REVIEW: New Galactic Funnel Cake Lands at Epic Eats For Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Bright suns! We’re here bright and early to experience the grand opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, but not without starting our day with a snack. Epic Eats, the funnel cake cart near Indiana Jones, has a new Galactic Funnel Cake offering and we had to give it a try. With a name like “Epic Eats”, we expect this cart to serve us something impressive. They did not disappoint.

The Galactic Funnel Cake is topped by strawberries, cookies and cream bits, and chocolate rocks.

The funnel cake cake can be served alone for $8.49, or a la mode for $9.49. Here at WDWNT, we go big or we go home. Of course we’re having our Galactic Funnel Cake a la Mode.

Chunks of crunchy, chocolate “rocks” are sprinkled all over this beautiful funnel cake. Sliced strawberries and chocolate cover the cake completely, and a giant pile of vanilla soft serve brings it all together.

The funnel cake is incredible fresh and easy to eat. It’s not overly cooked and crunchy, which is nice. The chocolate rocks give an interesting texture and flavor. The strawberries and vanilla ice cream taste come through most. It isn’t as chocolate-forward as we expected. This is definitely an epic eat if we ever saw one.

The best part about funnel cakes is the versatility to be a breakfast or a snack. Ice cream topped funnel cakes are a perfectly acceptable form of breakfast while in the parks. Be sure to stop by and grab a Galactic Funnel Cake from Epic Eats next time you’re in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.