PHOTOS: Sleepy Figment Dream Friend Plush Dozes Into ImageWorks at Epcot

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Back when the Sleepy Figment Dream Friend Plush debuted earlier this month on shopDisney, the Disney community went wild… and the plush sold out in record time. Well, today we spotted the royal purple plush dozing away on a MouseGear shelf. You can also find him at the ImageWorks shop. That’s right, sleeping Figment has arrived at Epcot!

The plush, part of the Disney Parks Dream Friend Plush Collection, measures 8 1/2 inches tall by 17 inches wide by 31 inches long from nose to tail, and sells for $34.99. The plush also boasts detailed plush sculpting, embroidered features, and orange plush wings, horns, claws, and spine plates. This plush is the perfect size for a young child (or perhaps even an older Epcot fan) to cuddle up with. The plush even doubles as a makeshift pillow! And now, for what you really clicked through for: a bunch of adorable sleeping Figment photos.

Figment likes taking in the smell of fresh Epcot grass in the morning.

Actually, the shrubs by ImageWorks are pretty nice, too.

Sleeping on the job, but hey, it’s Friday.

“Do Not Disturb––Imagination at Work.”


It’s best to leave sleeping dragons lie.

And this little guy can sleep through just about anything.

If you prefer your Figments on the smaller side (with bigger feet), you can also check out the Figment Big Feet Plush we spotted at Epcot recently. Me, I’m just happy to be living in the Figment renaissance. Get your sleeping Figment plush before they sell out again!

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