REVIEW: New Rainbow Popcorn at the Imagination Pavilion Gourmet Popcorn Cart in Epcot

Next time you’re journeying over to the Imagination! Pavilion to see Figment (because we know how much everyone loves that ride), make sure you stop by the gourmet popcorn cart that’s stationed nearby. You’ll never know what you’re going to find at this gourmet flavored popcorn stand, and this time around, we were in for a colorful surprise.

That’s right, rainbow popcorn is now available at Epcot!

Gone is the usual Sour Cream and Chive flavor that they usually make here, although we think it’s merely temporary. The Rainbow Popcorn, along with a slew of other treats and merchandise, is making a guest appearance in celebration of Gay Days, which is taking place this week at Walt Disney World.

You can purchase a bag of it for $6.00, or redeem a Snack Credit on the Disney Dining Plan.

Each color features a different flavor, but overall, the flavors are generally light and sweet.

Pink is cotton candy, blue is raspberry, orange is, well, orange, and the green we believe to be watermelon. You’ll notice we left out yellow. That’s because those kernels don’t taste like anything.

The popcorn was annoyingly sticky from the candy coating, but was surprisingly fresh and not stale. We always recommend “rope-dropping” the popcorn carts for the freshest servings of the day.

Would we get this again? Probably not. Maybe if we’re at Kat Saka’s Kettle¬†over at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and that’s only because it’s Galaxy’s Edge. But still, we appreciate the parks doing special things to commemorate the longstanding Gay Days tradition. Dreamfinder would be proud.

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