PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 9/28/19 (Droid Testing Mats, Maleficent 2 Preview, New Skyliner Merchandise, and More!)

Bright Suns (sorry, not sorry) from Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

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A whole line of Disney Skyliner themed items went on sale starting as early as 6:00AM today at select locations. We walked into Hollywood Studios shortly after 8:00AM to find the assortment of items above and below. For a detailed look at each item with prices, you can refer here.

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The assortment of Skyliner items were available at Mickey’s of Hollywood at the front of the park.

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Also at Mickey’s of Hollywood, we found a brand-new Incredibles trading pin mystery set!

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Stepping back outside towards the front of the park and to the right, some of the windows for Mickey’s of Hollywood are still blacked out.

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This section of blacked-out windows are located next to Hollywood & Vine further away from the entrance of the park.

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Over at Legends of Hollywood, the wallpaper that began to go up a few days ago has now been completed.

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If you stare at this sign long enough, the name of the attraction will appear.

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Just an interesting sign on the gate in front of the Hollywood Tower Hotel…

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The Echo Lake re-themed Guest Experience Team podium.
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The Grand Ave district by Star Tours re-themed Guest Experience Team podium.
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The Pixar Place re-themed Guest Experience Team podium.

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This sale just started. Somebody made too many Halloween pins this year…

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Over in Galaxy’s Edge, all the chains are up in the Rise of the Resistance queue!

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Still very low crowd levels for Galaxy’s Edge. We’re loving it!

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No line at the Milk Stand. This is unusual…


The infamous Black Spire, the focal point of Batuu.

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We ran into Rey leading a group of younglings on the run from the First Order!


Over at Droid Depot outside, some new mats have been placed creating a droid test/play area. Even if you haven’t built a droid of your own, they have droids there for you to test out for free.

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The sneak peak of the upcoming film “Maleficent 2: Mistress of Evil” began playing yesterday at the Walt Disney Presents Theater. See here for more details.

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What’s that on the statue in front of the Chinese Theatre… ? Let’s take a closer look!

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Why, it appears that someone has kissed the stone statue, whether or not that’s supposed to be there, we’re not too sure… but we did find it kind of funny!

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Once again, that’s a wrap from Hollywood Studios. Thank you for reading and stay tuned for the next photo report from WDWNT!