3 slices of chocolate covered bacon

REVIEW: Kona Island Debuts 3 Types of Chocolate Covered Bacon at the Polynesian Resort

Bacon. You don’t really need to say much more to get our attention. Now, let’s talk about how Kona Island at the Polynesian is serving up their bacon- dipped in chocolate. You can get your chocolate dipped bacon in three varieties, so of course we had to try them all. Time to pig out!

3 slices of chocolate covered bacon

Dark Chocolate Covered Bacon – $4.00

dark chocolate dipped bacon with milk and white chocolate drizzle

Sweet meets savory with this dark chocolate dipped bacon treat. The chocolate coating is thick, and drizzled with milk and white chocolate. The bacon has a salty taste, with goes well with the rich dark chocolate. We had a really thick coating of chocolate on this piece, which made it just a little too rich. The bacon is chewy, with just the right amount of crispness to bite easily.

Dark chocolate dipped bacon with milk and white chocolate drizzle


Dark Chocolate Chili Bacon – $4.00

Dark Chocolate Chili Bacon

Red chili pepper flakes are sprinkled on the layer of dark chocolate, which helps distinguish from the non-spicy strip. This piece of bacon tastes a bit more seasoned than the others, and there is definitely a noticeable difference in the dark chocolate flavors. The chili flavor isn’t overpowering, and is more of an afterthought. There is just a slight heat left behind after you take a bite. While it isn’t too spicy, it is more exciting than the plain dark chocolate version. There’s also a thinner layer of chocolate on this piece, making it a more balanced snack.

Chocolate Chili Bacon


Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Pecan Bacon – $4.00

Cinnamon Pecan Chocolate dipped bacon from Kona Island

This is definitely the winner of the three. You really get two snacks in one with this piece of bacon. Not only do you get a perfect piece of chocolate-dipped bacon, you get several large cinnamon pecans, and they’re fantastic. They pecans are sweet and crunchy, and taste good on the bacon and alone. If you like pecans, do not miss this one.

Cinnamon Pecon Chocolate Dipped Bacon

We noticed that the Dark Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Chili were both made up of two pieces of bacon overlapped and held together with chocolate. The Cinnamon Pecan one was just as large as the other two, but only made up of one piece. It’s a nice sized portion for $4.

Dark chocolate covered bacon

They’re glorious, aren’t they?

Kona Island Dark Chocolate Covered Bacon Trio

The treats in the display case have gotten a serious upgrade over at Kona Island. This chocolate-covered bacon is a must try for the adventurous snacker. You may want to hop off the monorail and grab a quick piece, or three, next time you’re at the Polynesian!