Country Bear Jamboree should close, shoehorning in yet another Toy Story attraction is stupid and short-sighted.

    • Do you really think that a Woody’s Roundup marionette show will be that much more of a crowd-pleaser rather than a simple refresh of the Bears?

      • This will be a bad idea . Puppeteer unions are expensive and that lead to the closure of California Adventure’s Disney Jr Live puppet show, which was awesome.

      • The Woody marionette show was not very popular here at Disneyland Paris when it played at the Lucky Nugget, they only had a few shows a day, and even then people mostly focused on their food and not the show. The scale of the show is very small and really best suited for a smaller space.
        Find the videos on Youtube, here is one link:

        Certainly not as entertaining as Country Bear Jamboree.

        • Omg what the he’ll are they thinking the local busch gardens would be embarrassed to put that in its park. C’mon disney you guys and gals are better than that. Or that’s what I’ve always thought

    • I think kids would like that show ,and I think a lot of people are trying to try out the new rides but unfortunately the new rides are not very good

      • Same, And I’ve been at multple points in the year, and even in off season its always full. Christmas it was packed, Fourth of July: Packed. August: Packed…May: Packed…March: Packed. And the original intent for the parks was a place for the WHOLE FAMILY to visit…well, you kind of need to include people on all ends of the age spectrum to hold to that. I don’t think a Toy Story puppet show is going to have the same appeal for grandparents as the Country Bears.

      • We watched the show last week, the auditorium was packed and the bears had the audience laughing. Keeping the classics is what makes Disney, Disney.

    • You need to understand that thrill rides are not for everyone!
      If I wanted thrill rides I would go elsewhere. In these troubled times I am looking for the magic of Disney and to be reminded of simpler uncomplicated times!

    • I would go watch the show because it was cute as well as get out of the heat and off my feet during the summer. There are not many things like that in the parks. It should stay.

    • Your statement about the number of people that attend this ride are false. As a former CM, that worked this attraction, I can speak to the fact that while Country Bear Jamboree is incapable of holding the same crowds as two other major attractions in the land, Splash and Thunder Mountain, the Bears welcome HUNDREDS of guests every day. This show is a classic. The relationships that people have with this attraction are unbelievable. You wouldn’t imagine how many people have memories of clapping along to the songs. Or even the stories of those who have since passed that used to laugh at the show. This attraction is more than just some silly bears, its a FAMILY.

      • Most people just go because no line and to cool off

        I’m more disappointed they stopped Christmas version

        I would rather upgrade that includes multiple versions Christmas Halloween Fourth of July and maybe a few different tracks so they not always the same like Star Tours

    • This is very sad if it actually happens. There are certain things in the Magic Kingdom that should always be a part of it…. Pirates of the Caribbean, Small World, The Haunted Mansion and Country Bears all come to mind. I was VERY disappointed to see the ending of the Electric Light Parade. It was something I always LOVED!!! Don’t mess with the things that made Disney! It’s fine to keep adding new attractions….but, don’t destroy the classics!!!

      • Let’s take it to the Disney execs themselves!!
        Disney Corporate Phone Number
        (818) 560-1000

        Robert Iger

        Bob Chapek
        Chairman, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

        Meg Crofton
        President of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Operations in United States and France

        George Kalogridis
        President of Walt Disney World

        Email you comments, petition to save the original attractions!

      • 100% agree!!! I still am devastated that SpectroMagic is long gone. Point being though is that Walt is the person who created this in the first place, so why on earth would anyone think to get rid of something that he had an actual influence on?

    • I completely agree with you. Alot of rides and attractions are outdated. People want to hold on to childhood memories without realizing that times have changed. People expect more. Splash mountain is another ride that either needs a new theme or a major makeover.

    • First of all this rumor is fake news and not gonna happen. Disney is going to lose Pixar and Toy Story after the government breaks them up due to antirust laws. Second of all, Magic Kingdom and other parks should NOT be changing. Keeping them the same is the best way to fix the attendance problems instead of raising ticket prices. I don’t get tired of doing the exact same thing over and over again.

      • Walt never wanted Disney to stay the same. He has always wanted things to change. You may not want the changes but sometimes it needed. Also Disney won’t be broken up. Your just hating on Disney and if you can’t accept it then leave cause you aren’t a true Disney fan

        • we are talking about an attraction that takes up such little space in Frontierland that there is literally no benefit to changing it. You can’t put a popular attraction there because there isn’t even any room for a queue. If you want change how about putting something in the Stitches Great Escape space? Yes change is always going to happen but it is important to keep some classics for the simple fact that many people go to Disney world for the nostalgia. No other theme parks in the world can bring on the nostalgia like a Disney park can so if Disney keeps taking away everything that makes them uniquely Disney then I might as well go to Universal Studios

    • I have such fond memories of Country bear Jubilee! It’s clean family humor was great! No to another Toy Story spinoff.

  2. This is annoying. I hate this push of kill the old and replace with modern disney IP. Just expand the parks with this stuff. Honestly, the number of attractions left that I like that aren’t covered in IP marketing is so few, I feel that in a few more years there won’t be anything of my childhood trips left worth seeing.

    • I agree!! I’m fine with expansion, but some things need to stay!! Especially for older generations who like a relaxing show. It provides a good laugh, somewhere to sit for a bit, and its important that younger kids are exposed to this type of attraction. Pretty soon, toy story and star wars is going to be the prevailing theme at every park.

      • You are so right! We have been going since our granddaughter was 7 months old and she will be 18 when we go later this year. We also went before she was born but not as often and they have removed some of our favorites. What will they close next Pirates or The Little Mermaid, which would really upset our granddaughter because she’s named after Ariel and she loves everything mermaid. They need to keep the long standing attractions and add the new ones somewhere else on property instead of always building new resorts all the time. Just extend the parks for the new attractions and cut back on building places for people to stay at, there are plenty of places for people to stay in Florida already!

  3. I want to say something here but I’m speechless right now. I want to rant and rave about how horrible Mr. Chapek is and how angry I am about this. But I also feel so sad right now this is our childhoods they are destroying my parents childhoods and my grandparnets childhoods. even my great grandfather saw the country bear jamboree before he passed. His name was Al so of course, he had to buy a Big Al Plush to take home with him back in the 1970s. But more importantly, I will never be able to take my future children or their children to see so many great Disney Icons including the Bears. I know we’ll always have a video to show the future generations but that’s not the same as sliding all the way down to make room for everyone. I feel so many feelings right now not just about this but the future of the Disney Parks. As a former cast member and more importantly as a Guest I can’t help but wonder when all this pain will end and someone with some character and honor will step in and end this greed and madness. Sorry for ranting I really just needed to get that out. Keep up the good work Tom.

    • Agree! Disney has gotten to Expensive for the average family. Dorsey it is sad when I saw the Tokyo Disney and it is a lot keep!

    • I agree wholeheartedly! They are taking away so many of our childhood memories! Thank goodness I was able to share them with my grandchildren, but what about our Greatgrandchildren? This is really sad! Walt is probably spinning in his grave!

      • You do realise that Walt was the one who said that Disneyland was not a museum and should keep on changing? Nostalgia is not an excuse to keep an attraction for ever. You should atleast update them/ keep them fresh or replace them with new offerings.

        Although in your defense, Walt Disney World has MORE than enough space and Magic Kingdom desperately needs more capacity. They could build this somewhere else in Frontierland aswell.

        • Disney has thousands and thousand of undeveloped acres. They need to update the old favorites and build another new park! This way they can keep all the nostalgia and create new magic for the Disney lover in all of us. It seems to me that Disney keeps building hotels at a much greater pace than needed which overcrowds the parks. We need new fresh attractions added to the parks we love and enjoy but we need an entire new theme park to help diversify some of the crowds. If anyone can do this Disney certainly can! The 3 new rides currently under construction are going to be awsome for Magic Kingdom and Epcot. But there needs to be more than that for the price that they are charging. Still love Disney though !

  4. No no no. Stop taking away the things we love. I don’t mind the changes to the other parks, but leave the magic Kingdom alone!!

    • Right, the show is iconic. Before too long, it all be Guardians, Toy Story, Avatar. I can honestly say if that ever happens my vacations at Disney will decrease in numbers greatly. I guess it will be Universal more frequent.

    • I have lived my whole life in Orlando and it is sad how WDW it has become a mega corporation vs the company that Walt and Roy built. I am still a big fan of WDW but I agree, leave the Magic Kingdom alone it is the only park that IS Walt Disney. Even Epcot is not to his vision. Do the new stuff in the other parks or add on to the Magic Kingdom if you must but leave the core alone.

  5. If this is true, we are losing a loved one. This one hurts. Classic Disney laid to rest. I wish we had a chance to stop in on our last trip, it would have been nice to say good-bye.

  6. Oh how sad! Walt must be crying in his grave! Why say good-bye to this iconic show when instead Disney should be updating and improving this silly ole group of bears plus others. We are making plans for being there for the 50th anniversary and the Country Bear Jamboree is always on our list of must dos. If you close it down thank you for another round of disappointment from someone who scrimps and saves just so my son and I can have a nice/fun filled vaca. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THE COUNTRY BEARS JAMBOREE AWAY FROM US WHO LOVE IT AND FROM THOSE THAT ARE WAITING TO BECOME FANS…..

    Thank You so much for listening and hopefully caring.

    • My family loves the Country Bears, too. This is incredibly sad and I hate to see it happen. I did think on our last trip that the interior of the theater needed to be freshened up a bit and perhaps freshen the show for the young ones… but never did I imagine they would remove it entirely. I’m just heart sick over this :(
      At least I’m getting to take my niece this week for her first trip to WDW. I will make sure she sees the pictures of our family there over the years and get some good ones of her there as well.

    • You do know Walt would want change. He is not rolling in his grave but I will agree that Toy Story shouldn’t replace the bears.

  7. If WDW gets rid of Country Bear Jamboree, I will CRY!!!! It’s such an iconic attraction.

      • According to Tom, some execs read WDWNT, so they do take things into consideration, their maintenance report has had its noticeable effects recently!

  8. This cannot happen. I live in California and I remember how gutted I was when our Jamboree left. If they want to build a new Toy Story attraction they need to do it somewhere else. Disney World is huge and they don’t need to get rid of classic rides to put in something new. The Bears are a wonderful, funny show and I personally would be willing to drive across country just to see them again. Closing them forever is the equivalent of closing the Mansion, the Tiki Room or It’s a Small World. Please don’t do this. The Country Bears started at Disney World, let them stay there even if you’ll never bring them back to Disneyland.

    • I do not understand the need to gut the classics. I agree with a previous comment thst said Walt is turning over in his grave right now. Walt nor Roy would have ever agreed with such a decision. Also, not everyone wants or xan handle the big thrill rides. And our children need more exposure to simpler times rather than more social media. This is a terrible decision. VERY DISAPPOINTING TO A TRUE DISNEYNUT.

      • Mike What does social media have to do with rides? Like I said Walt always wanted change and he doesn’t want to keep everything the same. I don’t like the idea of Toy Story but change happens and Walt would approve of change as long as it’s a good idea.

  9. I have to admit that I feel like a hypocrite as I write this. We often skip the Country Bear Jamboree when we visit the Magic Kingdom so how can I say, with a straight face, that they should not replace this attraction? I suppose that there is a comforting feeling walking by it and knowing it was there when I first visited WDW in 1974. But I suppose that because of people like me, they feel they have no reason to save it. Heck they replaced Snow White, Mr. Toad, 20,000 Leagues (which would be awesome using today’s technology), and many more, so why not replace it? But it does make me feel bad. I have to agree with this article on so many points. It Its truly mind boggling as to why they shut down rides and replace them when they have so much property. They sure have milked the Toy Story franchise. More so than any other I think. With only 3 attractions in Toy Story Land a fourth (even a 5th and 6th) could easily be green lighted. I hate seeing some of the classics disappear and do hope they leave the Haunted Mansion, Tiki Room, and the many other non IP rides alone. There needs t be a balance between IP and non IP rides. That said, I think it would be great (and long over due) to expand Frontier Land, add attractions, and try to reconfigure it so that it no longer dead ends. One of the worse “traffic jams” occur there. Looping it back to Fantasy Land would be a so helpful. And since I’m commenting on attractions, when are they going to finally do something with Journey Into Imagination with Figment? This horrid version has been due for a remake for well over a decade and has to be one of the worse attractions in all of WDW (my opinion). To watch them shut down the Great Movie Ride, Snow White’s Scary Adventure, and many others while leaving that one alone is mind boggling.

    • Ok, first off, leave Figment alone! Some of us are native here and Figment has always been a favorite. I do agree it needs revamping just because EPCOT is supposed to be a step into the future. So much they could do to make it more, well, imagenative 🤭

    • I always rode 20,000 Leagues at least twice on every trip, and I regarded it as an iconic part of Disney World. Losing it was indeed painful and one less reason to want to return to the park. So much of what I loved is gone and what replaced them is, well, pretty crappy. Sad to say that the only attraction tied to an IP that I find worthwhile is Splash Mountain, which ironically came from an IP that Disney spent so many years trying to hide.

    • To be honest, I feel the same. I only had passes with my family for a year, but I loved every single day we spent there. I always want to go in to see the jamboree, but I never got the chance because we were always catching a fast pass and we anyways said “we’ll do it next time”, or something of that nature. But I certainly love knowing just that it’s THERE. It makes me feel like at least there’s something sacred in the Disney parks. That they’re not JUST in it to try and sell products or get press. Along with the country bear jamboree, though, that hope will be absent.

  10. It would be really sad to lose classic. I can’t say we do the show every time we go but it is cute and silly, and yes, a tradition to pass on to your kids. I don’t think they need more toy story either. Did they ever hear of “too much of a good thing”? Hopefully this rumor doesn’t come true.

  11. I am still bitter about the removal of the Country Bears from Disneyland after almost 20 years. On my first trip to the Magic Kingdom in 2016 I was delighted to find this attraction still existed, and in it’s almost original form (I had only ever known the Vacation Jamboree version). I get that Toy Story is a money maker, and it is a convenient tie in for Toy Story 4, but for the love of everything holy, please stop replacing everything original with IP nonsense. I shudder to think of what they replace our Enchanted Tiki Room with. My money would be on Frozen, because having the musical at DCA is probably not enough and following Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven’s continuing “adventure” would fit right into Adventureland (said sarcastically).

    • Oh they do anything to the Tiki Room and they’ll have to find a new crazy fangirl. Thats one of the best “untouchables”. Thank God for Tropical Hideaway.

    • The “Under New Management” renovation of the Tiki Room was a loud and stupid horrorshow, right down to the Hawaiian volcano goddess, Pele, possessing a Jamaican accent. I was so glad when someone torched the animatronic for Iago, forcing a return to the original show.

  12. I couldn’t agree more. This latest trend in Disney’s M.O. has convinced me to make our next trip to Disneyworld, which we have already booked for September, our last.

  13. I know it’s a rumor, but this is one that really concerns me. I’m beyond devastated that this is a possibility. I share the same opinions as written here, honestly. I used to LOVE Toy Story, but now it oversaturates everything and now I would NEVER buy anything related to the franchise as both a boycott and a slaughtering of my interest in it. And the new land at studios was extremely disappointing (The TS section at All-Star Movies does it almost the same but better theming wise, imo. Or if they had just left TS Mania to be the only thing where it’s oversized toy themed). If you’re supposed to “be” a toy, why is the statue of Woody so big that he’s essentially human sized? And additionally he also walks around and is as big as us and the green soldiers? Why a fourth movie? Why does everything have to be so unoriginal (I’m looking at you, constant CGI remakes)?? The most lasting, classic parts of Disney are mostly original ideas. Even the older IP based attractions have depth and heart and a uniqueness to them. Newer IPs feel like an ad done as cheaply as possible. Frozen Ever After, for example, has SO much empty space. The set/prop design for that ride is honestly pathetic. I love Frozen and the soundtrack, I don’t hate everything new Disney does, but the quality just isn’t there anymore. Focusing a budget on theming that gets old fast and only building 2 new rides in each land (Pandora, TS, Galaxy’s Edge) is a trend that I don’t even understand. As a local to WDW, these newer rides rarely have as much repeatability as something like country bears or carousel of progress or haunted mansion. Some of these older attractions have much more detail, scripts that become more familiar and unifying “in-jokes” the more you re-ride, depth, and care put into them. The passion shines through. Every time I visit Country Bears, it’s not just me and my husband singing along. There are always a mixture of huge fans and new comers. I saw a mom take her 3ish old daughter and the girl was singing and dancing to the show, and it made me excited for when I have kids and I can show them what I grew up loving. Older attractions sometimes call for updates, but not necessarily execution. Country Bears is so great right now with the fairly new skins on the animatronics and better sound quality and such. I even understand why they shortened the show years ago. But it didn’t take away the heart of something that is SO historically significant. The “last laugh” story is something I often think about when watching the Bears, and it makes me feel connected to the past AND to other like-minded people. The park should grow and change, but that does NOT mean that every attraction has to die. They have the room. Make Woody’s Round-up a classic dark ride in toy story land. Now THAT I would be excited for. It would make the land feel fuller, be an original story line, and be an option for small kids or those easily nauseated to visit the land and not be completely disappointed.

    TL;DR Country Bears still draws a crowd, is historically significant while being a super fun time, and made with obvious heart and passion. The Woody’s Round-up should be a dark ride to fill out the empty boring-ness of Toy Story Land

    • This. All of this. Country Bears is absolutely an attraction I make time for on every visit, and I’m an Annual Passholder so I go a lot. Are there less full shows? Sometimes yes but the several times I’ve been recently it’s been pretty close to
      If not max crowd.

    • Totally agree!

      The nostalgia, integrity & history of the “last laugh” is something that should not be replaced.

      Woodys round up dark ride would be wonderful!!

    • If they are going to mess with Frontierland, they should make the shooting gallery a “Rootin’ Shootin’ Gallery” and make the bad characters pop up.

    • 👆Literally put everything I was thinking and feeling into words perfectly. THIS👆👆👆

  14. No. No, no, no, no, nooooooooooo!

    Ok Mr. Chapek, I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough of your IP loving, short-sighted, marketing over creativity self!

    Are IP’s evil? No. They have their place here and there. Again, the “blessing of size.” Build new, don’t just replace. But to slowly but surely strip away the very soul and essence of Walt’s and WED’s creation in exchange for flavor of the next few years’ IP is intolerable!

    The Disney parks were built on the foundation of ORIGINAL, CREATIVE stories and characters. The reason so many people keep coming back to the parks is not just for the next brand new shiny thing. They come back because of beloved originals like Country Bear Jamboree, Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, The Enchanted Tiki Room (remember how “Under New Management” worked out??), Jungle Cruise, Small World and so on! They are generational! I mean, just the RUMOR of touching things like Small World sets off a firestorm. Why? Because attractions like that, so lovingly made by Walt and his talented Imagineers, have a ton of heart and are the identity of Magic Kingdom/Disneyland. Just look at the reaction towards the removal of Stitch’s Great Escape! While there were some that grumbled it was going away, overall the majority were fine with it. Why is this? Because it was an IP based overlay with little heart or soul to it. And that’s saying something because people really like Stitch in general.

    Disney, if you remove something like Country Bears from the Magic Kingdom, you are going down a slippery slope. You’re taking away a foundation stone and your “house” is going to become unstable. I know it’s hard to see that right now as you’re packing out your parks and pushing attendance numbers through the roof, but if you slowly but surely start removing what makes the Magic Kingdom, well…magical, then those crowds will start to taper off. It may not show at first, but it will happen, because what will there be to invest in? What will bring a kid back decades later with his own family and kids? For me, it was things like the Carousel of Progress and Jungle Cruise, and COUNTRY BEAR JAMBOREE. That’s what I want my kids to experience. Those are the attractions that stick with you and define “Disney.”

    It’s sad that the Oriental Land Company seems to know Disney better than Disney knows itself…

  15. WDW already got rid of Mr. Toad, now this… what will be next? Pixar’s Haunted Mansion? As you say, they have plenty of space. Stop replacing attractions and better build actual new rides.

    • Loved mr. Toodd’s ride. They should leave while Disney’s original stuff alone and build stuff other places they have the land to do it

  16. Well, this wasn’t exactly how I wanted to start my week, my Monday, or my summer off! I am deeply saddened and a tiny bit angry about this. Can we PLEASE have one classic attraction untouched? I could not agree MORE with the last two paragraphs of this article. DO. NOT. TOUCH our bears. Classic and pure Walt. My family adores this show, and we are peacefully asking that it not be removed for yet one more touch of the “new!”

    • If this is true then the news is horrible. We lost 20 thousand leagues under the sea as well. These were classic Disney attractions and being replaced by commercialism. Where will the memories of these and other old time events like Davy Crockett reside? Is Frontierland a thing of the past? How can you stick a toy story ride in this spot? The new owners of the Disney experience are destroying the memories we cherished for years.

    • Well it this is true I am glad I am going next week with my nephew and I will make sure we take it in. I agree with the others though that although we have new modern up to date attractions to keep up currently but we shouldn’t erase the wonderful classics!

  17. Oh man, I hope not! I love the County Bear Jamboree. It feels like classic Disney, and every time I got, the audience is hardcore and sings and claps along with every song. I would miss this attraction a ton!

  18. Utterly disheartening. It is with deep sadness that I read this posting today. As someone who’s parents took him to the WDW Resort during its first year of operation, who proposed to his wife there, honeymooned there, and recently celebrated my 30th anniversary their, I have become more sad with each change to the parks, on both coasts, to maximize “intellectual property” and revenue for the sake of revenue. Between Star Wars and Marvel making fundamental changes to EPCOT (where it doesn’t fit), and the constant changes to Pixar oriented rides, I am at a loss as to understand the direction if the Disney Parks anymore. Walt always knew and expected the parks to change and shift…but he also kept one foot in the past and another in the future. EPCOT has always been one of my favorite concepts and places to visit in all the world. In the last 20 years, it has lost a sense of itself in many ways. The continued loss of iconic attractions and rides, the addition of merchandise that has ceased to be unique to specific parks, times, etc. (such as is now in the Main Street Cinema in DL, which is disgusting) is just beyond belief. Things have come to feel like a “money grab”, especially with evening events like Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween” that costs as much or more than a one day park ticket for a few precious hours. It is my hope that there are those in Disney management and imagineering and cast members who stand up and say “enough”. Having attended the 50th anniversary at DL, we are planning to do the same in WDW…but what is the value of that if the parks are a mere shadow of themselves and don’t harken back to the special nature of what they were at their inception. Change is inevitable, but every time I walk the park I miss Mr. Toad, Snow White’s Scary Adventure, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and on and on. Many will disagree with my opinion, but I believe something has been lost in the last 10 to 15 years in the Disney parks that has changed the experiences in a negative way. I hope that is a trend that will shift back to the visions of Walt and the gifted imagineers of the past and those in the present that can keep those amazing and visionary ideals alive.

    • This is insane. The ambiance and character built into Disney Parks has always made the expense of the visit more than worth it
      Each park is slowly losing the distinction that existed at it’s opening
      Epcot was to be about tomorrow. World Showcase was to be like a World’s Fair. There were strick requirements on each country built. Employees came from the respective Homeland. I’m reality, a chance to experience and learn about each country. Now, we have a cartoon attraction that teaches nothing about Norway.
      How much does the Memo ride enhance the learning experience in the Living Seas. How about ruining Imagination by pulling Figment and the great exhibits upstairs
      It goes on in all the Parks. Disney is overplaying their hand with the overuse of cartoons
      The Rides are good but need an appropriate home of their own
      There needs to be a department that oversees how these changes enhance the original intent of the parks. Walt didn’t build them to be a monument to the success of given cartoons. They would be a great fit for a new park based on the animated movies. I can see the cartoons in the theater, on television or on my own film library. My park experience should be one of enjoyment with the magic each of the Parks were themed to do
      Anything less is no different than a trip to a lesser amusement park with little, or no, character

    • Holy crud, I didn’t even know they were planning to do that to Epcot. I ACTUALLY can’t believe it.. Is that a rumor or likely? I almost feel there like save for Frozen Ever After, Epcot would be the only park that could be left untouched, at least for now. But Marvel? In Epcot? REALLY??? WHO thought that ANYBODY wanted that?? With the changes to classics in Magic Kingdom they’ve been having, Epcot has very steadily been becoming my favorite park, and it was definitely up there right past magic kingdom after seeing this post, but now I’m honestly not sure. Like, seriously, who asked for marvel in EPCOT???
      Note to Disney: just because you have the property, and just because it’s popular, DOESN’T mean that you should give it an attraction in the parks, and it CERTAINLY doesn’t mean that we want you to.

      • Marvel isn’t coming to EPCOT in a big way. There is a Guardian’s ride coming but that’s it.

        • I beg to differ about Marvel not coming to Epcot in a big way. It’s the tip of the ice burg. Disney purchased the rights to the marvel characters, how Universal let that slip by I don’t know but Disney is going to run with it. It’s a huge moneymaker. My family Loves Disney and all it is and stands for but we all seem to forget one thing….it’s a business and it’s there to make money. The new Marvel Ride in Epcot is the second largest indoor roller coaster in the world. If Disney does it ,they go big or go home. My family is excited to see what’s new but they do want to see their favorites as well.

  19. Honestly, I have never really connected with the Country Bear Jamboree. With that being said, Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean are my two favorite attractions at Magic Kingdom, and two of my most favorite attractions period. I’ve seen the Country Bear Jamboree a couple of times in my life, but it’s always at the bottom of my 3- or 4-day park trip when we go to Disney. The last time I watched it, all I could think is that it has not aged well. The technology just does not stack up with today’s modern standards, of which Disney is continually raising the bar (with the likes of The Shaman of Songs, Dok-Ondar, or those up-and-coming Beauty and the Beast animatronics. By contrast, every single small mouth opening or other unimpressive bodily movement in the Country Bear Jamboree is accompanied by a very distracting clicking sound. I know there are other old attractions still where this is the case, such as It’s a Small World, but there is just simply so much more going on in each scene there that it is not nearly as noticeable. That being said, I also know the Enchanted Tiki Room suffers a similar set of problems to the Country Bear Jamboree, and I would be absolutely devastated if it were on the chopping block, and if this trend continues, it probably would be. So, while I personally would not be sad to see the Country Bear Jamboree go and would understand why it would possibly, I also understand why it’s a problem and don’t want the Enchanted Tiki Room to be next!

    Also, all of that being said, I also absolutely love Toy Story, think this new attraction sounds somewhat neat, but agree that we don’t really *need* this attraction, especially in this park. I was five years old when the first one came out, had a slew of Happy Meal and full-size Toy Story toys, played Toy Story video games, and have seen all of the movies! I like Toy Story Land, although I wish it were even slightly bigger and had kept its original bigger budget. Like you said, Magic Kingdom already has Space Ranger Spin, so they already have a Toy Story presence, so adding a new attraction won’t really increase merchandise sales that much. If they should build this new Woody’s Roundup attraction anywhere, it should be off of Toy Story Land where they actually have some extra land to play with. Do that instead of the BBQ joint. But again, the thing is, we don’t really even need/want this attraction. It’s not a matter of “We have an awesome concept for an awesome Toy Story show based on a fictional show from within Toy Story 2 which came out a decade ago and need to find some place to put it”; rather, it’s moreso “We need to find a way to interject an IP into this beloved Disney attraction that does not have any sort of IP in it right now.” Also, although they will have to develop animatronics for the show, the building itself is already there and western-themed, so actually retheming the building will probably be much cheaper than constructing something brand new. So again, I get all of their arguments for putting it in there, but I do also agree it’s scary that they’re erasing bits of Disney history one-by-one and just bringing new IPs in for no real reason. Plus, although Woody’s Roundup is western, it’s also a much smaller part in a much larger film franchise, and I feel like it almost takes a little bit of Frontierland’s credibility away.

    One more thing about the scary slippery slope as it applies to the Enchanted Tiki Room: They’ve already tried inserting IP into the one at Magic Kingdom once, and it did not go well. Honestly, I was a little kid when I first saw the Under New Management show, and I actually really loved it just because I grew up with Aladdin and The Lion King, so I really enjoyed seeing a couple lesser-used characters from a couple of my favorite movies. That being said, I know almost nobody else liked that show, and so the odds of simply adding IP to Enchanted Tiki Room in Orlando again seems slim. That makes the odds of it simply being completely replaced more likely. The couple of saving graces that it has, though, are that it has a very small footprint overall, so it’s not taking up as much space as some other attractions, and it is also such a small building with such a specific purpose that it seems unlikely that something else would really fit well in it as it stands. So, hopefully the Enchanted Tiki Room will stay safe and still be around for many years to come! All right, I think that’s enough ranting from me for now. Good day to you all, and thanks for the awesome reporting!

  20. This kinda news disheartens me so much. I think back to my first trip to Disney World as a 12 year old in 1993 (back when the logo was the Block letters like in your logo), and going to EPCOT Center as my first Disney Park. It was such a unique and amazing experience, and besides on some merch the characters and traditional Disney IP were no where to be found. WDW used to be a wonderful mix of IP and original unique experiences, and it saddens me as the parks become more and more fully IP driven each year. Even an amazing attraction like Splash Mountain would never get made today as is because it isn’t a major IP. I still LOVE WDW don’t get me wrong and will still continue going as much as I can with my family, but seeing more and more of the unique and original attraction/show disappear does make me sad.

  21. I am shocked and upset by this news. The country bear jamboree has been apart of my life ever since I can remember. Every time we go to Disney it is something my family and I always make sure to go see. I’m tired of everything having to relate to a current movie. There is already a whole land related to Toy Story. The country bear jamboree is an essential part of Magic Kingdom and should not be taken away.

  22. As much as I love Toy Story (it was my first date with my wife of 20 years) replacing CBJ is something that should not be done. We are on our way down in July with my teenaged kids and we will definitely be seeing the Jamboree one last time (I hope not!!!)

  23. No. Just no.
    An overlay with maybe 10% new material referencing the old, even a new character or two- sure. (Even as both overlays pale to the original).
    Removing Disneyland’s was a HUGE mistake. Please do not repeat. The anniversary should honor not replace the original attractions.
    Hard to believe this is not a joke.
    Plus, marionettes are limited in their movements. Add in the change from sizing up to accommodate an audience. Fake marionettes?
    Can’t see this working at all. Maybe a real temporary marionette show somewhere.
    Thank you. No.

  24. Such a sad news report to read! One of my favorite shows and a true classic! Was hoping I’d get to bring my kids (I don’t have any yet) but with this news I’m not sure I’ll even be able to go see it again before the closure! I’ll keep hoping they change their mind and find somewhere else to expand rather than cover up Disney Parks classics!

  25. Why do they think we only want rides that are associated with IP’s? The best rides in Magic Kingdom aren’t connected to movies or weren’t when they were built. I understand they want synergy between the parks and movie/television, but leave us some of our childhood. Like others, I remember seeing Country Bear Jamboree with my parents and grandparents. It was also one of Marc Davis’ remaining masterpieces. Surely there’s room to build the Toy Story attraction in another part of Frontierland while keeping Country Bears open for other generations.

    • I agree. Leave the classics! I worry about Carousel of Progress too. CBJ and COP are two must stops when I visit Magic kingdom. Without the classics, it’s just another theme park referencing movies. I already miss Snow White, Mr Toad and 20,000 Leagues.

    • There is room. People have pointed out the Diamond Horseshoe building, which is barely used for dining as is. In fact, I think it’s only been open for 2 to 3 months max out of the entire year.

  26. If they close the Country Bear Jamboree, my annual attendance will become once every five years. The attractions have become empty shells with little care or attention, just as ways to push whatever IP is popular in that moment. This beloved attraction is where I draw the line.

  27. It would be really sad to lose such an iconic attraction. Replacing it with a Toy story “woody’s roundup” doe not seem to make any sense. The appeal of such a show is to small kids at best, not families. Country Bears on the other hand continues to appeal because of the timeless humor with no explanation needed for anyone. It would be a huge loss for WDW.

  28. sigh. this makes me incredibly sad. if they want to put in a toy story show of some kind, use the golden horseshoe, it sits empty half the time it seems anyway. country bears is iconic and timeless. could we compromise by adding lotso in somewhere, like that’s where he ended up after toy story 3 (but done in a much better fashion than that tiki room disaster)… i get wanting to create NEW attractions based on popular franchises, but original park attractions that are unique to disney are also uniquely disney and beloved. it’s like most of these people in charge didn’t growing up actually going to visit the parks.

  29. I will gladly suffer the ever increasing price of admission as long as our beloved classic attractions are maintained while new ones are added. I understand the logic of closing duplicates of rides while keeping one version of the original (e.g. Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.) I even understand the sentiment of “running an amusement park, not a museum.” However, closing the only remaining version of a beloved, original Disney audio-animatronic show that appeals to all ages to replace it with a second-rate parody Howdy-Doody show that was a minor plot element in a sequel film is inexcusable and head-shakingly dumbfounding.

  30. This is Walt Disney’s park and one of the last attractions he had a hand in was the Country Bear Jamboree. This is an iconic Disney attraction and should never be removed. This push for IP everywhere is getting out of hand. Disney, please leave the classics alone! It’s a direct tie to your founder! And you Mr. Chapek would make Mr. Disney roll over in his grave.

  31. I’m not one to post my opinions on forums like these because it’s usually the unpopular one but this news was the last straw.

    The Great Movie ride news was heartbreaking but this is personally soul crushing. I’m slowly seeing a park I once loved turn into a greedy way to promote their merchandise. Of course, it is business and that fact seems to always win but to what extent? Taking out an original Walt Disney attraction to promote another toy story attraction that will inevitably flop?
    It is unnecessary. Let’s stop taking attractions that actually stick and making them irrelevant and dated. I love the Disney company but messing with my favorite attraction, mama bear’s coming out to protect her cubs! I just hope this to be a rumor or a decision the company reconsiders.

  32. If Disney keeps on ruining every park by carelessly throwing IP everywhere that they can think of, I’m going to stop going there. They’re ruining the whole magic of Disney by spiking prices and taking out all of the care, wonder, and magic that used to define it. It makes me sad to see what is happening to Epcot and Hollywood Studios most of all. Why, Disney? Why spend all your money creating constant sequels and live action films that no one even asked for, and then slapping the franchises in question on top of a beloved attraction? You may still be getting guests into the parks, but if this keeps going, the loyal Disney fans are going to eventually stop visiting the parks because there won’t be any more magic at all. I mean what’s next, turning splash mountain into a lion king ride? Seriously, Disney.

  33. Hell. No.

    This is one of a very few things they could do that would make me stop going to WDW, from a few visits a year to cold turkey.

  34. Country Bear Jamboree is a staple in the Magic Kingdom. I am a huge fan of the attraction. I make sure to visit it every time I go to Disney World. I tell my wife and kids that every time we go that we are going to see it or we are not going at all. This has been my favorite attraction since the first time I ever went to Disney World. (I was 10 then and now I’m 47) I’ve visited every other year since I was 16 and It would be a shame to get rid of this and I would even consider not going anymore if they close it.

  35. So sad! My son is a child with Down syndrome, and he gets very excited to see the country bear jamboree. He will be very sad now. Disney is killing the parks! Taking away memories and the charm of a visit. I sure hope they reconsider for the sake of the children who live the show.

  36. I sincerely hope this isn’t true. Getting rid of a Day 1 attraction touched by Walt himself seems incredibly short-sided.

  37. Disney has, in film and in the parks, created some of the least understood art to have ever courted the public’s affection. Animation is beloved, yet seen as a medium for only children to appreciate. Similarly so are the parks viewed. For those of us who appreciate not just the experience of the parks, but relish in the details of each and every ride, restaurant, bench, and trash can, these are the attractions that matter most. But those of us who understand are a rare breed, and the many more people that enjoy the parks without considering why can only view the value of their visit through the lens of cost-to- number of attractions. It was only a matter of time before people who do not understand, like Mr. Chapek and Mr. Iger, were in control of this strange fantastical beast of a company.

    Whatever happens, I will appreciate what Disney has given me and what might remain after all else is gone. Though I truly hope that I will have little to mourn.

  38. I attended the Country Bear Jamboree in Disneyland and was so bored I ran out. Nobody ever went there. Still I see your point about removing classics just to push movie merch.

  39. To say that this saddens me doesn’t even touch how I feel!! I love Country Bear Jamboree and it is a MUST SEE on every visit and with being a DVC member we visit often! If Mr. Chapek wants to do a new Toy Story attraction then put it in Hollywood Studios with the other Toy Story attractions. DO NOT take away a favorite classic!! This Toy Story attraction does not even fit with the theme of Frontierland! It doesn’t belong there!! STOP MESSING WITH WALT’S DREAM!! STOP DESTROYING WALT’S VISION!!! STOP TAKING AWAY THE CLASSICS!!


    • I am so sad to hear this news of the closing of The Country Bear Jamboree. I’ve been going to Disney since it’s opening and that is a true Disney Classic. Please don’t close this attraction

  40. This is a classic attraction, that we all love, and like it was said above, one of Walt’s last projects. I love the country bear jamboree, and we see it every time we go to wdw. My grandparents always ask to see that as one of the first things. If it’s got low wait times, freshen up the sound, the animatronics, add a new scene, there are many way this can be saved, give us a Frontierland expansion, and put woody in it. Leave the country bears alone. It’s like getting rid of Space Mountain, sure country bears isn’t as popular, but it’s a classic, and has so much heart and charm, and Ian a defining part of Frontierland

  41. I’ve been to Disney World 6 times, and I don’t think I’ve ever done the Country Bear Jamboree (I may have when I was little, but don’t remember it). It’s not something I especially care about personally. But I will still be sad to see it go, mostly because of what it means for other great attractions that will likely follow in its path. Carousel of Progress is my favorite thing in all of Disney World, and I’m sure it’s high on the cutting list. I also think stuffing yet another Toy Story attraction in its place is a silly decision.

    Bob Chapek is one of the worst things that’s ever happened to Disney Parks; they’re being gutted and genericized in slow motion.

  42. Omg! Please don’t! This movement towards IPs is too much already! I grew up as a Disney kid watching and loving all the animations but park originals should have their space too, is part of what makes the parks so special! And like you said, they just opened Toy Story Land a year ago, so why would they put a Toy Story show in Fantasyland? Makes no sense at all!

  43. I really hope this change does not happen. My 5 year old loves this show like I did at her age and still do. I have no issue with new rides and experiences and while I still miss Mr. Toad I understood the need to add a pooh ride. I hope they are able to add this experience without changing Country Bears.

  44. I am planning to take my young son next year. I was hoping to see his face light up when he watches those singing bears. If this is true I’m devastated.

  45. This is unconscionable! Chapek might as well remove the statue of Walt and Mickey in front of the Castle, as well. CBJ has been a treasured attraction in my family for over 40 years. Just because it isn’t a ride does not make it any less valuable. If Chapek destroys CBJ, he will have made the terrible decision of erasing a historic attraction that family members of all ages are able to share from generation to generation. That is not part of Walt’s dream to create the happiest place on earth to which people return again and again. I am an Annual Pass Holder. This, along with Philharmagic, is one of the shows I return to see several times a year -from another state. It would be a big mistake to remove icons from the past of your older patrons in order to sell more toys and merchandise for attractions that only appeal to the youngest of visitors. “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!” Add to the parks, as they are doing with Tron and Ratatouille. But don’t remove and essentially erase history in order to do so. Even preserving the CBJ by moving it to Ft. Wilderness would be a better option than destroying the past and our older memories of the Walt Disney that we so loved from our own childhoods. Bottom line- Don’t take away our Country Bears! To do so would be to destroy another piece of Walt that we older ‘kids” love and cherish.

  46. Well, I for one am happy to hear this, and the only negative I will say is that it’s a shame it wasn’t done sooner when Woody and Jessie actually met in Frontierland!

  47. I guess that there is nothing left that is scacred. If Disney will remove icons like the Great Movie Ride, well there is nothing that they won’t replace. Like the GMR, it could use a face lift for sure but don’t remove this true classic. True Disney fans love these true classics. We don’t need another Toy Story attraction, we have several now. Hope they reconsider.

  48. Perhaps Mr. Chapek and the Disney parks executives underestimate the extent to which sentimentality and nostalgia play roles in driving demand for the Disney parks, especially among repeat and multi-generational visitors!

  49. I worked at Bear Band for several years in the late 70’s to early 80’s. I would go to Bear Band on my days off and always make sure my guests saw it. It should never go away. The day it closes will be a sad day indeed for me, for those who have enjoyed the show in the past, but most of all, for the future generations who will never get to see the show with it’s lovable and iconic characters. I love Henry and Sammy, Big Al, The Five Bear Rugs: Zeke, Zeb, Ted, Fred, Tennessee (and Oscar), Wendell, Liver Lips, Trixie, Shaker, Gomer, Ernest, the Sunbonnets: Bunny Bubbles and Beulah, Melvin, Buff, Max, and Teddi Barra. Disney – PLEASE DON’T DO THIS!!!!!

  50. The current trend of gutting classic attractions for bland, run-of-the mill attractions is disgusting. The Disney theme parks used to be special, unique if you will, each having its own special offerings. Now we have rides and attractions that are better suited for Hollywood Studios making their way into Epcot or already in place at Epcot. The Country Bear Jamboree is a classic attraction and rather than removing it for yet another Toy Story themed attraction, they should spend the money on upgrading the show effects and technology. The Disney trend seems to be to let an attraction rot to the point where it doesn’t draw the numbers they want, then close it. There is absolutely NO reason why the COP cannot be updated, there is absolutely NO reason why the CBJ animatronics and film cannot be updated with newer technology. I suppose closing the CBJ will allow Disney to create a new line of merchandise bidding farewell to the attraction, which would be absolutely disgraceful! I don’t have much more to say that already hasn’t been said already other than to say to Disney the following: I will spend my money elsewhere!!

  51. I really hate to hear this. My whole family loves this show and I saddened by its potential loss. Update it, or perhaps add seasonal shows, but at least honor the original and make it better. It will be a shame to destroy this and put in MORE Toy Story attractions outside of Toy Story Land. Everything Toy Story should be kept together in my opinion. It would give people more things to do in HS and would actually have some consistency to it. Having Toy Story spread over two parks and three lands is ridiculous.

  52. This is the worst news ever. Country bear Jamboree is a nostalgic part of every disney trip. It’s a must see and reminds me of my first trip to disney everytime i enjoy the show. I hope they do not follow through with this plan. A Toy story show belongs in toy story land and should not replace a show that brings so much joy to so many people. Shame on you Disney.

  53. This has always been one of my favorite attractions, I an from the West coast and always love it at Disneyland. I was extremely upset when it was removed from Disneyland and was overjoyed when we finally went to Disney world and was able to see it again. EVERY time we get to go to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom we see it At Least Ones, usually twice. I am quit angry that this is even being considered. I love the Toy Story movies, but see no need for another Toy Story attraction. Especially at the cost of Country Bear Jamboree. I love both Toy Story Mania and Buzz Light-year, but not in a way that has me saying ” What Disney parks need is More You Story stuff”. I loved Country Bears and have been so glad I was able to share that love with my daughter, she loves seeing the sheet as much as I do. I really hope that they reconsider this illconceived plan and find another place, Toy Story Land being a better location overall, and allow “Walt’s Last Laugh” to remain where it belongs.

  54. Hearing this starts to doubt my purchase as a DVC member. Disney World in most eyes is kinda a historical landmark. Especially the Magic Kingdom. These original attractions are the soul of the company. And the soul to many other theme parks to this day. It’s an insult to Walt and his family to remove these from the park. It’s an insult to the many generations of park goers as well. Think of all the movies that Disney has made. I’m sure many aren’t as popular anymore. Doesn’t mean that they are going to remove them from the library or destroy then. The world has plenty of land to just add more attractions not take away. Expand Frontierland like how it was suppose to be in the first years of the planning stages. Chapek Should be ashamed of himself.

  55. Why can’t they just build on? WDW owns so much land in Florida. Why do they have to replace this beloved show? And it’s already at the Studio. That’s where the movie shows belong. Leave our class Magic Kingdom alone!!!!!!!

  56. I visited WDW (all 4 parks) a few weeks ago…I DID attend the Country Bear Jamboree! They have been a part of my visits to the park since I was a child. If they are removed now from a second park in the U.S. that will have been a VERY unfortunate decision. I also did NOT ride the Pooh attraction that replaced Mr Toad! I personally do not like Pooh and friends. We also have ENOUGH Toy Story attractions.

  57. I’m almost never a “reply guy”, but in the (perhaps misguided) hope that someone from Disney will actually read this:

    This is an awful, awful idea. Please, please don’t do this. I’ve spent thousands visiting Disney parks on both coasts in the last 2-3 years and will likely spend tens of thousands bringing my family over the next few decades. But, if this regrettable trend of shoehorning IP into the parks at the expense of classic attractions continues, then I won’t. It’s the ineffable charm of things like Country Bears (and Tiki Room, and Haunted Mansion, and Pirates) that make Disney worthwhile for me, and I’m pretty sure millions of others.

  58. One of my favorite memories of our first trip to WDW in the early 1970s is my father’s laugh in the Country Bear Jamboree. I have since taken more trips to the Magic Kingdom than I care to count, first with my parents and now with my own children. Rides like the Country Bears are the special, “only at Disney” rides that many of us cherish. Please don’t close this ride.

  59. How about making better use of Tom Sawyer Island and leave this one alone?! Also, why in MK? I am totally good with Hollywood Studios being the “IP Park” and I hear there is a land where this show would make much more sense?!

  60. I will tell you how frustrated I am with Disney and their ridiculous BS of constantly making changes for the “good” of the public and the parks themselves. I have been going to DW since its opening way back in 1971. I’ve taken my children there and my grandchildren there as well as other numerous friends and family members. As the years have passed the cheapness of the parks with its hokie crap filled side shows and new “rides and attractions” have gotten worse and worse while pricing goes up and up. They take away things that are a treasure to us old times and replace it with “movie rides”. Ex. Avatar, Soarin etc. Where are the Imagineers in this company? Where have they gone? To sleep I suppose. Another issue I have is the removal of my brick at the entrance of the MK as well as my wife’s and my picture on the monolith inside Epcot. Sure, I can get a copy of Brick, but it isn’t the same as hearing my children tell and show their children where our family Brick is. Also, sure the picture of my wife (to be at that time it was taken) is being moved just outside the entrance to Epcot for viewing, but hell, they might as well moved it to the back of the dang parking lot. I can’t tell you how many times before our children were born we visited that monolith. And visited it everytime we entered the park with our children. They couldn’t wait to review what we looked like way back when. And my grandkids loved it even more, if for nothing else but to make fun of their Papa and Mimi’s picture. Change is good, when it is done right. But changing memories is wrong and for all the wrong reasons. My frustration with this money hungry, could care less about the customer type attitude has left me with no choice not to renew my annual tickets, which by the way expired in May. And secondly, as probably a very early on entry person into the DVC club I have sold my interest in that as well. It just isn’t worth it anymore. I’m tired of Disney moving, replacing, deleting and ignoring MY MEMORIES.

  61. I will definitely miss this attraction. We watch the show (and sing along) every time we visit. At least if they were removing it for a high tech attraction I guess that would make sense but to remove the Country Bears for a puppet show makes no sense. If Disney wants to help with crowds add more rides/attractions don’t just replace existing ones. I believe that Disney just wants to remove the classic attractions in favor of Pixar attractions. Goodbye Walt Disney World, hello Pixar World.

    • ***Update I sent the above to Disney guest service as well. I encourage you to do the same. They do listen. If pressure is strong enough and they are on the fence on the idea then you could make a difference!!

  62. I can remember my Dad’s excitement when we first saw Country Bear Jamboree in the early 80’s. He absolutely loved it. I shared the same excitement with my son when he first saw it in 2015, and now he loves it. We watch it on every visit. What a shame it will be if this show disappears. Nostalgia is what makes Disney World and Disneyland unique. Otherwise it might as well just be Universal Studios (nothing against Universal…just saying).

  63. This makes me feel sick to my stomach. I cannot stand how greedy this company is! Stop over saturating any little thing that could make money! There is more than enough Toy Story in the parks. Does it not make more sense to make less of it so it becomes more desirable? I’m just baffled. And sorely disappointed.

  64. Much of what makes the parks magical is that they have their own characters that do not come direct from a recent movie or tv show. The same is true with areas of the park, main street USA, Hollywood Blvd, World Showcase to name a few. Its a real shame that these type of areas and characters are being taken away in order to just promote other Disney media. It feels like the vision of Walt is set aside to appease the corporation and its stockholders. What they are failing to see is that this mentality is short sighted, why Disney is successful is because they have gone above and beyond to protect Walt’s vision, without that they will be no better than a Universal or Six flags.

  65. I’m no fan of CBJ, but it has stood the test of time so far. I think it would be extremely shortsighted to replace it with a Toy Story show.

  66. Sad to hear if this is true I’ve always love that attraction ever since I first went in1974 ,me and my daughter went just before Christmas and she loved it she’s of the younger generation let’s say ,just sad to see that these CEOs and corporate people they’re all about money money money ,🙁

  67. Stop taking away stuff we love best about Disney!!! Add new attractions if you want but leave the iconic attractions alone!! There is a reason we remain loyal!!

  68. We often skip this now with my kids getting older; having seen it 20+ times and it is super outdated. We still do the Carousel of Progress, which is another one of the Walt original ideas, and that too is in desperate need of an update (the last room– is it 1980– I remember when it was sort of like the “future.”) Wish they could move Country Bears to the Campgrounds, it would fit in great with the Hoop-Dee-Do Review and Mickey BBQ. But it is in prime real estate and Disney is known for keeping things fresh. Totally agree with other commenter that

  69. Screw this. This show is one of my favorites and to close it would leave me with great anger. STOP CLOSING CLASSIC RIDES FOR CASH GRABS. EXPAND, NOT REPLACE.

  70. I also feel disappointment about this news (rumor). I have been going to WDW since a year after its opening and Country Bears is one of the staples that my wife and I love. Also the idea that Toy Story needs yet another venue seems wrong. I love the Toy Story franchise and have been to Toy Story land at Movie Studios, but hate to see that supplant Country Bears. It is corny and filled with “Dad” jokes, but doesn’t that have a place in WDW?

  71. I really really really really hate this. This was my first attraction EVER at Disney when I was a baby. It holds a VERY special place in my heart. I will probably never step foot in there again if it ends up being changed.

  72. Nooooooo!!! The Country Bears must remain. I have been visiting the Magic Kingdom since 1978 and attended the show every time. It brings a smile to my face. WDW, please do not replace this attraction just to make a few bucks.

  73. I’d be happier if they replaced the shooting gallery and/or Frontierland merch location with this Toy Story show instead of replacing Country Bears. There are quite a few attractions at Magic Kingdom that should be replaced, Country Bears isn’t really one of them even if the actual show feels a bit antiquated. They should replace Swiss Family Robinson, they should replace the Magic Carpets, they should replace Astro Orbiter (we do NOT need two Dumbo clones in the same park as Dumbo), they should replace Buzz Lightyear (controversy incoming, but after Midway Mania, Buzz Lightyear is sorely outdated with its technology and just isn’t that fun anymore, ESPECIALLY if you’re a single rider), and I would even be 100% for renovating Pirates so that it matches the Disneyland version or even Shanghai. Tortuga Tavern is rarely frequented, they could use that as an expansion to the Pirates ride.

  74. To say I’m disappointed about the closure of County Bears attraction and the current corporate culture driving the closure, is an understatement. This attraction, like many closed by Disney of late, is an iconic testament and genius of Walt and early Imagineers. Country Bears and other legacy rides should simply be treated as untouchables. And while I know the current corporate culture seems not to care for these legacy attractions; perhaps they should pay attention to this fact: these legacy rides are the sole drivers of Disney nostalgia, which in turn is what causes otherwise rational people to overspend on everything offered by Disney. Without this sense of nostalgia intact, people will simply not overspend as they do now.

    Sadly, Disney’s push to IP everything will backfire on both counts; first, the hardcore fans like us will be far less invested in an IP driven creatively bankrupt park environment; and second, the parks will become less attractive very quickly to casual visitors as IP driven properties quickly become stale and can’t be replaced quickly enough.

    Congrats Disney on being well on your way to becoming Universal.

  75. This actually sounds really cool if done right. I’d be for a a new advanced animatronic show. I can’t think of the last one. Maybe Food Rocks?

  76. I started going to Disney World the year it opened – Christmas 1971. I love this attraction, and I definitely want my kids to be able to continue to appreciate it. I understand market pressures, but I would hope that they could leave this classic, iconic attraction in place and still expand their attraction offerings. There are so many people coming to MK now that it seems expanding the available attractions is better than just replacing them, if at all possible. I love having a few attractions that AREN’T so popular, so you can just walk in and count on being able to do SOMETHING without needing a fast pass. Especially something with AC! I made my kids go to the Hall of Presidents last week – against their will – and they all really liked it. It’s another classic attraction that is a tradition that should not be broken.

  77. There is certainly P L E N T Y of room to build in and or OUT of the berm in Florida. WHY NOT? It would be a plus not a subtraction. I’m not talking about moving the train track and moving river. A theme que of a under ground mine shaft under the berm to a new a show building. Or because of teh water table , up and over. Why cant we have both?

  78. No. We need some of the original attractions to remain. That’s what makes it Walt Disney World. I love Toy Story but do not want that’ll replace the Country Bear Jamboree.

  79. At what point do we get a non-descript robot from the future themed loosely around Terminator that comes back from the future to take out Chapek and stop the IP infusion nonsense?!?!

  80. While this has been rumored for years (and never came to pass), this latest rumor has a lot of weight to it, so let me add to the inevitable chorus: THIS IS A TERRIBLE IDEA. The Country Bears are as iconic as the Tiki Room, Big Thunder Mountain, or Space Mountain. They draw regular crowds, are an integral part of Frontierland (everyone loves seeing the Bears walk around in the land to say hi), and yet another Toy Story attraction will never take its place for guests.

  81. To Mr. Chapek & Company: If you think that Country Bears is irrelevant to a new and younger generation, you are wrong. We are a Disneyland family but when we went to WDW for the first time last year, we almost skipped Country Bears but decided to go just to take a break. (We had never been to the one in Disneyland.) As soon as the show started my then 9 year old was hooked. She LOVED the corny jokes and clever music. And one of her all time favorite Disney characters has now become Big Al. We are still surprised at how much she loved this attraction, but after seeing it just twice in her life, she would be absolutely devistated if the Country Bear Jamboree would go away, and so would we.

  82. Tom, this had me tearing up. How sad that we may lose another classic Walt Disney World attraction. Country Bears has really grown on me over the years, and now it is a must do. Hearing the backstory on Walt’s last laugh, which I hadn’t heard before, has just put it on a whole new level. Thanks for the well written and heartfelt article. Having met you in person several times, I have no doubt how much WDW and it’s uniqueness means to you, me and all of our Walt Disney World friends. It’s very sad that the current Chairman of Parks, Bob Chapek has no heart when it comes to pure, classic attractions and stories. We do not need Toy Story in Frontierland, or anywhere else in Magic Kingdom. Why don’t they try improving the not well thought out, and lackluster rides in Toy Story Land at HS? This is a rhetorical question, as we all know the reason, “because money”.

  83. Next it will be The Carousel of Progress. Is nothing sacred anymore? I completely understand the need to update now and then, but it makes me sad that the Disney World I grew up with is disappearing. Thank you, Tom for your dedication to this website. :)

  84. My husband saw this show for the first time in December of 2016. He loved it SO much, we visit it every time we are in the park. We have learned the songs, which we sing at home sometimes, and to take away such a classic is heartbreaking. What’s next? Take away Pirates of the Caribbean? Or The Haunted Mansion?? The Country Bear Jamboree has more heart and originality than any Toy Story replacement. Please don’t take away this unique and special show.

  85. This is an attraction for true Disney fans. I love going to the Jamboree when I need to take a break from walking and I get to laugh at old jokes and hear music that encompasses nostalgia. The line is short agreed but we don’t need 60min lines on every attraction. With all that Disney $ they can find space to put a Toy Story themed attraction in Pixar land.

  86. As a DVC owner and someone who’s spends tens of thousands of dollars a year on Disney and Disney merchandise, I’m getting tired of this shit and am almost at the point of saying Fuck Disney.

  87. I love this attraction and play
    The characters are just the best ❤️
    It shows us a different lifestyle a different time
    The fact that it’s know as Walt’s lst laugh , is so special ✨ . Please do not get rid of this 🙏🏻 I love Walt Disney world to be able to see things from the 70s . I love to know these things came from the minds of Walt Disney and his Imagineers .

  88. I have to agree wholeheartedly with you. I visited in May and took a first time family in with us to see this iconic attraction. What a hoot it was a throw back to adventures far less technologically advances but plain fun. It would be a shame for a Toy Story themed show to take over that space. Seems a bit out of place but workable. Still I would find some way to keep it running. There are enough changes in the park to keep people interested in returning this attraction is too Disney to remove.

  89. Momma, don’t whoop Little Chapek, Mama don’t pound on his head, Momma don’t whoop Little Chapek, I think you should just (blank) him instead!

  90. Why does this keep happening. Bob needs to realize the fine line between bringing new experiences to the park while still honoring the legacies that abound

  91. It would be a real tragedy if the Country Bear Jamboree was removed. When I was younger I often skipped this ride, thinking it was boring. The last few years, however, as I became more obsessed with classic Disney I have been visiting every time and enjoying myself immensely. Now I have a young son and we go every year to see the Country Bears together and the look on his face is priceless.

  92. It’d be absolutely devastating to lose such an incredible classic ride just for the sake of pushing an IP that doesn’t need any more attractions. I hope Disney doesn’t go through with it!

  93. I live in Florida, but I don’t think I can take Disney world anymore.I’ll let someone else wait in line for hours and hours in the horrible heat I really don’t like Disney world anymore because of that it’s just ridiculous and also changing pirates of the Caribbean, stupid, country Bear jamboree is a great show. That mermaid ride and the mining Snow White ride I didn’t even wait in line for the snow white one eye after an hour I got out of line but the people who waited and waited for two hours weren’t thrilled with it. The Frozen ride and the mermaid ride are so boring I watch little kids reactions to it and guess what they’re bored to the more money they make it seems the less they spend on their rides except expedition Everest is good. The others are very very cheaply done the new ones they suck

  94. I don’t believe I have ever commented before, but this news just saddens me! It is a piece my my childhood, and my own children’s childhoods, and it is a piece of Disney. I certainly hope they will reconsider, and that someone over there is speaking truth to power. In a world of yes men, I hope Bob finds the imagineer with the heart of Walt, and that he will listen.

  95. and in a couple of years it’ll be it’s a small world because they’ll be another movie out and they can put something stupid and cheap in there to replace it and make b tons of money selling the merchandise

  96. No!!! This would be a monumental mistake!!! Give the Country Bears a nice refurbishment and refresh its holiday overlays! For heavens sake, a 50th anniversary should be celebrating nostalgia and giving the parks proper upkeep!

    When the Country Bears were ripped out of Disneyland, it was a PR nightmare, and the Winnie the Pooh attraction a poor replacement, forever harming Critter Country. Where are the Disney historians within the Parks division? Chapek needs a proper reality check and guidance, because he doesn’t seem to “get” it.

    As for Toy Story, how much more can this franchise be milked for attractions? Disney World Resort has an entire land dedicated to it already! Enough!!! No one wants to see Toy Story take up such a huge percentage of attractions! It’s wasteful of the creativity that Imagineering can offer. Franchise the park-specific characters. That’s the real opportunity.

  97. This is very unfortunate news. It seems indicative of a troubling and ongoing trend by Disney, generally, and WDW, specifically. Classic rides are important. They provide a sense of history and continuity. They allow the older generations to pass along our shared history and fond memories of the most magical place on earth to our younger generations (and Disney’s future profits, speaking frankly). Please stop taking away the magic!

  98. This is the saddest Monday I have ever woken up to. I can’t believe they are actually thinking of getting rid of our beloved bears. I have been a fan since I was a little girl and this was my go-to when growing up going to Disneyland. I was so sad when they took it out it out for that stupid Pooh ride but go on it just so I can see Buff, Melvin and Max. They need to realize that taking away classic rides/shows like this is like ripping Disneyland culture right out of its core. DisneyWorld has plenty of swamp space to build new things or get rid of other things that aren’t doing well/need updating…I’m looking at you tons of undesired places in Epcot! I understand that Walt said that Disney will never be finished but making all of the original ideas and making them “yesterlands” is not what I think Walt intended. I hope that they can see the light and let our bears sing on.

  99. I think what is sad is that they are relying so much on what I consider external Intellectual Property (things created outside the parks) and then bringing them into the parks. There used to be a time when Disney created attractions organically for the parks that have become staples (Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Carribbean, Enchanted Tiki Room, Country Bear Jamboree, Carousel of Progress, Horizons, Spaceship Earth, Space Mountain). Now they have lost sight of that and if it doesn’t have some franchise attached to it then it is not good enough or seemingly irrelevant. I accept that they want to create new attractions with exisiting IP but they should keep existing organic IP’s such as Country Bear Jamboree intact. If they want to freshen it up they have two other shows they could put in. People in Disneyland love the overlays and I think WDW would appreciate the same treatment. No need to abolish an attraction completely. Just “plus” it as Walt used to say.

  100. This would be such a shame. I really don’t want to imagine a future Disney World without any of these beloved early attractions. Nothing but IP would be completely depressing. :(

  101. If this is true it is a rotten thing to do. Ever since they stupidly closed down the Disneyland show we have made a point of seeing at in the Magic Kingdom *at least* once per trip.

  102. Please do not close this attraction! Our family has been devastated by the closure of so many original attractions at both parks recently it is ruining the original magic of the park and what we know Disney parks to be. Without these attractions we will no longer want to attend, for that nostalgia is what we live for. The country bear jamboree is particularly special.

  103. I hate that they are planning on removing Country Bears, but I trust Disney when they make a decision like this. I am always hesitant when Disney announces something like the closure of Ellen, Great Movie Ride, Maelstrom, and Snow White to name a few. I found myself loving all the replacements and being excited for the new attractions to come! Country Bears had a great run and all good things must come to an end. Peace out Country Bears✌🏼

  104. Do I really need to point out that the Country Bears themselves are an IP? All this clamoring over “destroying classics” and “covering everything in IP for marketing” is ridiculous since you are really just saying “I like this older IP better than this new one”. I grew up going to Disneyland and watched the Skyway and Motorboat cruises disappear. I look back at them fondly, but Walt himself always said that Disneyland will never be complete and new rides will forever be replacing older rides as their popularity wanes.

    If you want to “protest”, do what you can to raise the popularity of the ride by filling the seats…

  105. I can not believe they would think of removing country bear jamboree, this is Walt Disney, generation have come to love this and will continue to love this show.
    They have plenty of land to build new and exciting shows, why close an icon?
    I am still upset with the removal of 20000 leagues under the sea. This is gone and now forgotten. Kids today tilt there heads when asked about 20,000 leagues. I don’t think this is what Walt would have wanted.
    Yes add new exhibits, but keep originals.

  106. I agree with Tom. Leave the Country Bears alone! There is an over-saturation of Toy Story. Put it in Toy Story Land since there is so little to do there anyway. We were just at Disney 7 weeks ago. I am so glad we took the kids to see Country Bears just in case they are gone by the time we go back next year. I really hope they decide against this. I remember going in there as a child with my grandparents. Papa loved Disney World and passed on that love to me that I am in turn passing on to my kids. I was just telling them this last trip how I sat in the same show with my grandparents and as silly as it sounds, felt like Papa was there enjoying it again. I like being able to do things with my own kids that was the same as I did with him. If they change it to Toy Story I will not set foot in there. Whether Disney cares or not is irrelevant.

  107. One of the original, iconic attractions that I faithfully visit every trip to WDW. Now that you mention the rumor, I wondered why there is a D23 exclusive release of B&W Woody from Woodys Round-up. This truly sucks IMHO. If Disney took the time and effort to plus up TCB seasonally, I would argue that you would get more visits to the attraction. Heck, this TS attraction really belongs in DHS with the others.

  108. It’s not a must visit on many guests itineraries for a visit to Magic Kingdom, the company knows the footfall for the attraction and it is not setting a trail… trust me, so while I agree a Toy Story attraction is not the best use of the space, at least investment is being put in place for the 50th. Good bye Henry and all the country bears it was good to know y’all, don’t let your tears be the chaser for your wine!

  109. It is heartbreaking to see classics taken away. Toy Story is great but it doesn’t need to eat up .more park space. It has plenty now. I’ve always been a huge Disney fan and love going to WDW as much as possible but it feels like they’re driving away many of us either by removing what the park was originally or by the constant price increases. I don’t want to give up my Disney vacations but it seems like the reality is that we will have to find alternatives soon. I don’t want to spend thousands to visit jam packed parks with no more slow times and without classic rides.

  110. I’m 100% cool with this if it happens. It’s hard to take, but WDW isn’t just for superfans living off nostalgia. They need to capture the imagination of the next generations to avoid becoming stale and attract new people to the parks and grow. The CBJ in it’s current state isn’t going to do that. Yeah it’s going to suck when the old attractions go away. But a park frozen in time would be a worse alternative. And I’m sure there will be people saying “I’ll never go again…” now…based off the attendance figures lately I’m pretty sure Disney isn’t worried about that.

  111. Oh H-E-double hockey sticks-NOOOOO! If they want a Toy Story show put it in the land itself. Unless there’s not enough room? I understand the need to refresh things in the park but this is a favorite that needs to stay!

  112. Blasphemy. I hope this is not true, but at the rate that WDW has been destroying itself from the inside, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was exactly spot on. Yes, I understand the argument that WDW is not a museum and has to constantly evolve. However, there are certain attractions that are not be be trifled with. In my mind, anything that Walt himself worked on or pushed for should not be removed under any circumstances. Walt’s own company is destroying the things that he found beautiful and magical in order to make a quick buck and it is disgraceful. If this is true, it is not something that will soon be forgotten. When Mr. Toad left, it was a tragedy, but everyone eventually moved on. When Great Movie Ride left, it sucked, but the wound is slowly starting to heal. If County Bears goes, I will never move on. Disney will continue to sell Country Bear merchandise like nothing has happened, but we all will know what they have done, replaced a great with a merchandise machine. Enough is enough.

  113. There are only a limited number of attractions that I consider to be sacred to Disney parks, Haunted Mansion, Pirates, Small World, and Enchanted Tiki Room. Aside from these I am ok with Disney replacing attractions, as long as what they replace them with is an improvement on what was there before. That being said, I love the Country Bears’ Jamboree, and I do not think a marionette show featuring the Toy Story characters is an improvement on the current attraction. It would be completely out of place in the location and is unneeded, there is already so much Toy Story stuff in the parks, it does not need to be everywhere!

  114. To be honest Disney has shown for years that they don’t care about the loyal customer who’s built memories over the last couple generations, who love the classics and remember when Disney actually meant top class employees from the janitor on up. Now Disney wants that “once in a life time, spend a second mortgage and do all the extra$” trip. So yes it makes sense to do away with a beloved attraction, that holds memories, but not a large volume on money to be earned.
    Disney keeps showing us what they think.of classic Disney and it’s loyal customers, I think it’s time for a lot of us to show them there are plenty of other places to spend our vacation dollars

  115. Would be nice if they put this near TOY STORY LAND in the BBQ restaurant as entertainment for the guests.

  116. I honestly dont mind. Everytime I go to the park the lines for this are almost next to nothing and from a business perspective that means there is no big interest for kids to see this. So it makes sense why this is on the chopping block

  117. Just a couple of years ago we took our two young children (2 and 4) to see the country bears. They wanted to see it over and over. It was so gratifying to see a new generation appreciate something I grew up with. I was so happy to see the bears were at WDW, as I’m from the West and usually do Disneyland.

    I am typically a fan of new, shiny things, but the Winnie the Pooh ride that replaced the California version is, as stated in the article, cheap looking, feels like an afterthought, and is thus forgettable. Building new rides that can easily be adapted to new IP cheapens the experience Disney Parks were built for, to take us to lands we could only dream of.

    I understand capitalism, but Disney has money coming out the nose, and appears to only have eyes for more. I become more and more disenchanted with corporate Disney by the day. They have no interest in maintaining the classics, only promoting the current IP.

    I think there are other ways of promoting current products. One of my favorite memories of Disneyland was when they had a Festival of Fools when Hunchback of Norte Dame came out. It was done in a common area that could easily be changed and is now used for a show. There are temporary structures that are perfect for fleeting spikes of interest in the movie of the moment, then there are classics that bring families back to share their memories with future generations. It’s time Disney focused on that difference again.

    Thank you, Tom, for stating your opinion so firmly. I feel Disney is losing sight of their founder’s vision and need to be pointed back in the right direction.

  118. Some things are sacred and timeless as I believe Country Bear Jamboree is. I think it is as special today as it was in 1971. I’m sure children today would enjoy it as much as I did as a child. Maybe they should make a feature movie about the bears and they would already have an attraction in place. I hope this doesn’t come to pass as I would love to bring my grandchildren to see the bears and I’m sure they would love it as much as I do.

  119. Hi guys,

    To say I’m devastated over this would be an understatement. I am 14 years old and Disney World is hands down my favorite place on this Earth. I’ve been five times with my Mom, Dad, and Sister and couldn’t be happier about it. Every time we enter the Magic Kingdom we go to the Jamboree at least two times. Every year I look over and see true biggest smiles on my family’s faces, and know that mine looks just the same. If I would have known this might happen I would have visited it more. I would’ve said goodbye to my favorite attraction. Now I never will.
    Chapek, if you’re reading this I’m going to ask you to please reconsider. Walt wouldn’t have wanted this. The trail of broken hearts you will leave behind will stretch for miles, even if you think no one cares. You can’t just throw away an attraction that I would love to take my kids to someday. I dreamed about telling them about all of the beloved memories I have had in the auditorium with my family.
    And you’re planning on replacing it with a marionette show. A marionette show. Sorry to those I offend, but that is just downright disrespectful. You think that a marionette show is worth more than out favorite singing bears?? If you really must have your show, Chapek, at least put it in Toy Story land. It’s not that much to ask, really.
    My favorite part of this article is when Corless says, “Disney Parks are places where characters from film and television come to life, they are also places inhabited by grim-grinning ghosts, by plundering pirates, by Figments of imagination, by singing tiki birds, and by country bears.” This is true Disney, and it breaks my heart that some people want to tear it away from us. I hope you all can stand with me, and find truth in my comment.


  120. I think they should start a 5th park at Walt Disney World. Call it Walt Disney World Classics. Instead of deleting these attractions permanently, move them over to this 5th park.

  121. I feel that this is quintessential Disney and shouldn’t be removed. We should be honoring the man that made Disney even possible and be trying to keep his presence and memory alive in the Disney parks. New is good, but sometimes you have to keep the “oldies but goodies”. This is an attraction my dad grew up with, I grew up with, and pray to raise my children with. Keep Disney, Disney and don’t always try to catch an extra dollar. He wasn’t about the bottom line he was about the enjoyment of the families and their experience at the parks.

  122. This is too sad. I love country bear jamboree and the christmas version of it. When I was 4 we went to Disneyland and it was one if my grandpa’s favorite attractions. Right up there with it’s a small world and the tiki room. I remember the feeling of disappointment taking my son to Disneyland for the first time and realizing it was no longer there. So when we took out first trip to Walt Disney world and found it still operating I was way too excited. It continues to be one of the first and last things we do when visiting www. Please dont take it away. While I love woody and buzz there are other attractions where they can be found. Country bear jamboree is unique and special and loveable. Its attractions like this that make disney so much more than places like universal. I truly hope the rumors aren’t true.

  123. Right or wrong Disney is going to do what Disney Corp says. Yes this is wrong, sure it’s old but show it to a three year old and remember. That is called nostalgia. I have seen so many changes since 72, many amazing as the park grew. Was that not the intention to have space to grow WDWResorts.
    Yes I will write both Ca and Fl of my displeasure and they will write back with perfect logic why this must happen. But is it not time to introduce the the fifth land. Yesterland. Pandora can’t compete with Harry P down the hyw but what can compete with nostalgia plus some added benefits of rides only offered in the far east. Yes I’m thinking of Julies Vern in China instead of a lagoon 20000 leagues.
    I wish Disney could keep the feelings of adventure I had a live. My children ‘ s memory of Figment is defferent to their children’s. I can only guess that my grandchildren will fondly remember puppet Andy when its closed for the newest futuristic thing.
    Thanks for the rent, tears.

  124. Bob Chapek makes Paul Pressler look like a saint. To destroy an original attraction so iconic in and of itself is deplorable. To replace it with something so run of the mill and dull lacks respect for history and what the parks are about. Chapek needs to go. He views the park are a merchandising front and nothing else. Whatever needs to be done to try to save this, sign me up. I’ve had enough.

    Honestly, traveling to Japan is a lot cheaper than most people think. OLC knows Disney better than Disney does, and their output shows it. Go to those parks. They deserve a hell of a lot more support than the domestic ones do.

    Tom, thank you for your passion and your honesty. You’re one of the few around who truly get it. You have my unwavering support, sir.

  125. It always kills me how everyone here reacts like this every time a rumor like this pops up. Country Bears needs an update. Be it an infusion of IP or a more modern show. But everyone here has the power to make a statement by not giving Disney your money. Stop going to the parks. Stop buying merch. Stop dining in their restaurants. But you won’t do this. You will go every year to see the same tired attractions and loudly proclaim “BUT MY MEMORIES!”……

  126. While I love the Country Bear Jamboree (I’m 61 y/o) I gotta agree with Disney that the attraction is very dated. I took my grandkids to it during our last visit, they didn’t have the appreciation for the show that I did. Perhaps if Disney revamped the Show into something with more updated music and jokes the crowd would return. I also agree that Toy Story isn’t very relevant to Frontier Land.

  127. I really hope that this rumour doesn’t happen, I’ll be gutted if they take a way the country bears!! They’re one of my favourite attractions! This isn’t just resistance to change, or new things, but a real love of this specific attraction!! Newer is not always better, classics are classics for a reason.

  128. Seriously this is a MK tradition for us we see it every time we go, even my little girls love it. I can remember it as a child myself and it is an essential part of our Disney experience. Please don’t do this Disney! We can’t remove the rides that Walt approved we can’t remove him from his parks!

  129. We have enough Toy Story at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Leave the classics at MK alone. And plant some trees at DHS. It does feel like you are being roasted alive at Slinky Dog.

  130. Oh no! Why would they do such a thing?! They need to save the originals! The older generations pump a lot of money into Disney and they want that sense of nostalgia for when we first saw Disneyland or WDW. Sure bring on some of the newer themes like Toy Story, but please preserve the originals!

  131. I wish they would simply move the attraction to the Fort Wilderness resort perhaps. I think that would settle many issues from both a business and a sentimental stand point.

  132. Can bob chapek be impeached…. I don’t think he can.. but it would be nice 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  133. Bob Chapek should be impeached.. wish that was an option. I see a deterioration in Disney’s service and it has influenced me to not renew and annual pass and take my money else where. I’m all for progress but this isn’t what’s happening.

  134. I’m totally against this decision! Disney should respect these classic rides, even more nowadays that we lost many of them..
    I really hope they listen the fans, and not pnly in this situation.

  135. “Some attractions are so tethered to the identity of a Disney Park as to become essential. To the Magic Kingdom, the Country Bear Jamboree is just such an experience.” Couldn’t have said it better! Don’t do it Disney! If you must add Toy Story, add it to the Diamond Horseshoe and make it a $$$$ dinner show. Spare the Bears!!!

  136. What better way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World than to destroy the legacy of Walt Disney? Nothing is more magical than destroying history. This makes me not want to support Toy Story 4 with my money. #SaveCountryBears #KickChapek

  137. Disney World has gone straight to Hell! Destroying their own property. $175.00 for a Senior to even get in?! 200+ times there—never again!

  138. Meh. Country Bear Jamboree is dusty and stale. It is just a way to pass time while relaxing my feet. It bored me when I was a child, and now it bores my children.

    Toy Story seems like Disney just doesn’t have any new ideas.

  139. Why do they need to bring Toy Story into Magic Kingdom? They already have a packed park at Hollywood Studios.
    This attraction is like the Tiki Rooms. It has been there since Magic Kingdom open. Leave these classic rides alone !!!

  140. Maybe if Bob Chapek wasn’t so occupied trying to impress Bob Iger (in order to obtain his job upon Iger’s retirement), he would think carefully about what’s so important – schilling intellectual property continuously OR maintaining the integrity of originals such as Pirates of the Caribbean, the Haunted Mansion, the Country Bear Jamboree, the Jungle Cruise and the Enchanted Tiki Room (if I left an original Ride / Attraction out? please feel free to add)!

    Here’s a rumour – when there is no more originality left at a Walt Disney Theme Park? Guests will go elsewhere (oops, maybe that isn’t a rumour after all!) Having said all of that? I am all for Pixar being at a Walt Disney Theme Park, but preferably in a separate Land dedicated to Pixar (same goes for Marvel!) vs replacing original Rides / Attractions that could benefit from updating what exists – and that’s all !

  141. The Country Bears are a Disney classic, and to remove them as they approach their 50th anniversary along with Magic Kingdom Park is insanity! Clearly they are not an e-ticket attraction, but not everything can or should be. We visit this attraction every trip (3 trips in the past 2 years) and absolutely adore it. There is undoubtedly nostalgia attached to it for my husband and myself, as I recall seeing it on my very first trip to Disneyland in 1977 as a kid and loving it. We were gutted when we went to Disneyland in 2005 (after a decade away from the parks) to discover it was gone, but thrilled to find it still going strong at WDW. I LOVE the Toy Story movies, but I HATE this idea. There are already plenty of Toy Story attractions in the parks, there is no need for another! And especially not at the cost of losing an iconic, classic park original! Bring back the seasonal overlays to keep this attraction new & fresh (I’ve never seen those, so would love that), but DO NOT remove it! The parks were never meant to be just about IP, and I hate that this seems to be the direction they are taking now. I went to Tokyo Disneyland for the first time a few months ago & I bought Country Bears plush there – WDW could have had my money if they’d been selling those plush, but I haven’t seen them when I’ve been at MK. I completely agree that this attraction is iconic along with Pirates & Haunted Mansion. These are the attractions that made me fall in love with Disneyland when I first went, and these are the attractions that keep me coming back and bringing my kid 40+ years later. Yes, new attractions are always welcome, but not at the expense of older classics. The Country Bears should be celebrated for the 50th anniversary, not removed.

  142. Save the Country Bears! While I get how it would fit in Frontierland, there is plenty of Buzz and Woody. I grew up with the bears and so have my kids and it would be sad to see it go.

  143. People can protest and stomp their feet(believe me if true this stinks) but the only way a difference can be made is to hit Disney where it counts, the bottom line. When this attraction opens, walk right by it. Or if your curious do it once and that’s it.

  144. Every time you rip something out of the parks that Walt created, you are ripping the Walt out of Walt Disney World.

  145. As a Disney fan and twice a year visitor (DVC owner) I agree with you that there are some Disney experiences that are part of the Disney fabric. Let’s not lose all the heritage sites for recent additions. (Disney managment…if you really have your heart set on this, add it to Toy Story Land.) Keep Walt’s last laugh … it is important.

    And another thing we are REALLY missing … late night Extra Magic Hours at the Magic Kingdom. Our family LOVED staying until 2am for years and years. Now that you can sell it as a hard ticket event it’s gone! I own Disney stock and it’s great that Disney is profitable, but again, some things shouldn’t be discarded. You keep upping the ticket price … so please bring back, at least part of the time, something your die hard fans VALUE!

  146. While I have enjoyed the first couple of Toy Story movies, I absolutely do not think we need yet another attraction. We’ve all heard the phrase “too much of a good thing”! Bears is a Classic and I believe should stay but if they are so determined to remove it at least come up with something original instead of cramming more movies down our throats. I’m honestly not at all interested in seeing Toy Story 4 because of all this.

  147. To me the “magic of Disney” larks is being lost in a different place in time and toy story does not do that for me at all. it just looks like a messy room that my kids left laying around toys everywhere except their giant so I hate even more. I’m in southern California and I really miss country Bear jamboree in Disneyland. I was thinking about going to Disney world so I can show my kids other than what’s on YouTube of country Bear jamboree now it doesn’t seem like I’ll be able to.

  148. I get the idea of progress. I get (and frankly) welcome the concept of change. I know Walt wanted his park(s) to continually grow, evolve, and change. But there are some touchstone attributes to visiting a Disney park. Pirates, Jungle Cruise, Dumbo, Space Mountain, and Country Bears are among those. I often lament the loss of the Main Street USA of my childhood. The Penny Arcade (where you could actually experience entertainment how it was in early American towns (an early version of edutainment?)). The Magic Shop. Who does not miss that? Remember the gigantic flower mart? All of those were lost for what? A 57th location in Magic Kingdom alone to by Hollywood Studios key chains and “I’m so Fly I Neverland” t-shirts.

    The unique stores (that sold unique merchandise) and the unique attractions where what made a trip to Disney special. A visit is still special, don’t get me wrong, but it is not the same and not nearly as special. For those of you who did not get to experience Magic Kingdom like this (or for that matter, EPCOT Center), you have missed out.

    Every year we fans are charged more and given less for our money. It is sad, it is disheartening, and it harkens back to the Michael Eisner “strategic planning” days that gave us our current generic, boring, and bland shopping experiences and cookie cutter, low budget expansions (thank you Universal for helping to right that ship with Harry Potter).

    Sadly, it appears that Disney leadership is trending toward losing touch with what makes the Disney parks special again. So we will lose another classic. Yes, the attendance at Country Bears is not stellar (and I am guilty of not visiting every trip), but who thinks a Toy Story show will draw in more people more consistently after they see it once?

    This feels more like change for change’s sake (or perceived dollars in merchandise sales), rather than the evolution, growing, and plussing of experiences that makes a Disney fan a Disney fan.

  149. I am still angry over Mr. Toad’s wild ride and now my beloved Bear’s for yet another Toy Story attraction! They built Toy Story their own land so keep it over there leave our childhood alone.

  150. Mr. Chapek, You would not be in the position you are today if it wasn’t for the vision of Walt Disney. Walt had a dream to create something families can come to and enjoy. With each passing day you are removing the legacy of Walt Disney and everything he stood for by replacing the very rides that he helped create. Bear Country has been a staple of the Magic Kingdom since it opened and there are somethings that should just be left alone. This is one of those things that Walt wanted created and should be left alone.

  151. What is missing, is the guy living the dream.

    When the decesions are made by the guy in charge who is right there everyday, going on the rides along with Guests, and living the experience, then he too is a part of the magic. Decesions would then be made through the eyes of those who hold the love deep in their heart.

    When decesions are made based upon marketing and proffit, there is no room for sentiments, even though in the big picture, the long term effects from decesions will advertisly effect brand loyality.

    New customers spend more money per visit then old ones…

    New customers do not already have the souvenirs that were already purchaaed, and will reach in their pocket faster.

    But it will take MANY years to develop the undying loyality in new customers, which the old customers already have.

    It is short sighted thinking, and driven by objective of quick results of increased proffits.

    The people making decesions will likely not be there when the long term effects of those decesions is realized in the form of proffits.

    As long as there are new customers ready to come and pay, traditions are on the chopping block.

    There was a time that Disney loyalty was so strong that Universal was but a small shadow.

    Now it seems that there is not such a big difference…

    What Disney had that Universal could not touch, was it was all about one man’s dream… And Guests were living that dream…

    When Guests come the feel that the dream really does not matter anymore, and it is all about the money, then it becomes just another amusement park, and what is lost is the magic.

  152. If you continue replacing classic attractions, WDW will feel like any other amusement park. These classic attractions are what make Disney World unique and to replace them would be heartbreaking to many!

  153. I am VERY disappointed that the Disney management staff have decided to replace Country Bear Jamboree in WDW. Since WDW has so much acreage, I don’t understand why they have to replace beloved attractions (I.e. Mr Toads Wild Ride and Country Bears) rather than building new. It was bad enough they replaced Country Bears in Disneyland, but to do so at WDW would be unforgivable! I LOVE their Christmas show.

  154. Dear Disney, don’t throw away this piece of art. Built and rebuilt all the new stuff you want, but keep just a few of the truly WDW originals in the park. Country Bear Jamboree is absolutely one of these. Please keep it up and running!

  155. The country bear jamboree has been a staple for our family to see each time we go there. Brings back memories of our many family vacations there. Renovate it but don’t take it away. It’s part of Disney World.

  156. I never felt it necessary to experience CBJ ever time I was in MK. I knew it was there and had a comforting feeling that it would always be there. I’m sure this sentiment is common for a lot of classic Disney attractions, COP, Jungle Cruise, and POTC(DL version). I’m sure the faith in attractions lasting forever was shattered for fans with closings of 20,000 leagues, Mr.Toad, the skyway to FL &TL, Horizons, World of Motion, River Country, Dreamflight, Alien Encounter, etc. Growth is necessary but some things need to remain sacred. I can only imagine one day we will be having this same discussion if they decide to permanently mothball the monorail fleet. Disney is in a period of giving us new and better experiences like Cars Land, Pandora, SWGE, GOTG in Epcot, the renovation of Future World. However it will make future visitors of WDW and parks around the world not appreciate it fully. Having the mixture of old (yet still functioning and popular) attractions provides a living history of how the parks and attractions have evolved through the years.

  157. I get it… Love the show but only watch it every so often, and usually just because it’s too hot outside/raining or we’re killing time between fast passes. If they are ultimately going to remove the jamboree, it would be nice to see it moved or reimagined for Fort Wilderness or Wilderness Lodge. Either would be a perfect venue.

  158. It would be sad to see the Bears go. They have always been a favorite. Maybe they could update and incorporate others into the show?

  159. Why doesn’t Disney just capitalize on what it already has….make a movie that STARS the Country Bear cast!!?? … similar to what they did for Pirates of the Caribbean. Disney could have a whole new expansion on a current product AND keep the classic attraction!…(if your theory is correct and the CB Jambo replacement is driven by desired sales of Toy Story merch). Why not “re-make” or write movies for all of the “originals”…instead of replacing everything? They could just ADD to what they have??! I have fond memories of the “old” attractions since my first visit in the 70s!! To instill appreciation for these “originals” in my kids prior to our Disney visits, we all sat down and watched the Swiss F Rob movie so they could live in the awe of that attraction upon seeing it, like I did many years ago. Very sad about this news. What’s next on the chopping block…Tom Sawyers Island, The Jungle Cruise, The Haunted Mansion? They already got rid of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Maelstrom at Epcot! Worried that Disney is ridding the park of “themed” attractions to jump on the bandwagon for “thrill” seekers. Isn’t there a difference between Disney and “amusement” parks?? Glad my kids at least will have memories of what Walt intended Disney to be…and not the fast paced rat race, thrill a second, potent energy place it is becoming. Guess I’m just old fashioned, nostalgic, and see value in a slower paced kind world.

  160. While I love classic Disney attractions and feel that many are timeless additions to the parks, I think the Country Bear Jamboree has run its course. I saw it May and it was obvious that the show didn’t draw crowds and that the majority of those there were interested mostly in the air conditioning. I agree that WDW is over served when it comes to Toy Story attractions. That’s not the right choice for this spot. But I would support a proper replacement.

  161. This decision, if it comes to fruition, speaks incredibly poorly of Disney. If they want more IP, that’s okay. But they should do it on a high level instead of replacing existing beloved attractions. Build new. Of course some attractions need to be replaced. The parks are not museums and they should adapt to changing guest preferences; the product needs to kept fresh. That said, can’t Disney just let the handful of iconic attractions survive with their dignity intact. Disney’s current strategy is alienating longtime fans. That might be fine while the economy is strong and consumer confidence is high but the hardcore fans are the ones who will prioritize Disney when the economy isn’t so swell. Relatedly, I’m not sure if Disney is creating enough new fans (I could be wrong). If Disney becomes no different than Universal (a mishmash of IP with little coherence in design and gaudy aesthetics), than what’s so special about Disney? I’m not anti-IP. Some of the best things Disney has ever done are IP-based. But Disney management seems to think that IP is solely what makes Disney parks special. It’s not. It’s the ingenious, well thought-out, meticulous design/theming. To me, what makes something “Disney” is just proper theming, which can be IP or not. Toy Story in Frontierland is an incredibly poor fit that weakens the design of that area of the park; it only “works” thematically with an incredibly superficial understanding of Frontierland’s design. Furthermore, it would replace a truly distinctive show designed by one of Disney’s greatest animators and Imagineers, Marc Davis.That’s why millions love the parks. They’re works of art that are just great places to simply be. It’s a shame Disney may no longer understand that, instead deciding to tailor their product to the lowest common denominator. It’s imprudent.

  162. I have mixed feelings here. Do I think an original ride with such close ties to Walt should go? No. But I also never go see this show and I don’t many other regular visitors who don’t either. I guess I’m not sad to see it go, but I wish the replacement would be better.

  163. Hey, I’m a guy from France, always wanted to visit walt disney world and I would be very disappointed in not being able to experience Country Bears when I’ll go there as I know it is a part of Walt’s legacy. I already tried it out at Tokyo disneyland though I unfortunately don’t understand japanese so I was hoping someday I could see it in its most original version existing. Moreover I’m not interested in Toy Story at all, as I feel like there is already enough in disney’s hollywood studios and that is doesn’t fit in Frontierland that much. Well, I hope it won’t happen…

  164. Do discouraging to hear that WDW is even considering this move. Almost annually, my husband and I brought our kids and now our grandkids to the Magic Kingdom. Country Bears is a show we always make a point to see if at all possible. I would really hate to see this go away. More to the point, why would I want a multi-park pass for glut of Toy Story when that is offered at Hollywood Studios? Too much is never a good thing in the long run. At some point, people will stay away.

  165. The energy worry anxiety and vitriolic hand-wringing put into all of these replies over….AMUSEMENT PARK ATTRACTIONS…Don’t get me wrong – I bleed Disney Red, Yellow, Black and White – but I love every trip and every Old and new experience – with the GRATITUDE AND GRACIOUS APPROACH that those of us privileged enough to walk through those gates should act and behave.

  166. WDW and Mr Chapek: Please do not take our Country Bears away! Please listen!

    In 2001, I was heartbroken and devastated when my all-time favorite attraction “The Country Country Jamboree” was removed at Disneyland. I have still not gotten over that one.

    Probably the very main reason why I travel to WDW at least once per year now is to visit Big Al and all the other beloved Country Bears. The attraction has a special place in my heart. It recalls the great times of sitting with my family as a kid, watching a show that we all were able to enjoy together as a family. We all loved it. We loved the songs and the adorable Bears.

    Please, do not destroy this beloved Disney Audio-Animatronics legacy! It’s the only attraction of its kind in the States. We don’t need another “Toy Story” attraction. But we absolutely need this one “Country Bear Jamboree.” Please, please, please…keep it where it is for all of us who love it so very much!

    Big Al, Wendell, Liver Lips McGraw, Trixie, Henry & Sammy, Teddi Barra, Ernest, Terrence, Gomer, The Sun Bonnets, The Five Bear Rugs band & Baby Oscar, and Buff, Max and Melvin! They have been our beloved Bear friends for years! Please allow them to live on for us… and for future generations to come. Please do not take them away! Thank you for listening.

  167. Forget about your past and focus on making new memories with your children. They love you because of the time you spent with them, not because you were watching a bear show or puppet show.

  168. Replacing the CBJ is understandable since it’s underattended and never updated. Replacing it with MORE Toy Story? Ridiculous. Give us something actually new and exciting, and if you want a place for a Toy Story marionette show, how about Toy Story LAND which not only actually makes sense but could really use the capacity. Even the idea of everything being IP driven is pointless if you keep using the same IP over and over. Thumbs down. Do better.

  169. Why get rid of a beloved show, that gives a chance to cool down, take a break and entertain many people…children of all ages love it. I don’t see a knee jerk reaction needed to sell more Woody and Jesse dolls as a good idea. I don’t mind new replacing old, Walt disliked being stagnant, but this is not a great plan. People don’t associate Woody with the old west. Yes, Woody’s Roundup was a tribute to the old westerns, but people don’t think of it as that.

  170. Yes. What most everyone has said: why not enrich toy story land with a real new dark ride or show instead of taking a classic away? We switched from an annual pass at Disneyland to an annual pass this year at Disney world in part _in order_ to spend time with the country bears. I light up whenever i get a chance to see them out and about on the street as well as in the show.
    While on the subject of toy story land and lack of shade, too bad they didn’t move the giant clover there from Bugs Land.

  171. Please don’t close Country bear jamboree! That has been one of my favorite attractions!

  172. Well, there’s a genius move only a CEO could make!
    Replace an original with primary colored toys in Frontier land
    Certainly, no one else could come up with that winner!
    Looking forward to Buzz meet and greet at fort on Tom Sawyer Island
    While you’re at it Chappy, change Hall of Presidents to Hall of Pixar
    Come on, man!

  173. Is this like some false-flag rumor being floated by Disney to divert attention away from something else? Will they later announce that the Country Bear Jamboree is safe, and when everyone breathes a sigh of belief, quietly dismantle the Carousel of Progress?

    This is one of the last remaining original attractions in the park, and it isn’t like this is an unpopular attraction. It was actually my three-year old son’s favorite attraction during his first trip in November.

    If they want a new Toy Story show, just put it in the underutilized Diamond Horseshoe.

    • I can’t imagine that our sources are being used to distract people. I think these individuals reached out to fight something they don’t agree with.

  174. Please don’t close Country bear jamboree! That has always been one of my favorites. I look forward to taking my grandchildren to see it!

  175. People do not realize that a lot of children and adults love the Country Bear Jamboree. I always go see it every time I go to Disney World. I have a totally disabled sister that loves to see the Country Bears. Disney will never be the same for my family when they are gone.😒

  176. If Mr. Chapek wants to leverage the Disney Intellectual properties, why not add classic Disney songs with a western or blue grass flavor which would fit the CBJ theme. It’s a best of both world compromise. Keep CBJ!

  177. That stinks. Love The Country Bears
    Can’t they leave something’s alone? Leave toy story attractions for Hollywood Studios

  178. I loved Country Bear Jamboree at Disneyland! It was one of my favorite attractions, and I am still upset that it was replaced by a sub-par Winnie the Pooh attraction. I can’t believe they are now considering doing away with the one in Florida.

  179. So other than posting our opinions here, is there anyone we can directly contact via email, text, page, etc…?

  180. This is rather coincidental because I just watched the Country Bear Jamboree show on YouTube yesterday with my youngest. She was not feeling well when the rest of the family watched it in person last year, and I assured her that after watching the video, we would see it in person the next time we visit. I guess we need to book those reservations now!

  181. This is another example that the higher ups have forgot that people come back for there favorite atractions as well some of the new ones.

  182. Please don’t do this. Such an iconic, heart warming attraction that has roots in the Magic Kingdom for decades. I understand the 50th is a big one and that they want to make an impact, but replacing rides that have defined Disney for generations of people is not the way to do it. It’s losing its nostalgia and becoming nothing but a way to push new merch. Think this through Disney. For all of us who have been let down by Mr. Toads, 20,000 leagues , Great Movie ride and other removals, please listen to those voices. They are your die hards who keep coming back. This would be such a shame.

  183. Maybe it’s the times we live in, but I am so disgusted with the state of the world in general right now that I truly believe that no matter what the public thinks the “powers that be” will do whatever they want. I’m glad that I got to see the Jamboree when I was there in March. Unlikely I will ever see it again.

  184. I agree! I am not a fan of Toy Story, I think they should leave it as it is. Very soon Disney world and all it has represented throughout the years will be gone! I understand they need to keep up with the times but this obsessive slant towards comic book heroes and the flavor of the month movie is ridiculous!
    They are showing a total disregard for loyal customers and Disney brand.

  185. PLEASE DO NOT REPLACE THIS ATTRACTION! People love nostalgia and this is one of Disney’s gems. Our favorites when we visit are always the classics. Don’t take that away!

  186. The Country Bear Jamboree may be dated but at least its unique. Update it, modernize it, give the characters a movie that isn’t terrible. Disney has so many properties at its disposal that reusing Toy Story yet again just seems lazy and uninspired.

    Last fall saw my first visit to WDW in 20 years and the CBJ was one of my favorite shows that trip. Meanwhile, the brand new Toy Story Land wasnt enough of a draw to get my party to visit Hollywood Studios at all. I’m about the same age as Andy, and thought Toy Story 3 was a great and emotionally draining end to the series. I’m pretty much over the franchise now and didn’t even realize TS4 was hitting theaters this week.

    We’re going back to WDW this December. I was excited but now that excitement is mixed with melancholy. I doubt those weird, slightly creepy, but oh so magical bears will still be singing by the time I get there. I wonder if they will replace the Ballad of Davey Crocket with the Woody’s Round Up theme in the BGM loop.

  187. This is my favorite attraction at Magic Kingdorm. Rarely a wait, air conditioned, comfortable seats, and then lo and behold, the animatronic bears are singing and joking in a fast-paced, hilarious, and (for Disney) downright raunchy style. The bears lusting after each other and singing about blood on the ground… it’s the kind of thing that would never fly today, much like scenes in the Haunted Mansion. The humor and aesthetic are from a different time. But they have me, as an adult, laughing all the way through, even though I’ve watched the show more than a dozen times. And I hear kids laughing along with me. It would be truly a shame to replace this unique icon with more of the same.

  188. I seriously can’t even comprehend this, it was bad enough to take attractions like maelstrom, and Mr. Toads wild ride but to mess with one of the few original attractions that many people love is too much. STOP !!! Keep toy story in Hollywood studios with the toy story land not everyone likes toy story or pixar for that matter.
    Leave what little bit is left of what made magic Kingdom great.

  189. That’s depressing! This was my favorite attraction when I was young, and just recently my 2 year old got to enjoy it for the first time. He loved it so much, he insists on watching a video of the Country Bears, on YouTube, daily!
    It’s all he talks about and I was really looking forward to taking him back when he got a little older. I hope this isn’t true.

  190. Country Bear Jamboree is a classic favorite and we do see it every time we go to Magic Kingdom whether by ourselves, with our parents, siblings, kids, and now grandkids too. Very sad day to hear it may be replaced. What is more loveable for a kid than a teddy bear? Disney just needs to do a better marketing job with the CBJ … it can be much more successful in WDW …Disney imagineers just need to put some focus on it.

  191. I am actually pleased to hear of the potential change. As a child I watched the show and thought it was hilarious but as an adult in the society we live in today I find the show to be racist and stereotypical of those from the south. I feel if the show depicted any other race, ethnicity, religion, or a particular group of people and addressed every “funny” stereotype of that group like this show does for “hillbillies” WDW would be boycotted and people would be all over social media ready for a public lynching. I will say I am a huge Disney fan and a passholder. I regularly attend Disney but after taking my children to the show once I have not and will not take them again because that is not the view I want my children to have of people from the “country.”

  192. I have never commented before, and hope my in commenting now is to add my voice to those of others voicing concern about the removal of The Country Bear Jamboree. There’s more to Disney magic than IP and that’s what draws many of us in the older crowd back each year.

  193. I hope they don’t take out the Country Bear Jamboree. It is a classic. Please don’t mess with the Magic Kingdom. It definitely should be there for the 50th Anniversary and well beyond. It has been loved by generations. It is nice to have a place to go to escape from the heat and not have to wait for hours.
    Please save the Country Bears! Walt would not want them removed

  194. I remember watching the Bear Jamboree on The Wonderful World Of Color on NBC in the 60’s. I loved it then. I didn’t get to go to Disney World until the 90’s. For some strange reason the Bear Jamboree was one of the attractions I needed to see. Every time I go back it is one of the attractions I always look forward to seeing. It would be a shame to lose it. Mr Chapek should maybe spend a day visiting Disney world as a guest and remember who built Disney world and why. It’s was never supposed to be just a cash cow. It’s the Magic Kingdom because of what came before.

  195. I so want to one day be able to go back to Disneyworld. I was there twice by the time I was six, so can’t remember a lot, but the Country Bear Jamboree, the Tiki Room, the Teacups, Dumbo and Jungle Cruise are still with me. We 70’s kids visited the parks with our grandparents who are long gone now. We want to go back and relieve those great moments of childhood-please say it isn’t so-don’t make our classic Magic Kingdom unrecognizable! Leave the Country Bears alone.

  196. This is one of our family favorites, especially since one of my sons loves bears and there are no other Disney bear attractions, like Robin Hood or Jungle Book and Baloo no longer had a meet and greet in Animal Kingdom last time we were there. We would be so sad to see it go. It feels so classic Disney and gives us such a good laugh.

  197. I am NOT happy about the quintessential and classic Disney attractions being replaced with repetitive, unnecessary attractions. I visit Magic Kingdom for exactly what the name suggests…..MAGIC! The magic, at least for me, doesn’t necessarily come from the latest technology. But instead it is a transport in time to my childhood and seeing my child fall in love with the same characters, jokes and songs I did! While I understand that things need to change with the times, I wish Magic Kingdom could remain as close to the vision Walt Disney had. Country Bear Jamboree is an iconic show with wonderful characters and funny jokes that entertains all ages. My family has repeated the jokes and songs for decades and it saddens me to see this classic fall prey to “profiteering”. Some things are sacred and CBJ should be on that list.

  198. Country Bears is a must see attraction for us inour hundred or so visits to the Magic Kingdom. I always take a pic of Big Al to send to my oldest son. He’s 49. He loves it. Knows the songs by heart. It’s a tradition. Why take away all our traditions?

  199. Love The Country Bear Jamboree. We’ve been going to WDW for 40 years and the Jamboree never gets old. I now enjoy the reactions of the little ones around me. Please don’t cave to commercialism. Some things should be “sacred”.

  200. This is TERRIBLE news!!! That is a Magic Kingdom Classic!! If they want to add a Toy Story marionette show, they should put it in Toy Story Land!!! I still get sad every time I see the Winnie the Pooh ride and say how much I miss Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Don’t ruin Disney World by replacing all the classics. Add new stuff, yes, but don’t ruin the basics.

  201. I’ve never cared for Country Bear Jamboree. I don’t find it fun or funny. That said, you make a strong point about there being too much Toy Story. If you’re gonna get rid of something beloved (whether or not it’s actually beloved by me), then do it with something fresh.

  202. I do love the country bear jamboree and would hate to see it go. I also love the classic swiss family Robinson tree house. That being said I would love to see the tiki room update for a Moana ride. Maybe because I never liked the tiki room or maybe because my girls a d I loved Moana so much. But I definitely agree that the Toy story stuff is way over saturated and we don’t need another ride focused on that. And I would love to see updated 20,000 leagues ride to combine for an undersea learning ride at Epcot but that’s probably a dream I will never see.

  203. I’m okay with this. I certainly understand the Country Bear Jamboree love, but it’s well dated and somewhat creepy. Kids today won’t associate with it anywhere near as fondly as a Toy Story piece. In fact, when I saw the headline, Woody’s Roundup was the first thing that came to mind for me. I actually am kind of excited as to what it could be.

    I will agree, however, that Toy Story does have its own land. Putting this (while also moving Space Ranger) over to that land would make logical sense, but there’s nothing that dictates they can’t be where they are in MK. Tomorrowland still makes sense for Buzz, and anything Frontier/Critter Country would make sense for Woody’s Roundup.

    I’m excited for this. At least they aren’t turning it into yet another gift shop.

  204. I totally understand and appreciate the idea of the Disney park landscapes changing to keep up with the times. I support this, but I also do feel that, especially at the park in Florida, where there’s so much room to grow, it makes more sense to leave older classic attractions and just build new ones (rather than revamp things in more space constrained parks, like Disneyland).
    I also understand that just because people hold onto things for nostalgic value, it’s not necessarily worth it for such a big amusement park to keep it around. If the attraction’s audience is dwindling, it is a waste of space for them.
    I will say this, though; I just took my boys, who were 9 & 13, to Disney World over New Year’s, and took them to that attraction, and while they found it strange in some ways and a big creepy, they definitely enjoyed it.
    My youngest boy definitely thought it was funny. Even though when he first saw the stage & the characters he wasn’t into it, because he didn’t recognize them, by the time it was over, those characters had become familiar friends and built upon the already strong arsenal of Disney characters that he recognizes. Isn’t that just as important as reinforcing characters that are already over-saturated on television, and in social media, and in every store we walk into?

    That’s a part of the magic of what Disney is, Creating new magical experiences through the theme parks. That’s the very point of the Imagineers, and that was certainly the core idea that drove Walt Disney himself. It is certainly important to hold on to that.

    Yes, it’s important to grow the Empire, but it’s also important to hold onto its core beliefs, and keep the magic alive.

    That’s my two cents, for whatever it’s worth.

    Love & Peace,

  205. I hate this idea. Stop getting ride of iconic rides/shows. I will miss this show greatly and the trend to get ride of original show/rides is disheartening. I don’t need anymore toy story stuff…a full land is plenty

  206. This is horrible news. Why oh why do we need 2 Toy Story attractions in 2 different lands? If you want to fix the low attendance, give us the three rotating shows that already exist. This show is at the heart of Walt’s vision of entertainment for all ages. There are fewer attractions that do this. How I look forward to taking my great nephew’s generation and sharing the same jokes their great and great greats enjoyed.
    If we had known this plan during gay days, there would have been signs and chants. The bear community and more absolutely mob the show for an hour solid!

  207. Improving the parks does not have to come at the expense of removing the classics. We all love the new characters and IPs, too, and feel that they do have their places in the parks. But Country Bears is its own original IP, as are the Pirates, the Ghosts, and so many others. These are legacy properties that deserve their place.

    If Disney were to open a “museum park,” where old attractions could continue to live and thrive—great! I’d come visit. But until then, stop trading quality attractions—and our memories, along with the desire to pass them along to younger loved ones—for cheap thrills and disposable experiences. I have no problem with Disney needing and wanting to make money, but they’re already doing it hand over fist and it’s just getting crass.

  208. I love the Country Bear Jamboree and have been angry ever since removed from Disneyland. I live in California. The Carousel of Progress and Country Bear Jamboree were my first stops on my two visits to Magic Kingdom in Orlando and I hope to continue that tradition. I like to see it multiple times.

    We do not need another Toy Story land attraction. We do need this attraction to be saved or at a minimum transferred back to Disneyland. It would be new to many guests in Disneyland. I hope that it can stay in Orlando and come back to Disneyland.

    I am angry at Carousel of Progress, not to mention America the Beautiful going bye-bye from Disneyland. ATB exists as China, Canada, and France at Epcot, though not the same as ATB, but okay there.

    Keep Country Bear Jamboree!

  209. No, no, I am so disgusted right now to hear this. I have been going to Disney since I was 4. I have always looked forward to The Country Bear Jamboree! They took away TGMR at Studios. Not the Bears,ugh,that show is adorable. Toy Story doesn’t even fit in Magic Kingdom. Yeah, you have Buzz but come on. Toy Story belongs in there land at Studios. I know you need to change some things but leave this one alone! It will be sad day if it happens. I love the Bears!!!!

  210. Tom I seriously wish that Disney could see the packed house I am in here. I literally just pulled up this article as I was walking in. If Disney wants to see my pictures I would be glad to forward them. Seems like incorporating Stinky Pete in here and maybe having a Disney Junior show with the bears would bring a new generation to love them as much as we all do. I am rushing over to guest services to register my complaint on this one.

  211. I have no loyalty to this ride and it probably needs to go because it’s old and outdated but when are they going to stop stuffing animated movie characters down my throat. It should be like Jungle Cruise create the theme, the music, the characters, the ride if it then is great enough, the movie. I might start seeing actual “Forky” sporks in place of plastic silverware, forcing me to love some character I have yet to even see. They are trying to control us.

  212. I worked at Disneyland in the 69s and grew up in Anaheim……my daughter and I are taking my granddaughter to Walt Disney World in December 2019 and one of the attractions that we were most excited about is COUNTRY BEAR JAMBOREE!!! Hearing that it is closing, is so very disappointing. I sincerely hope it is still open in December 2019 for us to see it one more time. Changing it for Toy Story is over kill….Toy Story is already in Hollywood land…,.leave the bears where they are….PLEASE!!!!!!

  213. As a west coast resident i was very upset when they took out the country bear jamboree in disneyland. But i had hopes of seeing it again this year as i have finnaly saved up enough to go to disneyworld. The fact that the original may be gone before i get there is beyond disheartening. I know walt said the parks will never be finished. But to take away an icon is wrong.

  214. This breaks my heart. Country Bears is my dads favorite attraction. He used to sing the songs to my mom when they were in school together. We go every trip. I understand that sometimes things need to change, but replacing such a unique part of the parks with another Toy Story attraction just isn’t necessary. I love Toy Story but there is not a lack of or a need for another ride. I don’t want Country Bears to go. But if it does, I would rather it be replaced by something new, like the countless Disney movies that are constantly neglected at WDW.

  215. I’m just over the Toy Story thing. Update the Bears if they need to do something different, although I love it the way it is and we see it everytime we go. But I think we’ve all had ENOUGH of the toy story attractions. Keep toy story in toy story land, that’s why it’s there. Don’t bring Toy Story Land part 2 to the Magic Kingdom! Enough is enough. You’d think this was the only movie they ever made 😒

  216. Don’t we have enough of Toy Story since it has its own land at Hollywood studios. Don’t touch the Jamboree. I loved it, my kids loved it and still do as adults. My Grandson will see it for the first time this summer. I’m sure he will love it. Disney needs to stop reducing everything to a money grab. Some attractions need to remain on tradition alone. What goes next Haunted House. This is terrible. BTW my daughter, who loves Toy Story, was very disappointed on Toy Story Land. Not enough to do and no greenery to boot. Like a cheap carnival. We go to WDW often for northerners . Every 2 years or so. So they get our money big time.

  217. Very disappointing rumor. How about Disney create a new movie about the Country Bears and keep the Jamboree show! This would be a win-win. Just as it was for Pirates of the Caribbean. There is plenty of space in Disney World to add new rides, however there are only a limited number of classic rides and shows, and I visit them every time I am at Disney World, including the Country Bear Jamboree. Please save this classic and make it better with a new Country Bear movie or Disney+ content!

    • Completely agree with making Disney+ content or full feature movie about the Country Bears. If this rumor is real, which I hope it is not, let’s hope it is not as bad as the one that has been over here at Disneyland Paris:
      It is a real shame if this marionette show is considered better than the Country Bear Jamboree, which is a classic foot stomping fun musical show that could have the time extended back to the original length or longer to increase the number of people per show. And of course with a good full feature movie, the show will become more popular.

  218. I visited WDW the year it opened and remember quite well seeing the Country Bear Jamboree very well. Visited many times to include taking my kids 25 years later and then taking them a dozen times more. Consequently my daughter lives nearby and has become a season holder pass… We love the bears please leave them be. Update but don’t delete. It’s a classic and all too often in this country we discard instead of treasure.

  219. My 11 y.o. daughter HATES all things “Toy Story”. However, we all love “The Country Bear Jamboree”. Taking out this classic would be a huge mistake! We need more stand-alone rides, not less. Something unique, that isn’t just an iteration of a movie, but at the same time can be thought of as 100% Disney. I just beg them not to take my Big Al away!

  220. Please, keep our classics! My parents loved the bears, I love them, my children love them too! We go annually and will be so heartbroken if they’re replaced. The classics, the tried and true, the historic, are worth updating & cherishing. That is what (up until this point?) has kept WDW apart from other parks. Nostalgia, some integrity, well cared for attractions. Listen to the fans, Disney!

    We love Toy Story too, but not if it means replacing The Country Bear Jamboree. Toy Story has enough space of their own, don’t over do it.

  221. As a kid, I remember the excitement of seeing talking bears and the laughter it brought me and my family. We still lovingly talk about “a great, big puddle of blood all around.” This is a fun filled show for the whole family. It’s been a while since we visited the country bear jamboree, but I made it a point to introduce them to my kids.
    It would be a shame to lose this attraction that has been there since the beginning.

  222. I worked at Magic Kingdom in 2008 in Frontierland. On a day off, I went to the park and was looking out at Rivers of America and Tom Sawyer’s Island. A group of people walked up near close enough to where I could hear what was being said. They were wearing business attire, and one woman who must have been in charge of the group. She was saying how they should shut down Tom Sawyer’s Island since no one ever goes over there or something to that effect. She was facing me, and when I heard her say that I looked at her like she was the scum if the earth for saying that. I mean she was ripping into it saying it should have been gone a long time ago. It was crazy, and I ran into some of the other castmates as I was walking away. I told them what I had just heard.

    I guess that woman never got her wish since Tom Sawyer’s Island is still there 11 years later.

    Maybe Country Bears might start stick around if there is a petition or attendance picks up. Who knows? I always saw the show because it is cute as well as getting out of the heat and off my feet for about 20 minutes during the summer.

  223. Given the prices (two hikes this year) how about new additions vs. taking things away. This does nothing (substantial) for dealing with the crowds. It makes no sense thematically to have Toy Story items smattered across the different parks, and even within different sections of the same park.

  224. “Fundamental to that is a belief that some attractions are so tethered to the identity of a Disney Park as to become essential. To the Magic Kingdom, the Country Bear Jamboree is just such an experience.”

    Absolutely. This should not just be a park of IPs to sell more merch. Nothing is sacred if this is true. It shows disdain for the long term fans of the parks. I can only hope that Chapek retires soon and that his replacement cares more about the loyal fans than a quick, sleezy buck.

  225. Country Bear Jamboree is loved. Do not destroy the past, those of us who have loved Disney for over 60 years want the Bears to stay. My family loves the Country Bear Jamboree, it is a staple, and we want them to stay right where they are. Spare the Bears!

  226. Why do we need more Toy Story IP outside of the land that was designed to host it? To be honest, I’m nearly sick of Toy Story and the 4th movie hasn’t even come out yet.

    Disney doesn’t need to be gutting and replacing classic attractions that made this theme park so great. If anything, it needs to find ways to celebrate these attractions for the 50th, and if they must add attractions to promote IP (and sales of related merchandise), then they need to utilize that “blessing of size” to do it. That would add capacity which would please shareholders as well.

  227. No! No! No! Incredibly bad idea, Disney! Country Bears are *fun.* If you must put in Toy Story, put it in place of the gawd awful Hall of Presidents! That is such a boring show that people only go in there when they’re tired and want a 20-minute nap in the air conditioning!

  228. Really, you would rather have country bear that a toy story attraction? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy CBJ but it’s outdated and half of the time the animatronics don’t work correctly. I enjoy Disney, but with the rising cost of tickets and resort fees, I certainly hope they would do some updating.

  229. … don’t they literally have a land dedicated to Toy Story already? Can’t they just leave anything alone? I already was pretty “meh” about all the Pixar movies, but this nonsense is actually making me curse their existence.

  230. We have not seen Country Bear Jamboree since our children were little. I had hoped to take my grandchildren but our next trip isn’t until December of 2020 so they will probably not get to see it. As much as I love the older attractions, I would rather see WDW update its attractions rather than never change them.
    I do agree about Toy Story Land. While it is nice to look at, we were there in October and there’s not much shade. Plus, why is there not a play area for little ones? That would have been the perfect place to put one.

  231. I think CBJ is boring, and yet we still stop and see it a few times a year. Not sure a Toy Story replacement would be any better unless it was interactive like the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor.

    I won’t really miss the Tiki Room, other than the song, either.

    But if they touch my ghosts, there will be heck to pay!

    It’s hard because many of the dark ride, slow track, attractions are rather staid. Today’s park goers want things to be interactive, or thrill-ride oriented. Simply looking at animatronics insn’t enough.

  232. This just confirms my opinion that Disney is forgetting the morals that the company was founded on, namely creativity and uniqueness. I understand that Disney is a business and they have to make money, but as stated above, do that by EXPANDING and not REPLACING. Every time a live-action remake is announced, my respect for the company dwindles a little bit more. These films are not inherently evil, but show that the company is bypassing opportunity for creativity and originality for simple money grabs. I wonder what new, never-before seen films could be being made if the company’s time and money weren’t being put into these remakes. While these movies aren’t terrible, they are not classics, and nobody will care about them ten years from now. The same goes for park attractions. Some of the most successful and beloved attractions (Haunted Mansion, Tiki, Space Mountain, BTMR, Splash Mountain, etc.) are NOT focused around an IP. Country Bear is a classic attraction that while maybe not the most popular, demonstrates what sets Disney apart from any other entertainment corporation. Toy Story may seem like the most lucrative move right now with the new film and all, but decades from now, when the Toy Story hype is over, which will stand the test of time? While I will be extremely sad to see Country Bear go if this rumor is true, this rumor poses an even bigger, over-arching problem for me. Quit banking on the already well-known stories and characters (both in films and in parks) and create NEW stories, characters, and attractions for people to love!

  233. Disney, please do not abandon your history for the sake of trying to make more money. The Bears are such an iconic part of the Magic Kingdom and what makes Frontier Land fun. I understand that you have to keep things fresh, but it does not mean you have to erase. I have such great memories of the Bears and my family watches the show each time we come to the park (annual pass holders). Please reevaluate your brand and what the Bears are to Frontier Land. Please consider what you have learned from Star Wars… mass productions leads to a stale market. Keep fans wanting more, not IP worn out.

  234. This is disappointing, how about getting rid of stitches escape? Or its a small world? Or the new little mermaid that looks like a carnival ride.

  235. I am all for progress and updating for new generations. I have been sadded and disturbed by the addition of non Disney attractions to the parks. Disney has always had something..that spark of magic that you can feel in the parks and see in the detail in how it was created. There was always heart in the mix..not just grabs for $$. Universal is cold by comparison. Disney is a part of our history. I am all for more Disney original films coming to life in attractions in the parks. This should not come in place of the iconic historical treasures. There are not many of them. There is plenty of other space to create them. Change with the times without destroying the history. I was planning to visit for the 50th with all the new I am wondering if I need to leave Disney a fond memory.

    As for the comment saying it is needed to make room for new bang for your buck attractions. May I remind you they are talking about replacing Country Bears with a PUPPET SHOW.

    Disney please do not do this.

  236. For over 40 years the Country Bear Jamboree has been a part of every trip to the Magic Kingdom. I will miss taking my great grandkids to it. Reconsider Disney.

  237. Really unwelcome news that belies a deeply upsetting trend. Love this attraction, love its ingenuity and sharp humor, when guests give it a chance it really surprises and delights in a way that many attractions can’t. At this point its so difficult to imagine any addition to the parks that is borne simply out of the minds of creative Imagineers, as this was, and not a pre-existing bit of media being bent and squeezed into a mold it can’t fit. This time it truly feels as if the sacred things are’t sacred anymore. I’ll never forget watching and laughing along with three generations of family that had enjoyed this attraction in many different stages of life, all coming out of the show with the same smile on our face. Hope it’s not true.

  238. I have been to WDW 4 times since 2013 and I always make a point to stop and visit Country Bears and it never gets old. I am returning this year in December and I plan to go then as well. I love it when new attractions come to the parks, but I also love the old ones. I don’t understand why we can’t just have both!!! I enjoy Toy Story Land but enough is enough!! Toy Story belongs right where it is and no where else!! When I go into the Country Bears show I take the time to sit back and relax and enjoy the cool air while getting a little laugh here and there. It gives me a unique nostalgic feeling that can’t be replaced by anything Toy Story has to offer!! Please don’t take Country Bear Jamboree!!!

  239. In reality, the idea of a Woody’s round-up type show, especially a chuck-wagon type dinner one isn’t horrible, actually sounds awesome. But why not, I don’t know, put it in the place it would actually fit the theme? Add on to toy story land with a wild-west play set, giving you some much needed physical shopping space, an indoor non-ride attraction, and the potential for a fully-considered themed table-service restaurant. I would be all about that. Heck, get rid of “Municiberg street” in the former Pixar place and make it a Wild West street playset, add-in a forced depth back panel at the end as a nod to the studios, you’ve just fixed everything

  240. While I believe that “shooting Little Buford” and having the male animals ogle the female bears is out of date and not very PC, I love the nostalgia of the CBJ and would hate to see it removed. Update it if you must, but please don’t remove it.

  241. New isn’t necessary better. Disney has the blessing of size. It’s about time that management understands that they need to add MORE attractions. They also need to realize that building upon and plussing what already exists is way better than destroying a beloved park icon. The Country Bears transcend time and deserve love and development from the park’s management.

    I’m disappointed that Mr. Chapek and Mr. Iger seem to care (by their actions) only about profits and stock prices. They have lost their way when it comes to understanding the Disney legacy for creative ingenuity and the Disney tradition for excellence. They see the parks as a means for profits above show. They are destroying everything that was great about the Walt Disney company, and that’s tragic.

  242. I would be very sad to see the Country Bear Jamboree close. This is an iconic show that I have grown up watching in both Disneyland and Disney World. On our last trip, and my nephew’s first, seeing their faces light up during the show and hearing their laughter affirms that this is a classic. While I know new attractions are nice, please don’t take away something as iconic and social as the Country Bears.

  243. Progress is inevitable and something Walt was open to, but taking away beloved classics is not in line with the values which WDW was built upon. WDW was our “happy place” that we visited yearly, but realized on our last visit in 2018 that the magic was gone. Replaced by too much commercialization, too many crowds, and an atmosphere of money-making and entitlement. As a result we don’t anticipate visiting in the foreseeable future. It’s not even about the money, but the loss of the precious sense of fun, family, and child-like adventure. The current WDW leadership has lost sight of the values and principles that Walt built his legacy upon.

  244. Thank you Tom for keeping us updated on all the proposed changes at WDW. As a married couple in our 60’s my husband and I have traveled to WDW every year, starting with our honeymoon in 1975.

    In this messed up world we are living in we all need some “Disney Magic” in our lives, no matter our age! It is bad enough that PC forces us to rewrite history (i.e. Pirates of the Caribbean) but children today need more fun and fantasy in their lives. They are under enough stress at a young age so allow them time to justness enjoy being kids while they can. This also applies to adults since we need to escape from the pressures of our day to day lives as well!

  245. Please don’t discontinue the Country Bear Jamboree!! Some things should never change. And this is a prime example of one!!

  246. TO: The Powers that Be
    At Walt Disney World
    And the Disney Parks

    SAY IT ISN’T SO!!!

    I sure Hope you’re listening…

    I Fell in love with Disney a long time ago, and it wasn’t particularly the cartoons that did it!

    When I first visited Walt Disney World, on June 1st, 1977, there was only one park in Florida, which reflected the dreams and desires of, in addition to his dream-team, one man, Walt Disney. His desire was to create memorable experiences for the children and parents of the world. And each experience that I remember from that day was unique in its own right, not even close to anything else on earth. You couldn’t get the Haunted Mansion
    Or Country Bears Jamboree at home. If you wanted to experience it, you had to visit a Disney Park.

    Walt and his team were CREATIVE then, and didn’t rely on someone else’s idea to copy for an attraction. Disney merchandise was available then, too, but it didn’t overtake the creative ideas or dictate what would be presented for the guests to experience and enjoy.

    While we of course gain excitement at seeing a Disney princess, so many have joined the flock since the 70’s, I personally do not get the thrill when seeing the unique attractions that were created by ‘real thinkers’ being replaced by something that reminds me of a movie that I can rent down the street at Redbox for $2 or so, anytime I want to.

    I’m a DVC member, have been since almost the beginning, so it’s clear that I hold a strong affinity for Walt Disney World (and the other parks). And I’m a 7 year Florida resident, too, also because of my love for this special place.
    But I can’t help but feel that the development teams at Disney are letting people like me down with their continued choices of so many ‘ordinary’ changes. Taking a classic ride out and replacing it with just another copy of a tv program or movie, while it is maybe filling the coffers with merchandise revenues (can’t you just sell the stuff at Walmart?), in essence, you are watering down the experiences at the parks.
    That’s not fair to the people who love the creative genius of the founders of this great place.

    If you want to do something Grand, step outside the box, or in this case, the box office, and create something truly worthy of closing a classic attraction. Or, maybe even better, update the classics with brand new technology to tell the same story (and I don’t mean like adding Jack Sparrow to Pirates of the Caribbean, that was NOT an improvement in my book).

    You have access to all the best computer and engineering technologies that weren’t available in the early days, don’t take out Country Bear Jamboree, make it better, improve the technology, the robotics, this will make a bigger impact than a 3rd copy of a cartoon that’s starting to feel old.

  247. Disney has a lot of new and exciting attractions on the way but just as important are the old classics! That’s what separates Disney from everyone else! Hopefully this is just a bad rumor that didn’t come true…

  248. Don’t know that toy story is the best idea, but CBJ has run it’s course. The hydraulics are so loud you can’t hear the sounds. It’s old fashioned and hokey to be perfectly honest. Needs an overhaul but probably not worth it, thus put something new in there. As someone who goes yearly I’d prefer to see improvements made with my 100 dollar ticket, not old, worn out attractions.

  249. I’m truly sick just thinking that this may happen. I was born & raised in central Florida so WDW holds a very special place in my heart. I grew up going to the Magic Kingdom & my children grew up going there & now their kids. The County Bears are sacrit & should be left alone. Everytime I take my 3yr old granddaughter, we have to go see the bears at least twice. I love Toy Story as much as any other fan but replacing the bears with a TS puppet show makes ZERO sense. If this does happen, they’ll lose my family as passholders. Even though I know that financially it wouldn’t make a difference to them.

  250. What a completely asinine idea. I’ve been to WDW over twenty times with my family and The Bear Jamboree is always on our list. There is plenty of room left at WDW. Build the toy story attraction elsewhere!

  251. DON’T CLOSE COUNTRY BEARS JAMBOREE!!! If Mr. Chapek & company feel the need to install yet an ADDITIONAL Toy Story attraction, how about putting it across from Buzz Lightyear in the old Stitch’s Great Escape site that’s been closed for years anyway?

  252. Oh my!! This is soooooooo….sad! The bear jamboree is so cute and fun for all families!!! I know everyone in my family enjoyed it very much! I get the whole adding new things to the parks but some shows like the bears should just be left alone! Its such a cute show for all! Theres plenty of other room in those parks for things!! Really!!!

  253. Country Bear Jamboree is Walt Disney. Its getting harder to understand why movies and Star Wars and comics should surpass good clean Disney fun. Very sad.

  254. Please don’t get rid of The Country Bear Jamboree. I love it. We don’t need any more Toy Story crap.

  255. Growing up in Gatlinburg, TN, I regularly watched a few different “singing bear shows” (no doubt taken from the Country Bears). So, as we visit WDW yearly, I had no desire to see the Country Bears… but this last year we watched it for the first time… and my family loved it.
    This attraction has now been added to my “must do list” – I would hate to see it go now. I am not a fan of the Toy Story franchise – neither are my kids… there is something magical and fascinating about original ideas that are not taken from IP’s ….
    I get that Jesse fits in Frontierland, but why do we need more Toy Story attractions? Yes, it might be a “classic” in 50 years, but right now, it’s annoying.
    To be clear: I like Buzz Light Year’s ride and Toy Story Mania, but unless you give me a fake gun and let me aim at something, I will not be joining the audience at this attraction.

  256. We just got back from Disneyworld and my daughter got to see Country Bears for the first time. We have been to Disneyland multiple times and she asked why they didn’t have one. We told her they used to but the Winnie the Pooh ride replaced it. She went well that’s stupid because that ride always goes down. She is 9 and loved the Country Bear show. She is looking forward to seeing it again if we go back in a couple years to Disneyworld. I hope they stay.

  257. It’s sad to see classic Disney disappearing. It’d be great if they would move the bears to another location and open it up to the public. Fort Wilderness would be a good spot.

  258. I’m a Californian and I grew up at Disneyland. The Country Bear Jamboree was always my favorite attraction. I have a million happy memories giggling with my dad and family in that theater. I was absolutely heartbroken when it closed at Disneyland. The only saving grace was knowing that if I could get to Florida I could see it again. Losing that is gut-wrenching. Winnie-the-Pooh is a lame, dark, and mildly disturbing ride. My three-year-old is terrified of it. I wish we wouldn’t tear down the past, especially if we aren’t going to replace these rides with something equally heartfelt and endearing.

  259. Don’t do it, Mr Chapek. Country Bears is an icon as much as the Tiki Room or Jungle Cruise. Don’t take away Walt’s last laugh.

  260. Perfect time to update the Country Bear Jamboree with current and brand new animatronics of Toy Story!

    Even my wife said last time we went Country Bear several months ago, Jamboree needs to go. I disagreed, BUT it was packed at the Kingdom that day,near a 2.5 hour wait for Peter Pan, Country Bear had a zero minute wait. So what is Disney to do, they can’t leave Country Bear being empty all the time.

    They can come up with a fantastic mash up that is far better then the current show, but paying tribute to it. Adding or remaking the tech new and bringing current Toys Story to the show is one way to keep the Bears. If they were smart they would mix the two! Like the old Mickey Mouse cartoon at EPCOT where they mash it up with new 3D effects, our family just loves that show. This way we get another 50 years of Country Bears and my kids will actually go back a second time to see it. Right now very few of the 7 kids I have think Country Bear is more than a one time thing, I mean when restaurants have as good a tech as Country Bear it’s just is just no big deal anymore, not for this newer generation.

    Add Toy story elements or completely change the show, but keep the Bears in some way! I think starting the Country Bear show as it is now, then Woody interrupting the show in some way and a new show happening with maybe the finale having the Country Bears jumping back in could be a neat way to do it. It could be combined with the marionettes with or without 3D or whatever, really there are many ways to go with it.

    If anyone could do a good Country Bear Toy Story mash up the Imagineers could!

  261. Wow, if they do remove it, that takes away yet another reason for me to visit. They are already making both coasts too similar, then take away the classics like this and yikes! Seriously, there is enough room to double or even triple the number of attractions at every park without closing a single attraction. It is a out time they wake up and realize this. And don’t tell me it is a staffing issue in this case, country bears usually required no more than two cast members at any given time.

    By the way, if they do announce this at D23, I strongly encourage everyone to boo the announcement at D23 and do so heavily, it is a REALLY bad idea to do this.

  262. I can’t believe they would remove such a precious Disney treasure!! The country bears are an incredible piece of Disney history. Perhaps they can change the bears show a bit.

    What’s next, replacing the president’s with the Muppets? Oh yes, they did do that for awhile.

  263. Very disappointing. Too many classic Disney items are going by the wayside. We cannot lose all the basics that made Disney great to begin with

  264. This is horrible. My wife and I just went to WDW at the end of January and saw Country Bear Jamboree THREE TIMES! I LOVE this attraction. I’ve been seeing it every time I go since 1974 on my first trip. Had I known this last trip could very well be the last time I might ever see it, I would have rolled in a few more times, and taken some high quality video.

    I truly hope the decision makers at Disney choose to keep Country Bear Jamboree intact, and place new attractions elsewhere. This also goes for The Tiki Room, which I also see a few times per trip to Disney.

  265. Sincerely hope that the Country Bear Jamboree will continue to be enjoyed by many. It’s been one of my favorite attractions.

  266. I have to keep reminding myself that Walt said to “keep moving forward.” The country bear jamboree is definitely a childhood memory I have at WDW. My inner child is screaming to let it not be so, but my love for Disney does have a reality, and that reality is saying it might be time to say goodbye. I felt the same way about mr toads wild ride turning into Winnie the Pooh. At least the Disney imagineers at the time paid tribute to it by the portrait of Mr toad and owl, and then there’s the statue at the haunted Mansion. I hope hey will do something similar.

  267. So thankful I took my kids this last trip. I’m all for new and shiny things but those new and shiny things work when balanced with classic vintage goodness. Too much of either produces a stale park. Yes if they continue to wreck the classics, I see you GMR and Mr Toads Wild Ride and Snow whites Scary Adventure, and many others, and the park is only the new and shiny I believe it will backfire and create a stale park. And those who don’t care about CBJ, it’s a slippery slope and our beloved Pirates, HM, Tiki Room, Peter Pan, Splash and many others will be axed one day as the new shiny things draw more crowds away from these classics. I am not so sure I’m looking forward to 2021 now at WDW.

  268. I feel this is long overdue. I havent willingly visited country bear jamboree in 30 years when i was dragged as a small child. I get the woodys roundup tie in and am THANKFUL for that. Keeping in theme of the kingdoms is a big deal instead of forcing something just to jump on popularity. Yes yes, i get nostalgia, but i think it is ignorant to attempt to say jamboree is on par with mansion or tiki room. They dont get the same attendance. The same way tea cups will never pull the same as peter pan.
    We all want new, better and more but yet want to keep the old at the same time for our memories? I certainly wouldnt be ok paying what i pay to visit if everything was the same as is was when i first started going. Look, i still believe that wishes was the best fireworks show MK ever did, but it needed to go before it did. Some changes are needed and this one is blaringly obvious. I personally feel that theres much in frontierland that would do well to be revamped as well as adventureland.
    I have toddlers, jamboree would never keep them exicted or keep them from having a midday meltdown. However, yes, another toy story show might. I love how the part of the park is trying to stay relevent and relatable for young families. And perhaps 30 years from now my childrens children will get a new more relevant to them ride in the same location.

  269. Please leave Country Bears alone. There is plenty of land in Disney World so add to the parks (or make a new park) instead of replacing the classics. It also seems that the studios would be a better location for anything Toy Story. Each park has it’s own personality that needs to be maintained. I realize that Woody is a cowboy but that doesn’t make him fit into Frontierland. Deviating from the themes thru-out the parks like this will destroy much of what is special about Disney parks. Spending money to negatively impact your product is an ill-advised decision.

  270. I think it would be a horid mistake. And would completly fell disillusion . its bad enough you have Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Ride which has no imagination on that half of the park to add another imagine list attraction on that side of the part takes away from The Wonder of Adventureland and frontierland and is just a money grab instead of a true imagineering experience.

  271. This absolutely breaks my heart. Stop taking the classics away from us! My 4 year old fell in love with the Country Bears when we took him for the first time when he was 2. It’s one of his favorites and he absolutely sobbed when I mentioned this today to my husband. My kids are young and they appreciate the original Disney World attractions so much more than the new things that are replacing them. My daughter who is 8 even said “Another Toy Story thing?? Why?” Disney World was iconic and endearing and special because of these attractions. They were unlike anything that was ever seen before. There was charm and imagination that is unmatched. That is what Disney fans want. Not more commercialism and attractions based on what’s popular at the moment. Spend the time and money to renovate and restore the Country Bears for the 50th Anniversary. Please do not take this beloved attraction away from us!

  272. Noooo! Come on, Disney! If you really want to build ANOTHER Toy Story attraction, build it somewhere else. You have, as mentioned in this article, the “blessing of space.” You MUST leave some of the classic attractions for us.

    While I’m at it, please do a better job of maintaining the classic rides you already have, rather than focusing so much on new rides. New is great, but not at the expense of beloved attractions.

  273. New is not always better as seen by several of the “new” attractions in Disney World. Frankly i am tired of Toy Story and would not wait in line for yet another such attraction. Disney World has a good deal of undeveloped property.. Maybe adding some additional attractions rather than replacing might be an advantage and maybe even reduce lines at others.
    Disney has also forgotten that the older visitors often return to the parks to revisit places that once gave them fond memories. There really seems to be little left that enables the older visitor to do just that. I would love to go back and relive with my adult son and create new memories for my grandchildren. Frankly, I am unhappy with the number of attractions that have been either torn down or replaced. That coupled with the high admission prices is making me think twice about “going to Disney.”


  274. I first visited WDW in 1996 at the age of 21 I have been every year since then, my 3 boys have grown up singing along with the bears and I had hoped they would be able to share this experience with their kids on day. Granted Bears is not on of the major attractions, but like the Tiki Room and Tom Sawyer Island it is always a good escape from the crowds. I sincerely hope this is only a rumor and nothing comes of it!

  275. Toy story land is open w/a large number of toy story products & shows already. One more T.Story show is not needed! Keep the campy & well loved Country bear Jamboree open. If Disney is seriously thinking of doing this… DON’T!!! Toy Story products can be p!aced in the Magic Kingdoms many(and I mean MANY) stores. Don’t take out the Jamboree just to get a few more dollars.

  276. As you increase the price to the park ( but keep increasing the CEO ‘s salary 80M+ ) as a grandparent who foots the bill, if no rides I remember no more footing the bill for 9. If it goes only 3 rides are left I enjoy. Peter Pan, Haunted House and log ride ( someone will call it racist I’m afraid ) I’m out. Tired of all Board thinks of is profits and CEO’s raises ( I’m a stockholder )
    You are very close to pissing me off.

  277. Dont kill classic Disney. The reason we fell in love with the parks in the first place!

  278. I used to look forward to going to WDW, but no longer. Stories like this have convinced me to never set foot in the parks again. So sad to see the artistry and magic killed little by little.

  279. It saddens me to think the Country Bears May leave. Yes it is old and not fast paced or exciting. Technology has far out paced it. But, this experience is still gentle fun. Children can come in and watch the bears and be entertained. All you have to do is watch their faces and the magic begins. Sharing my childhood with my children and their children is something that can’t be replaced. Mr Disney did not plan everything around what characters were for sale. He wanted parents and children to be able to play together.

  280. So sad. Disney has become less and less attractive. It used to be so fun. Now it’s a mad dash to either stand in line for ages or have your day all scheduled out. It’s too crowded to enjoy, and all the nostalgia is being replaced. I’ve been going to the Parks all my life. I still have some old ticket books. I’m sorry to see the path being taken. Not only is a trip being priced out of reach, but it’s become less if a place we want to go.

  281. I’m saddened by this news & totally agree with the author. Country Bear Jamboree is a connection I think we all look for to Walt himself. It’s an original attraction, 1 of a few left that has stood the test of time. I was just at the park in May. It was not a hot day so no one just trying to find refuge from the heat but every seat was filled. Everyone there was looking to be entertained or trying to hold onto a memory they may have shared with a loved one no longer around as I guess I was. If the company wants to expand Toy Story, so be it but put it in the Toy Story Land where it belongs. Leave the original attractions in the Magic Kingdom as is so that future generations can understand a bit of the vision that Walt had. We need those to still feel that magic. I hope it’s a decision that they give a serious 2nd thought to.

  282. I’m a former AP. I’ve made upward of 7-8 trips to Disney World in a single year, staying on property, etc…and decisions such as this to close existing rides and attractions to make room for new is nonsense. Those decisions and the large heavy crowds made the decision not to renew easier this year. Walt purchased more land than could ever be used. Expand Frontierland passed Big Thunder Mountain. Make a new section with a show and theater for Woody ‘s Roundup, but leave Country Bears alone. There isn’t much left of the original rides that opened over the first 5 years in the Magic Kingdom. I sat in the Country Bear Jamboree and enjoyed that show 6 times last year. Enjoyed it every single time and will be extremely disappointed in Disney if they would indeed close it. Build new, expand, grow, make room to spread the crowds around to more attractions… don’t get rid of the classics!!!!

  283. This truly makes me so sad. Disney parks must leave part of it’s history intact. The Country Bear Jamboree is one of my favorite things in the park. It would be a shame to lose such an iconic piece of Disney history. I would not visit anything put in it’s place.

  284. I just want to say how saddened I am to hear this. Could try Bear Jamboree is one of my favorite parts of Walt Disney World! The main reason I even go into Frontier Land. I really dont see the need for more Toy Story attractions. Please dont take away The Country Bears!😭😭😭

  285. I would be completely disappointed if this “rumor” becomes a reality. This is a classic and while some feel it is stale I disagree. There was a point where we did not go to the CBJ but that made the renewed visit starting several years ago brought new life to the venue. We were looking forward to bringing our new grandson to the venue in a year or so when he can appreciate it. The show transcends time as all classics do. He would find it very entertaining as well as giving the parents and grandparent a much needed standing break. That alone makes the venue a top priority. The animatronics are funny and the “mounted” characters are just that, characters I understand the need for change but to add another Toy Story venue is over kill nothing new and I believe leaves nothing to be wanted or needed. What a waste of good space and the loss of that entertainment would be irreplaceable especially when it the same old same old of Toy Story everywhere. Leave Toy Story to Disney Hollywood where it belongs and is expected

  286. Noooooo! Please say it isn’t so. Will the Tiki Room be far behind? Wait, get Eddie Murphy to star in a live action country bears movie. That might help

  287. What a sad thing to hear. The idea that when we go to Disney for the 50th anniversary we won’t be able to enjoy the Bear Jamboree is so disappointing. Not everyone enjoys rollercoaster rides and the like – some of us like the simple attractions. There is an unreplacable nostalgia to these attractions that are being taken away. 😑🤦‍♀️

  288. My three year old granddaughter laughed uncontrollably throughout the whole show five years ago. We go almost every year to wdw and never miss the country bear jamboree show. It brings us some of our best memories of our vacation. Really would hate to see it closed.

  289. I was and still am devestated by the loss of Country Bear Jamboree at Disneyland. It’s a small comfort to know it’s still at the Magic Kingdom, along with the People Mover and Carousel of Progress. It doesn’t seem right to replace an opening day attraction with something new to celebrate the 50th anniversary.

  290. Oh say it isn’t so!! There are so many rides and attractions not accessible to little children and anyone else not interested in roller coaster type craziness that losing the Country Jubilee would be a severe disappointment. Darn it, I’m a stock holder and they never asked us about this 😡. I want to enjoy this with my grandson! We don’t need more Toy Story ads, we need more gentle, fun entertainment.

  291. They need to stop replacing the classics. The whole point to visit Disney was to introduce new characters. I seriously hope this isn’t true

  292. I was disappointed when the country Bear jamboree at Disneyland closed and that awful Winnie the Pooh ride opened in its place. My husband and I just returned from Walt Disney world a few months ago and the very first ride I went to in magic kingdom was country Bear jamboree. This attraction holds a lot of nostalgia for me and I suspect many other people too. In the Florida parks it’s not necessary to close down old attractions to build new ones.

  293. This is so sad to me and my whole family. I can remember seeing the Country Bears 30 yrs ago as a kid while my dad bobs his head and sings the words, the same way he does now! Guess we won’t get to have that experience again. Would love a last chance to see the Christmas show!!! What will they do next, pull Haunted Mansion and Thunder Railroad ☹️

  294. Very ironic that the current “Disney” is trying very hard to remove anything and everything that has Walt’s name attached to it. Want to bet the Carasel of Progress is next on the chopping block in a year or so.

  295. I’m obviously the minority because I will not be sad to see it go and I have been going to Disney World since it was just Magic Kingdom. Half of the songs are pretty inappropriate and to be honest the bears are kind of creepy looking. Yes it reminds me of going to Disney when I was a kid, but how much longer are people my age going to be going there LOL. Shouldn’t it appeal to a new generation? Why does it have to stay like it was when it opened?

  296. This would be terrible. Country Bears is a favorite attraction, the perfect getaway from a hot day in the park. The parks used to be able to generate IP, everything does not need to be based on one of the films. There is literally a Toy Story Land, I think the Parks community would regret the loss of this attraction.