CONCEPT ART: First Look at Quick Service Restaurant, Grab & Go Market at Reflections – A Disney Lakeside Lodge

During our concept art reveal and tour of the upcoming Reflections – A Disney Lakeside Lodge resort lobby yesterday, we hinted at a common theme of all things “organic.”

There’s organically-designed seating spaces, with rigid postmodernist construction contrasting against free-form furnishings and decor, with hubs or nests for guests to relax in. It’d only make sense that the food served at the hotel would follow suit with the resort’s light and back-to-nature vibe.

It’s still nothing more than a buzz word, especially in the theme park sphere. (If you really think your salad comes from Living with the Land and not some massive bin, think again.) However, based on this new concept art, Reflections’ casual dining area, located on the first floor of the resort, promises to be a game-changer for quick service options across the resort.

Guests make their way down these glass-paned stairs from the lobby of the resort, to the main quick service and grab-and-go section downstairs.

You can see where the stairs winds down, spilling out to the main dining area.

Now we go into seating and dining areas, which include food-forward scenes from Disney movies, like the corn field scene from Pocahontas, which decorates the condiments section and beverages station area. Wooden and green lucite tables are scattered about with assorted seating, like industrial metal barstools and upholstered chairs, to sit in. Woven light fixtures dangle from the high ceilings. Just like the woven nest orbs we saw in the lobby, the dining area features these neat vertical gardens with metal beams, wooden planters, and red bench seating as individual dining spaces. Want a glimpse of trees covered in Spanish moss? Booths and tables line the windows as well.

And here we are at the main hub for dining and food ordering. Right off the bat, you can catch a glimpse of the assorted seating available in the form of booths with modernist chairs. A tree formation on the right displays stained glass motifs of Meeko (from Pocahontas), Tod (from The Fox and the Hound), Koda and Kenai (from Brother Bear) and Bambi. Layers of quartz and inlaid tile line the floor, with general muted earthy tones throughout contrasted by colorful pops of color with character.

Move over, Sweet Tomatoes. A house-shaped buffet structure will feature a variety of toppings for build-your-own soups and salads. In the middle, a smaller grab-and-go section with chips, nuts, and snacks will be available to accompany your meal.

In the back, you can catch a glimpse of a larger market section, followed by a  pizza station, another hot foods station with artwork featuring the salmon-catching scene from Brother Bear, and the soup and salad kitchen area with artwork from Bambi.

It’s worth noting that this appears to be one of the larger quick service dining areas we’ve seen at any of the more upscale resorts, as usually resort planners tend to write off quick services in favor of sit-down dining locations due to the resort’s elevated status. It follows a similar pattern to that of Value resort quick service dining in the way that there are separate bays for each type of food, and by way of sheer size.

Recent permits showed us the general layout of the resort, with the locations of the new cabins to be built. We expect further details and concept art for the resort to be released in the coming months, if not sooner.

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