REVIEW: New Tiger Boba Milk Tea and Chengdu Street Fries at Nine Dragons Restaurant in Epcot

We’re at the infamous Nine Dragons Restaurant at the China Pavilion in Epcot today. Yes, the same Nine Dragons everyone likes to hate on, but we’re a fan of the restaurant and tend to dine here often as the dishes here, while being nothing to write home about, rarely disappoint.

Today, we’re exploring the restaurant’s two new specialty items, titled Chef’s Selections. For the appetizer, we have the Chengdu Street Fries, and as a specialty beverage, we have the Tiger Boba Milk Tea. Let’s dig in.

Tiger Boba Milk Tea – $7.99

We’ll start out with the boba, which is surprisingly very good, not to mention it comes in a generous serving.

Most people have caught on to the West Coast milk tea trend by now, and people will like this take on it, with its creamy milkiness, soft chewy boba, and dense caramel (actually known as black sugar syrup in Taiwanese cooking) lining the cup.

This tastes like milk tea you’d get if you went to a legit boba place, more so than the Joy of Tea cart, and it’s similar to what they serve during the festivals. At a boba shop in the real world, people would wait in long lines for this, so it’s nice you can have it at an air-conditioned sit-down restaurant in Epcot.

Chengdu Street Fries – $6.99

These are crinkle-cut fries, tossed with Chinese five spice, hot oil, Sichuan peppercorns, chilies, cilantro, and scallions. It’s very good, and very spicy. Nine Dragons is probably the last place you’d expect to find crinkle fries, but they’re fried to perfection here, crunchy exterior and all.

Another good thing about these fries is that you get a giant portion of them. You can’t tell by the bowl, but there’s a large mound of fries in there. Generally speaking, if you like spicy food, and you like fries, this is a good option for you to try here, and we totally recommend these.

Will you be stopping by Nine Dragons Restaurant to try these Chef’s Selections? As with any special menu items, these are only here for a limited time, so make sure you drop on in and give Nine Dragons a chance for once.

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