PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 7/14/19 (Merchandise, Tron Construction, New Leggings, and More!)

Welcome to a busy morning here at the Magic Kingdom. It feels busier this week than last week, surprisingly. Crowds are here bright an early!

Crowds at entrance of Magic Kingdom

Let’s head down Main Street USA and see what’s new.

Early morning crowds of tour groups on Main Street

In the Emporium, the new tops and leggings are available. They have the new styles and the old styles. The display is a dream closet.

Disney Leggings on Display

There is some cute new Imagination Pink colored jewelry available, too. The “Yoo Hoo” necklace is $14.99, and the ear rings are also $14.99.

Pink Yoo Hoo Ear Rings

Necklace – $14.99

There’s also a cute Simba necklace for $14.99.

The new monthly Kingdom Consoles pin, TaleSpin, is available. It’s limited edition 4000 and costs $17.99. The cartridge slides up and down into the console, and the controller has a magnet allowing it to be removed. We love all the details on these new pins.


While on the PeopleMover, we could see high reaches along the Tron track and crew members at work. The walls are still being built around the highest point in the track. They have some more supports added, but there doesn’t seem too be much difference from the last time we checked.

Tron framework for building

It seems like they’re preparing to build up the area closer to the Tomorrowland Speedway track and exit of Space Mountain next.

Tron Construction

There doesn’t seem to be too much noticeable progress from our last visit to the Cinderella Castle pathway. We can see a few more areas along the stone wall are broken up. More metal bracket fixtures have been added further down on the wall facing the moat and castle.

Castle Pathway Expansion

Boards over the old pathway by Cinderella Castle

From the other side, by Sleepy Hollow Refreshments, we can still see more detailing added around the outer walls. Behind the wall, we can see that there is much more work to be done.

Dirt and wooden planks on the castle pathway

That’s about it for today. Thanks for following us around the Magic Kingdom, and be sure to stay tuned for more updates from!