Cinderella Castle

PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 7/22/2019 (Pathway Painting, TRON Updates, Still No Awnings at Haunted Mansion, New Ornaments, ETC.)

We’re back for another day at the most magical place on earth, the Magic Kingdom. Let’s get this photo report started!

magic kingdom

plaza ice cream parlor

Cinderella Castle

tomorrowland bridge

I think I’m either getting used to not seeing the Tomorrowland entrance sign there, or I might have just gotten over my shock of it missing, and I think I might actually kind of like it. It’s such a beautiful, unobstructed view from the hub straight down to the Astro Orbiter.

Astro Orbiter

Speaking of the Astro Orbiter, it was still closed today for its unscheduled maintenance, and is expected to remain closed until at least August 14th.

tron construction

TRON Lightcycle Power Run construction continues to move along. The mountain of dirt is still growing, and they’ve added a few more beams to the tallest part of the track, to the right of the photo.

tron construction

castle couture

The wall at Castle Couture continues to hold fast and strong. I actually kind of miss the scrim as it was better themed.

Checking in on the pathway widening construction by Cinderella Castle and there was actually some activity happening today. Workers were painting a couple sections of the new wall.

t also looks like they’ve removed all of the pavement and concrete from the old pathway and are working on getting everything leveled to be able to start paving the new path.

sir mickey's

One of the entrances of Sir Mickey’s in Fantasyland was blocked off today. It looks like they had a bit of trouble with one of the sliding doors and it might have gotten stuck, and with the bottom jutting out like that, it definitely would have been a tripping hazard.

sir mickey's

haunted mansion

At the Haunted Mansion, the awnings that cover the queue are still missing, making this outdoor queue a bit more uncomfortable in the middle of the hottest part of the relentless Florida summer.

Minnie ear ornaments

In Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe (where I was reminded that there’s only 158 days until Christmas), the new Minnie Ear ornaments we found at Disney Springs have also made their way over here. As an avid Christmas ornament collector, these are my favorite ornaments that have been released lately, and I love how accurate the tiny mini versions are.

ye olde Christmas shoppe

That’s all for my walk around Magic Kingdom today! Stay tuned to WDWNT for all the latest updates!