REVIEW: New “Bubble, Apple, Toil, and Trouble” Cupcake is Spooky and Sweet at Disney’s Pop Century Resort

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It’s Halloween season at Disney (yes, already) and with that comes a whole slew of Halloween themed treats, and the latest one in this year’s lineup is the “Bubble, Apple, Toil, and Trouble” cupcake at Disney’s Pop Century Resort.

This is a yellow cake cupcake, topped with black and green buttercream frosting with sprinkles, a gummy worm, a sugar bone and eyes, and filled with a caramel apple filling.

This was another surprisingly moist and dense cake. Most of the Disney cupcakes we’ve had in the past have tended to be very dry and crumbled apart easily, but this one held its form very well.

The frosting on top was just a normal vanilla buttercream flavor, and beware of the black colored frosting, it will stain anything and everything it comes in contact with. It was extremely sweet and sugary, and one small bite of the frosting was more than enough for me. I liked the toppings, it made it a cute Halloween theme with the eyeballs and the bone. The filling was pretty tasty, with plenty of actual chunks of apples in a caramel flavored sauce. I actually thought there was a good amount of filling in the cupcake this time, as well.

If you’re into collecting all of the Halloween themed treats, this cupcake can be found at Disney’s Pop Century Resort at the Everything POP Shopping and Dining, for $5.49.