PHOTOS: New Hidden Mickey Pins Revealed for Walt Disney World and Disneyland Feature Classic Disney Attractions and More!

Attention pin traders! We got a chance to preview some of the upcoming “Hidden Mickey” Cast Member lanyard pins and they’re pretty amazing! These pins are not available for purchase in the stores and can only be found on Cast Member lanyards and received in trade.

Walt Disney World Exclusives

Walt Disney World will receive 4 exclusive Hidden Mickey pin sets. The classic attractions series features Peter Pan’s Flight, Carousel of Progress, Dumbo, Horizons, the Great Movie Ride, and the Haunted Mansion. The chaser is a purple Carousel of Progress sign. The Country Bears are actually getting some love here! There is an entire 6 pins set (7 if you include the purple chaser) of our beloved bears. We will be looking to complete this set for sure. Bambi is also getting an entire set of pins, too. The one of Bambi and his mother is adorable. The Mickey Shorts black and white series is fun, and even includes one of my favorites, Skeleton Dance. This is a nice variety of new Hidden Mickey pins.

Disneyland Exclusives

Disneyland is getting some cute sets, too! The sensational 6 are featured on a series of musical instrument pins. There’s also a weather vane series. Loving the Mr. Toad one. There’s a set of Disneyland “D” pins, and Mr. Toad is also on one of these. The three little pigs series will be a lot of fun to track down. The 6 pin set is made up of the 3 pigs and the 3 houses.

Shared (Both Disneyland and Walt Disney World)

There is one shared release of pins. You will be able to find these dog houses on either coast. Definitely needing Dodger and Max!

These new Hidden Mickey pins should be debuting sometime this Fall, so keep your eyes peeled. Which sets are you looking to get? It’s time to grab some pins and get hunting. Happy trading!