DISPATCH: Nixon at the Contemporary PLAY-CAST & Show Notes

Nixon at the Contemporary PLAY-CAST


Dispatch from Radio Free Disneyland is a series of curated music playlists, pertaining mostly to the culture, stories, and environments presented in Disney Films and Theme Parks. It is not associated with The Walt Disney Company. And while the Playcasts, including the imbedded, watermarked music, are downloadable, their presence is intended to promote the included artists, and encourage ownership of their work through Amazon Music and other venues.

President Nixon in a tense Press Conference at Disney’s Contemporary Resort on November 17, 1973.

Nixon’s The One



Artist:             Connie Francis
Album:           Special 1968 Election Single

  A give away record for Nixon’s 1968 campaign. 




Bowling Alley Culture Falling Away In Whittier, CA


Whittier’s Friendly Hills Lanes closes

President Nixon had a small bowling alley installed in the White House. You can take the boy out of Whittier…



Artist:             Jack Wagner/Disney Studio Orchestra
Album:           A Musical Souvenir of Walt Disney World

An out of print early Walt Disney World souvenir, featuring Jack Wagner, who was the voice of Disneyland and Walt Disney World for many years.




Artist:             Hans Zimmer
Album:           Frost Nixon Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Trouble’s brewing. Zimmer brings the simmer.




Artist:             Hans Zimmer
Album:           12 Years A Slave Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Perfect accompaniment for an Imperial Presidency.





A Message From The General Manager of Radio Free Disneyland




Good Karma Hospital Closing Titles (Truncated)


Artist:           Ben Foster
Album:         The Good Karma Hospital

What!? The Beatles break up happened at Walt Disney World!?




Jim Michaelson Depicted Trains, Adventure, and Culture Waves

© Disney and Jim Michaelson

Imagineer and Disney Parks poster artist Jim Michaelson, responsible for posters for such iconic Disney attractions as Country Bear Jamboree, The Walt Disney World and Disneyland Railroads, and Pirates of the Caribbean, has passed away, according to WDWNT and multiple reports.

A couple of posters that Jim did before his Disney tenure recently caught our attention while planning this episode. Jim had indeed dabbled in the Milieu of Milhous (President Nixon’s middle name) earlier in his career. And, he is even responsible for a classic Jefferson Airplane poster, seemingly straight outta “the Height.” Jim has of course done many posters and place setting art for the Disney Parks, but probably none as well known as his Disneyland Railroad poster, and its’ similarly arranged descendants, depicting other Disney rail lines around the world.

This political poster for Richard Nixon’s 1968 presidential election campaign shows the presidential hopeful in the foreground with his running mate, Spiro Agnew behind him on the right. There are images of celebrities (such as Clint Eastwood), sports figures (Wilt Chamberlain and Bart Starr), politicians (Ronald Reagan), and others are in the background, as well as Nixon’s daughter and a group of young people who carry placards.

Jim was also responsible for a series of imaginative place setting work at Disneyland Paris, that ties Main Street U.S.A with Discoveryland. Highlighting the park’s unique arrangement.

Disney Parks Poster Artist and Imagineer Jim Michaelson Has Reportedly Passed Away



Artist:            Zemfira and Angelo Badalamenti
Album:           Stalingrad Original Soundtrack

The Russians again! Playing under President Nixon’s resignation speech.




A Special Sort Of Death


Artist:            Leigh Harline/Disney Studio Orchestra
Album:          Snow White Original Soundtrack

One of Harline’s darker compositions (along with Desolation Theme from Pinocchio). It fits the mood of The President’s resignation.





Oh Yoko!


Artist:             John Lennon
Album:            Imagine

“In the middle of a dream, I call your name.”







Wait! That’s not Yoko!


DISPATCH: From Radio Free Disneyland Theme
Recording:    Theme From Ant-Man (Truncated)
Artist:            Christophe Beck
Album:           Ant-Man Soundtrack
We love these tunes. We tend to stand and salute when they are played.
Variations of the themes from both of the films will appear throughout the series. The original Theme From Ant-Man elicits the mystery and intrigue of the films’ San Francisco setting.
The Scores from both films are very cool. Get ’em here:





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