PHOTOS: New Park Ticket Vending Machines Now Open at Tokyo Disneyland

Back in May, Tokyo Disneyland opened the first half of its new main entrance. At the time, the project was supposed to open with ticket vending machines along with a small number of Cast-manned windows, but they didn’t. But this week, we finally spotted them active and in use!

There are six of these machines, as well as a few Cast Members to help Guests. Six more of these machines will go online in spring 2020, with the other half of the entrance.

Ticket prices are noted above the machines. One day at Tokyo Disneyland (or Sea) costs ¥7400, or about $68-70.

These machines look pretty nice! They remind me a lot of Japanese train ticket vending machines.

These machines are available in Japanese, English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, and Korean. The original press release also promised Thai and Indonesian, but those are not available currently.

You can buy anywhere from 1-4 day passports, as well as (on this day) the Natsu 5 Weekday Passport. That option will return to “After 6” next week, and changes to “Starlight Passport” on weekends. If you’re a FUNderful Disney member (the official Tokyo DIsney Resort fan club), you can also redeem for those here.

You can pay via cash, coupon, or Tokyo Disney Resort Corporate Program coupons. I have no idea what the last one is, honestly.

It appears they may even accept Apple Pay (although I haven’t tested that). There’s also the infrastructure set up for QR payments like WeChat Pay, if they desire to add that functionality.

I like these new machines! I think they’ll increase efficiency with the ticket purchase process. As tourism increases around the Olympics, this will also help break down language barriers! What do you think of these? Let us know below or on Twitter!

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