PHOTOS: New Entrance and Security Checkpoint Expansion Areas Now Open at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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Hooray for Hollywood! Just in time for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge (and the incoming Fall crowds), the new entrance and security checkpoint expansion area at the front of Disney’s Hollywood Studios has opened.

Three of the new security lanes are open over on this side, with a few others roped off to the side.

Guests now have two security sections to choose from, with bag-less entry located in the middle corner, and three potential exits at the edges.

You might’ve seen that Cast Member costumes were recently changed to match the color scheme and style of the new entrance structure.

Guests heading towards the boat dock and such can exit through this new area instead of having to loop around the new security complex.

Now that’s a grand entrance! With all that is new matching the old style, guests may not even realize that anything was changed here.

The security expansion and changes around the entrance of Hollywood Studios are going to be greatly appreciated in the next few months.

Stay tuned to for more updates on the many changes taking place at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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