PHOTOS: Duffy’s Delightful Autumn Woods Merchandise Now Available at Tokyo DisneySea

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The seasons are changing yet again here at Tokyo DisneySea! And along with the exciting Disney Halloween event launching September 10th, we also got a new Duffy mini-event this week! Duffy’s Delightful Autumn Woods features Duffy, ShellieMay, Gelatoni, and StellaLou in adorable autumn-themed garb being their cute selves! All of this merchandise is available at McDuck’s, Galleria Disney, and Aunt Peg’s Village Store through November 5th!

Duffy & Friends Costumes – ¥4800 ($45.15)

Stuffed Badges – ¥2000 ($18.81)

Stuffed Keychains – ¥1800 ($16.93)

Strapped Plush – ¥2900 ($27.28)

Duffy Lamp – ¥4800 ($45.15)

Phone Case – ¥3800 ($35.74)

Keychains – ¥2900 ($27.28)

Pass Case – ¥2000 ($18.81)

Tote Bag – ¥3900 ($36.68)

Coin Purse – ¥2600 ($24.46)

Leisure Sheet – ¥700 ($6.58)

Tablecloth – ¥3800 ($35.74)

Sticky Notes – ¥1200 ($11.29)

Washcloths – ¥2900 ($27.28)

Face Towel – ¥1600 ($15.05)

Drawstring Bags – ¥1800 ($16.93)

Umbrella – ¥6800 ($63.96)

Poncho – ¥4800 ($45.15)

Duffy Rice Paddle – ¥1000 ($9.41)

Dining Set – ¥3000 ($28.22)

Cookies – ¥1500 ($14.11)

Pasta Snacks – ¥1000 ($9.41)

Filled Marshmallows – ¥600 ($5.64)

Royal Milk Tea – ¥1700 ($15.99)

Chocolates – ¥900 ($8.47)

Assorted Sweets – ¥1600 ($15.05)

That about wraps it all up here at Tokyo DisneySea! I’m not the biggest Duffy fan in the world, personally, but I think some of this Delightful Autumn Woods line is just adorable! Will you be visiting Tokyo DisneySea soon? Do you want to pick up any of this merchandise? Let us know below or on Twitter!

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