PHOTOS: Exclusive New Limited Edition MagicBand Available at Disney Fairy Tails Pin Event at Epcot

Disney’s Fairy Tails pin event is in full swing at Epcot this weekend. There are plenty of great exclusive event pins available to attendees, but there’s one more exclusive item that has us howling. There is a new limited edition MagicBand, and it’s absolutely purr-fect.

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This MagicBand is $34.99 and a limited edition of 1,000. This exclusive band is available to guests of the Fairy Tails pin event at Epcot.

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The front of the box has the event logo, and a cute collar with “Walt Disney World” on the tag.

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The inside on the box is black, and has paw prints all around the sides. “Limited Edition 1,000” is written below the band and the logo is printed above it.

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The band is a bright teal color that makes the black and white lettering pop. The side of the band has the logo, with Figaro and Pluto on each end.

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A paw print and “Walt Disney World” are printed near the puck. There are also outlines of paw prints up and down the band.

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Pua, Pascal, Iago, Cleo characters on teal band

On the other side, we find more of our pet pals! The band also features Pua, Pascal, Iago, and Cleo. It’s so cute!

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Many limited edition bands have special effects, so we’re sure this will have some sort of sound when used at the touch points. If these bands don’t sell out at the event, they will be available to guests on Sunday at the Fairy Tails store in World Showplace. This has been a popular souvenir among guests at the event, so make sure you sniff one of these out quickly if this is a must have for you!