PHOTOS: New Character Pens (Genie, Little Green Men, Remy, Timon) Spotted at MouseGear in Epcot

If you’re like me and you can’t help but amass large quantities of stationery (without the intent to ever really use it), then this is the merch post for you. We spotted a set of fun, all-new character pens at MouseGear in Epcot and given what a rarity themed pens are these days, we’re pretty excited about these.

Each pen is topped with a character, holding relevant object, with a themed design running down the body of the pen and that character’s signature scrawled along the length of the pen as well. We spotted Remy, Timon, Genie, and a Little Green Man among the collection.

New Character Pens at MouseGear

Remy (Ratatouille) Character Pen – $9.99

Remy, of course, holds a chunk of cheese and is wearing his famed chef’s hat.

Little Green Man Character Pen – $9.99

This Little Green Man is holding a piece of pizza from Pizza Planet.

Genie Character Pen – $9.99

Timon Character Pen – $9.99

Timon’s holding a little green grub. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it, kid!

So far, we’ve seen these pens at Epcot and at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but we expect them to make their way to all the parks soon. Will you be adding a pen or two to your Disney stationery collection?